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Let Us Work Together: On Friendship and Love

Let us work together to have the soul. Let us gain the soul in terms of who we are. Let us be conscious of our personality, of who we
are as physical beings, of who we are as personified energy. Who are we as an identity? Who are we in the infinite interrelationships that
energize and materialize for us our being? Who are we in the mind? When souls meet, these questions are asked of necessity of one
another. When our personality-reality images merge together in friendship, we work together to bring together our respective realities and
thus bring our souls into our reality.

We have seen how it is that we have the soul. When we have kindness and care and charity, when we are humble, when we forgive,
when we do not trespass on the being of others; then we have the soul. It is an energy that flows from our being, from our greater being,
from our distant pasts, into our present mind and consciousness. Through millennia, through myriad lifetimes, the soul has gained
consciousness in this dimension of existence. We can look back upon our universe and wonder: Do I have the soul? Can the soul be part
of my identity? Is the soul a conscious being in my reality? We move and energize reality in ways that can never be understood by the
rational, conscious mind. It falls into the domain of the irrational, of belief, of prayer, of meditation and of a reality from that other side
of the mind. It is the reality as seen through friendship and love.

We have a great power when we have the soul. It is the power of moving reality with the energy of our being while being still. It is a
discipline that harnesses the power of anger or rage into a force of love, of agreement, and of mind. We have a great power when we
have friendship, for it is the pure energy of the soul. An individual being is the focus of but one, but in friendship there is the power of
two. With two realities supporting one another we invoke the power of reaching out into infinity, as in prayer, to move reality from our
greater being. When we reach out with love, we are engaging an even greater power of the greater reality of personality, the "whoness"
of our reality, combined with the personality reality of another. These are dimensions of infinity, of powers and life giving energies that
are far beyond the comprehension of our mortal minds but which, through the extrapolations of an infinite interrelationship, exist within
the framework of our reality. Our souls are the products of these, going back to the beginnings of time, formed in the early crucible of a
new universe. We are real figures in the universe, as real as the identity that is our being. Our souls are real entities. When two people
meet, these real souls are brought together.

Because reality is moved by how we are conscious in our greater identity, how we choose, how we move reality with our being, how we
do, how we are in relation to our fellow beings; all are important to how we are in the soul. To become a greater person, to rise above
one's personal chaos as well as the chaos of a still semi-conscious world, is an achievement of immense work and will. The soul is not
gained automatically for it requires a conscious effort. The universe helps us arrive at consciousness, but it is our identity's consciousness
that helps us arrive at a "consciousness of consciousness" to gain the soul. We must know how to choose with friendship and love. Our
consciousness is evident in all we do.

It is easier to gain the soul when we work together with love. Though we are moved by our reality, forced to respond to all of its
circumstances, we are also the authors of these circumstances. The collective energy that through the myriads of incarnations defining
our being has formed itself into the definition that is now evident in our flesh and blood, our body, our personality. From distant and
obscure points of consciousness we have been gradually refined into our present being, our person with our personality, and our
respective reality. The threshold of consciousness had been crossed only recently when we became human. Now the initiative to carry it
further past that threshold is given over to us. We must want and be able to choose. We must seek agreement with our mind's reality.
We must seek agreement with the reality of others. And we must learn how to position ourselves within our reality to gain friendship and
peace and compassion in ways that can position us within our soul. To give, to forgive, to be caring in all we do is to love one's being
and that of one's fellow man. It is to have love for our reality, for our fellow creatures, for the planet's reality we inhabit. This is how the
personality energy of our soul is manifest in this world. To love one another is to help manifest this soul in this world.

The spiritual reality that is expressed in the consciousness of love becomes the new reality that moves us and that is moved by us. We
are the authors of our reality. We create reality in terms of how we believe. We believe in a greater reality of the soul when we act
through love. This new spiritual reality is then what moves for us our world. It is the world that responds to prayer, that invokes the
energy of souls, that forms for us the bridges of kindness and understanding that help perpetuate this new world of the soul. It is a world
that had been long in forming itself through the countless generations of our being. But we are conscious now; we are aware of what it is
we do to ourselves and to others. We are conscious of the majesty of loving one another. The energy of this new spiritual reality is like a
beacon that guides us into the future and opens new dimensions of reality. Yet, we cannot enter these new dimensions until we have the

When we are no longer in conflict with our existence, when we are no longer hostile and can avert hostility with the energy of our being,
when we can radiate a confidence of existence, of being in the mind and of being masters in our own realities; when we no longer
trespass on the realities of others, when we no longer deceive or sow dissention, when we are no longer fallen and have lifted ourselves
into the world of a new consciousness, when we have the mind: We become Human. When we can help our fellow creatures, when we
can help reality by shaping it in ways that are more beneficial and ease its burdens, when we beautify; when we touch our world with an
inner compassion, when we love the truth, when we seek to make life a little bit more beautiful for others; when we rejoice in another's
happiness and when we help to make another happier, when we do with love and love our fellow human beings: We gain the Soul. This
is when we create a new reality, a reality that can work with us and one that is accessible to us when we are in the mind. When we do
this, we are both the creations and the creators of a greater consciousness that is found in the soul. When we do this together, work
together to bring a greater spiritual reality into our world, when we no longer trespass on each other's realities but rather find
companionship and friendship there, we are bringing together our respective infinities and our souls meet. A great void becomes filled
with the joy of our individual being and our creation, the brilliant energies of our personalities, and world touch through our physical
beings. When we meet in friendship and work together and love one another, universes meet.

We live on a beautiful planet filled with great energy. It shows up in the formations of natural wonders, it becomes evident in the world's
many faceted cultures, in the great societies we had built up over the millennia. We capture this energy in our works of art, in our
architecture, in our lore and traditions, in our forms of worship and beliefs, in how we are as a people. If we are hospitable , trusting,
faithful and truthful, then this energy is abundant in our society. The tools with which to move reality become known to us, our sciences
prosper, our knowledge of the universe expands. The planet's energy becomes evident in the works of the hand, of what is written, of
what is formed. Hands of friendship extend across the face of the planet and the energy of the soul becomes manifest. It becomes a
brave new world, one with the courage to believe in one's fellow being. It is the courage to believe in the power of the energy of the soul.

It is a brave world that can believe in the soul. It requires the courage to trust another person, to have faith in one's personal reality. It
takes will to negate the actions of a liar, to identify the thief. It is work to stop a trespass before it is able to spread like a cancer, infecting
all it touches. There is no reward in forcing disagreement in the word of the soul, nothing is gained through conflict or in sowing dissent
for these are negated by the soul. But it demands a conscious mind to bring this into reality. If we cower before aggression or fail to have
the wisdom to prevent it, then we are unawares. If we are impressed by another's illicit gain or are readily flattered by deceit, then we are
failing in the soul. We cannot be weak, for to believe in weakness is to not chance the risk of defeat, to be slavish. That risk is
mandatory for the conscious mind, for we cannot be conscious and free without the courage to fail. We must have the presence of mind
to force into failure what will steal from us the soul, what will seek to trespass against the mind, what will force us from agreement. To
be conscious is to allow only that which elevates the soul, that helps agreement, that nourishes friendship and love. To be conscious is to
refuse to pass on pain or deceit or coercion, it is to reject oppression of the weak, and to disarm the injustices that weaken the soul. It is
work, it is to help rather than to hurt, it is to lift up where others had fallen. We can do it together.

But it is a braver world that can seek to exist without the soul. To establish a world whose greatest legitimacy to order is the rational
intellect of man is to attempt to transcend the power of friendship and love. To be without its greater, spiritual being, to be without the
mind, but rather to be entirely within a manmade order is to negate a greater, universal reality. Then the mind is but the product of an
accidental probability that had become human and saved from chaos by man's reason. There is no room for a greater being and thus
there is no need to answer to any greater order than that formed by man's social order. The ultimate achievement of such a mind would
be a totally scientific, social order to which all would answer and from which none could stray. It would be a total worship of the rational
mind embodied in a totally benevolent social order based on the linear logic of a scientifically designed world. But this is a one
dimensional vision of reality, and it fails to perceive an infinite interrelationship. When we believe that there is no greater order than one
manmade, we close in our universe within that manmade creation. To believe only in the rational mind is to negate the irrational, to
ignore interrelationship, and thus to establish a worship of the human brain. The universe becomes but a vast random, accidental order
that has no legitimacy in a human social order. And the mind of man is forced into the patterns established by the rational side of the
brain. It fails. We are more. We need the freedom to expand and stretch our being into the ever expanding universe that is our soul. The
rational side of the mind is but an introduction to consciousness, not an end in itself. To believe in the rational side of the brain at the
expense of the irrational is to put our future development entirely in a faith of the means of this development as an end in itself. There is
no harm in gravitating about this point for a time, but it will eventually become oppressive to us. The rational brain is not consciousness
itself, only an opening to it. There is a greater universe that has an order that is far greater than any order manmade. We must have the
courage and the freedom to lift off from that comfortable level of rational achievements and explore what is still a mystery to us. The
dictates to the mind, when we are in the mind are from the infinite. When we act through agreement, when we care and love one
another, when we are generous and have the soul, we are able to lift ourselves from the heavy gravity of a linear universe and reach into
the greater dimensions of our mind. We can rise into the reality of an infinite interrelationship and seek our identity there. To believe in
the soul is the easier course, for the legitimacy of the mind then rests with a greater order. Anything less becomes but a tyranny of the

We energize reality with our being. We are the points of infinity through which intersect the patterns of our greater being that occupy this
space in time. We are. We are the personalities that lend the human value to this small planet in this corner of the universe. To love one
another is how souls come into being. If love is the power of cosmic worlds coming together, why would we deny this joining of worlds
by denying the existence of spiritual beings? Why not believe in the soul? Why not have souls work with us? It is how we energize
reality. It is how souls meet.

There is much work to be done to lift us from our still coarse existence into the domain of the soul. As we awaken one by one, each one
of us in our own way and at our own time, freely, by our will, we will radiate our personal energy, our personality, into our world. Think
of the miracle! The great works human of the arts, the sciences, literature, music, dance, poetry, charity; think of great teachings, of
technological advances, of commercial enterprises prospering in an environment of agreement and exchange; think of advances in
medicines and wellness, in communications and travel, or the explorations of distant worlds and of meeting beings in other parts of the
universe; think of theater, of architecture, of history. How great are the works of the human soul! To work together. To care and to trust
one another would allow great advances. To grow in stature over the small and evil vestiges of our planet's past, to overcome these with
future forces of love and the power of believing in one another's souls. To have faith. To be truthful and to honor the word given. What
brilliance still awaits us? What can we expect from a planet that has anew embraced a belief in the soul to create a new reality? This is
the threshold of consciousness to which we are now but awakening. The oppressions and fears of the past must be overcome by these.
To cross over into this newer world, we must choose and we must believe. We must trust one another and care. It is work that we must
learn to do together.

As we each pass through our reality, we seek each other's presence to form our greater, respective realities. We are sociable and in this is
how we define this world for ourselves. Through how we do and how we do together, through whom we meet, is how we define our
souls in this reality. We had passed here before and are likely to pass through here again. In each passage we will create reality in our
own greater image which, in turn, will affect us in how we are created. In each passage we re-activate our reality and pass again through
the paths of our creation. We do it for ourselves; we do it for our children and for our loved ones; we do it for souls newly met. The
definitions we leave behind will define for us how our world will be for us in the future. The judgements of whether we do it well rests
not with us but with our greater identity and its universal order. This is a mystery to us, irrational to our rational mind. This is where
souls meet and shape reality. When we meet as friends, when we love one another, this reality becomes greater in terms of our being.
We become conscious here as souls. This is where souls meet. Why not meet in love and peace?


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