Habeas Mentem:
The Given Word

  On the Social and Spiritual Philosophy of
Habeas Mentem and Law of Agreement


Ivan D. Alexander

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 12 Keys to Understanding Habeas Mentem
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Book I - To Have The Mind: A Metaphysical Reality

Chapter 1.
Is There a Natural Order?
Chapter 2.
Let Us Create an Idea
Chapter 3.
What is the Form of Interrelationship?
Chapter 4.
Each One of Us
Chapter 5.
Each One of Us, Conscious
Chapter 6.
We Can Choose
Chapter 7.
Having a Mind,
We Have a Right
Chapter 8.
A Person in Agreement
Chapter 9.
How Do We Build a Society?
Chapter 10.
Principle of Habeas Mentem
Chapter 11.
A Society of Individuals
Chapter 12.
In a Mechanism of Exchange
Chapter 13.
How Do We Measure Value?
Chapter 14.
Wealth is a Conscious Act
Chapter 15.
In a Society Conscious of Itself
Chapter 16.
The Mind is the Communicator

Book II: To Have The Soul: A Spiritual Reality

Chapter 17.
How Do We Know
"Who Am I?"
Chapter 18.
What Is the Energy?
On Belief
Chapter 19.
Let Us Remember:
Images From the Right Side of the Brain
Chapter 20.
The Idea: All That Is
Chapter 21.
Patterns of Triads:
Being, Energy, Idea
Chapter 22.
When We Are in the Mind: We Create Reality
Chapter 23. We Are Conscious: We Give Chapter 24.
Within Our Reach: Habeas Mentem II
Chapter 25.
The Given Word:
Who We Are
Chapter 26.
Let Us Work Together:
On Friendship and Love
Chapter 27.
It Is Important to Have the Soul
Chapter 28.
It Is Important to Have Faith
Chapter 29.
It Is Important to Love One Another

Book III: The Love of God: on spiritual freedom

Chapter 30.
Children of God
Chapter 31.
God is a Choice
Chapter 32.
Chapter 33. 
Through Prayer
Chapter 34.
Good Works
Chapter 35.
And Joyful Meditation
Chapter 36.
The Love of God
Chapter 37.
Chapter 38.
In the End
Chapter 39.
It is All
Chapter 40.

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Book I:

HABEAS MENTEM, To Have the Mind: A Metaphysical Reality.
(Formerly: "MAN IN ALL THAT IS: on how the universe's order enters our world." )
Peter E. Randall Publisher, NH, 1986.)
ISBN 0-914339-10-9
1986 Ivan D. Alexander All rights reserved
Reproduction is permitted in part if source is stated.

Book 1: HABEAS MENTEM, To Have the Mind:  A Metaphysical Reality.

Habeas Mentem: To Have the Mind (Latin)

There will never be such a thing as a writ of habeas mentem; for no sheriff or jailer can bring
an illegally imprisoned mind into court, and no person whose mind had been made captive...
would be in a position to complain of his captivity.
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, Harper, 1958, p 135.

The Habeas Mentem Trust is established as a not-for-profit trust for the purpose of helping preserve Earth's natural habitats and living species, promote non-invasive methods of developing natural resources, and help other charitable organizations in their similar work; encourage dialogue between people of all nations, cultures, races, and beliefs towards a common understanding and respect of individual human beings from all worlds; and to solicit ideas and contributions from all humankind to work towards achieving a planetary Peace in the 2000's.