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It Is Important to Have the Soul

It is important to have the soul. It is how we express our personality. It is how we express our greater identity. It is how we occupy our
own space in time. It is how we occupy the reality of the definition of infinity as it is interrelated in our being. It is how we choose. It is
how we are. It is how we are conscious of this. Then, we have the soul.

When we manifest our reality with our being, we have the soul. When we pass through this existence with reverence and concern, with
love and respect for being, with awe of the divine mystery of existence, when we nourish life and avert pain, we are reaching for the
soul. When we succeed in moving our personality and personal reality with the energy of our being, with the force of our conscious
presence, when we move reality by being still, we are approaching the soul. When we radiate a spiritual brilliance, when we attract what
is joyful and lifegiving and repel what is harmful and hurtful to living beings, when we do this through the natural power of our being, of
being in the mind, we have the soul. We then radiate our personality into this existence, we mold this physical being into the image of our
greater personality, our greater being and identity, and the mystery of an infinite universe that has made us human in its totality image is
then manifest in our individual being. We then have the soul, for we had gained it.

In simpler times, this would have been understood in religious terms, cloaked in mystery and magic and spiritual revelations. But in these
modern times, there is less need for this. It can be seen as but a natural extension of a universe forming itself. The soul is the basic,
creative energy of a greater reality as it materializes itself here in terms of a growing infinite universe. It is part of the creating of reality.
When we have the soul, that growing and creating of reality is reaching into our world.

Being is the essence of existence. It is. It is how we are materialized here within the vast matrix of an interrelated infinity of energy that is
our universe. Being conscious, with a soul, is how we are materialized here as an image of that vast, universal energy. It is the irrational
side of existence. Where the three dimensional world of physical being is sensible to our rational mind, the multidimensional
interrelationship of the soul is what is an irrational mystery to our mind. But it exists because of our being. We are born and we are.
When we choose to believe in this, we are activating the mechanisms of this mystery to bring it into our world. In effect, the soul, though
it is reaching for us through the manifestation of our personality, is not evident in this existence until it is brought forth through the energy
of belief. Then, through our being it is able to manifest here as a separate force of existence. The world changes then.

Because it takes belief to have the soul, it is important to have the courage to believe. It is easier to be skeptical, to reject ideas until they
are proven in a scientifically correct way. To the rational mind, it is harder to accept belief, for it is unscientific and irrational. Yet, this is
a necessary paradox. If the idea of metaphysical interrelationship is carried forward to its rational conclusion, when it enters the human
domain, rational scrutiny fails it. We are launched into a world of understanding by faith, of understanding in terms of how it is that an
infinite interrelationship materializes our reality for us. Because this infinite interrelationship exists but is out of our rational control, it
becomes an act of belief. We can only understand it by becoming one with it in occupying our own space in time in terms of our identity
in it, to be in the mind. Now we can also be in the soul. If we do not reject the irrational and have the courage to step beyond a scientific
need for proof of the soul, then we have the courage to reach out with belief.

Proof is needed by the rational mind and must exist for the sake of our three dimensional reality, whereas belief is needed by the
irrational and must exist for the sake of a multidimensional, greater reality, as in infinity. For us to make the transition from seeing reality
from our point of view to seeing reality from an interrelated point of view took an act of faith, though it was explained in terms of the
rational, an infinite interrelationship. Now, for us to make the transition from understanding reality totally in terms of a three dimensional
universe to one that is multidimensional, we are again posed with a choice we must make. Either we believe and have faith in the soul,
and seek to understand in terms of the irrational; or we have faith only in the mind and seek to understand only with the rational. Both
succeed in bringing the universal reality into our midst, when we are in the mind. But where one is growing and creative, powered by the
energy of the soul, the other is static. One is a spiritual reality, the other is a physical reality. Where one already exists, the other is still in
the process of becoming. To become as one with the soul, we need to believe. If the universe is in fact a spiritual energy, though we
cannot understand this in the rational, then it is suitable to seek to understand it in terms of an interrelationship of energy, even
personality, rather than mass. There is no proof of this, but it is the step that is needed to gain the soul.

To gain the mind means that we are free from coercion and thus are occupying our own space in time and the universe's order is
working with us. However, though this is more desirable than a world of coercion, a world where beings are disassociated from their
greater being by existing in a state of controlled chaos, it is nevertheless not a creative force. It is a state of being defined by being itself.
But it is not defined by the energy that is defining for us life. It is in reaction to rather than the condition for future growth, without
imputing into reality our being's conscious energy. Though we are conscious as beings and aware of our existence, we have the mind, we
do not yet have the soul. To have the soul, we must be conscious of the creative energy of our existence. We have to add to the
universe, to create with our minds what had not existed before. We need to lend to reality the soul. The mechanisms to accept this new
creative force in terms of infinity already exist. They are the interrelationship mechanisms of the metaphysics of being. This is why we
must believe. For when we believe, we are calling forth this new, creative energy of our existence. Then, we are improving not only over
the chaos that results from not being in the mind, but we also improve on the order of being in the mind by giving it a soul. It becomes a
creative world powered by the energy of love and joy.

Think of a world that is no longer powered by coercion, no longer ruled by fear and force, but rather where human beings are free to be
themselves within the Law of Agreement, free to have the mind. In such a world, the legitimacy of human freedom is that we have the
mind, that we occupy our mind physically within the space-time interrelationships of our greater being, of our personal identity. But that,
in and of itself, is still insufficient. Why should we be allowed to occupy our identity? Why not occupy another's identity? Why not the
identity of a superior being or superior authority or supreme master? But if the supreme power is one that is other than manmade, the
legitimacy for freedom is carried one step further. We are not free merely because we wish to be free, in effect because we had chosen
freedom; rather, we are free because a supreme order, other than manmade, demands of us our freedom. This freedom is demanded not
because the universal order that results from it in this reality is superior to the controlled chaos under which we now exist, but because it
is the condition that is necessary for us to gain the soul. We cannot have the soul if we are not free to choose to have this soul; we
cannot be free to choose if we are not free to be in the mind. Only then are we free to believe. Thus, to have the freedom to believe, we
must have the freedom to seek the soul. Without our freedom to seek the soul, our right to freedom is still open to doubt and
questionable by a potential, self-styled supreme master. Do we really need to be free? When we have the soul, the answer is a definite
"Yes!" This we must believe.

We live and we die. Within this short life cycle we could each be made slaves and never know freedom. If we had no soul, it would not
matter, for we would not know the difference. If the soul did not exist, there would be no will, no universal manifestation of a desire for
freedom instilled in each, short life span. Within the identity that endures beyond death, there would be no need for human freedom
other than as wished by a personal desire. But personal desire is not arguable, since it may or may not be justified; and by whom? A
desire for freedom may be but a fancy and wish that should be quelled as soon as it is able to express itself if the hard reality of the
greater social order demands it. It is an arguable point, one that leads to a social form of slavery, that is superior in terms of social
efficiency to a system of freedom. Arguments opposed to the desire for freedom can be so convincing that to argue contrary to them is
to entertain the absurd and to be irrational. But that is the key! It is in the irrational that lies freedom. The right to be in the mind is still in
the domain of the rational, but the need to be in the soul is already in the irrational. It is there that lies the demand to have the right to be
in the soul. And it is also there that it is important to have the soul in order to gain that right. There lies the mystery of our existence. We
live and we die, and there is no rational argument for this. But this is understandable in the irrational. We live and we die, and when we
are free to gain the soul, we live.

Thus, there lies the key to our legitimacy for freedom. We live and we die, and in this cycle is the root of our existence. A slave is not
allowed the soul and must exist for the sake of the master's needs. An individual expression of identity is superseded by the totality needs
of the overlords, even if these be a social majority. But a soul is an individual that stands alone, supported only by the belief in one's
greater identity in the universe. If the totality is greater than that of human overlords, then there is hope. If this totality is a universal
order whose greatest objective is to create life in its own image and to give this life an individual being with a soul, then there is the
rationale for this being's freedom. The being, if he or she believes the self to be free, is free. This is chosen through belief and justified
only in the irrational. "I am, I live, I die, and yet I am." To live and to die within one's identity is to live and die as a soul. It is to be a
conscious being as defined by a universal reality of infinity. If it is an infinity of interrelated energy of love and spiritual being, if we
believe in this, then we are free. For then, it is who we are.

To pursue our daily existence with a belief in the soul, in spiritual forces in our daily being, is an incredibly enriching experience. To
experience life with the perspective of belief that in how we do things, so is it done with a universal infinity, and as we do with love and
care and kindness, so is this added back to our soul. It is to unlock an incredible reservoir of energy of joy and well being in our lives. To
believe that we pass through here but temporarily for the purpose of enriching the soul and, in that process, for the purpose of enriching
the reality of existence as it is experienced by the being of that soul in the flesh, is to make existence so much more meaningful than
merely to exist to eat and procreate. It then means that we are working with a universe working with us! Imagine how it is to be tied into
all of existence and to become a living part of infinity. To work with creation to add to the energy of a universe; to add this by adding to
the energy of our soul. What a wondrous existence! To live a life, to seek love, to find joy in all around us, to find each other as souls, to
worship the sacredness of our beings, is to worship the soul in each one of us. To help, to build, to heal, to lift up and improve, to make
more beautiful, and then to die with a soul greater than when born. How greatly improved would be our world as we improve our
personal identity. As we do, so the universe does with us. As we do as a soul, so does the universe make our identity known in this
reality. We personify existence when we are in the soul. We are in the soul when we believe in the soul, and when we are free in the
mind, our world becomes free with us. Yet, it is all irrational, for it lies in the domain of belief. Is it not worth the risk? That is where our
future lies, if we believe in the soul. It is the ultimate justification in human freedom, for then we can no longer believe in any
justification to trespass on another.

Everything is connected, from the state of health of a new born to the hopes of the infirm ready to die. From the love of a planet for its
living beings to the love of a parent for his or her child. From the life essence of a microscopic creature to the life patterns of an unrolling
universe. The progression from life to life, death to death, is a progression of souls. It connects all existence into a unified whole. It is in
the interrelated webs of this whole that is formed the crucible that defines for us the soul, and it is into this whole that upon death the
soul is returned as a new living identity. We are born into the world capable of the soul. Most will live unawares of it and some will die
having lost it. But, conscious of our being and of the freedom to choose the soul, to believe, to risk the irrational, we can be the
individuals who are born into this reality with the personality that has become fully conscious and gained the soul. Then we can die from
it with a soul capable of eternal being. To love, to care, to be truthful, to be careful, to be beautiful; these are the elements of being free,
of the irrational, of having the soul. All are connected into an inextricable, interrelated whole. It is important to believe in the soul, but this
belief is of no value unless it is chosen freely, of one's own free will. That is always the ultimate test. Whether or not we are in the mind
is evident upon whether or not we trespass another. Whether or not we are in the soul is evident upon whether or not we are free to
choose the soul, to believe. To have the freedom to believe is the final connection of human freedom.

It is important to have the soul, for that is how we create with a universe creating with us. It is important to avoid that which damages
the soul and it is important to seek out that which enriches it and beautifies and strengthens it. It is important to being free.

We live and we die. It is important to guard the soul. In the soul is our key to the universe.


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