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It Is Important To Love One Another

It is important to love one another, for that is how the soul of the universe is brought into our world. It is how that vast energy of All that
Is is brought into the being of each one of us. It is how the soul's infinity is focused here in our lives. To love is to experience the
mystery of the soul with our being. It is to be born, to personify our existence, and to move reality with our being. When we love one
another, we join with the divine joy of a universe moving itself.

We have traveled far from the first probings of reality with our mind. From the material provings of three points in space to how our
mind is a greater reality than that of its own consciousness; from the idea that society is a creation of mind to the idea of Habeas Mentem
which shows that society is but an extension of the universal order when the mind is free. We have seen that, through agreement in a
world free of coercion, the mind invites into itself its own individual definitions of how it is at infinity, its identity. Through exchange by
agreement, we thus share in each other's identities. We have seen that, through interrelationship, the most complex is reduced to the
simplest, for the image of infinity is ingrained in every part of itself. Thus, it is evident in all we do. We have traveled far from seeing that
to be in the mind, when free, defined for us our personality in terms of how it occupies its own definition in time and space. And that to
be conscious of this, in terms of Who we Are, is how we gain the soul. We have gone from a totally material image of the universe as an
interrelated infinity to a totally spiritual universe as a definition of the human soul. We have spanned the material universe on the left side
of the brain, with a linear logic describing an interrelated infinity, only to return on the right side of the brain, describing the irrational
logic of belief. Though we have travelled far in relation to our original three points in space asking the question: "Is there a natural
order?", we have seen that to be in the mind in terms of the universal order, to be in agreement with oneself and one's fellow human
being, is the greatest achievement of the universal order. Now we can see that to have the soul and to love one another is the greatest
power of the universe in our individual daily lives. It is to personify reality in terms of our greater being in Who we Are.

On a social scale, the universe's order enters the world in terms of how we are as a society free from coercion, or in terms of how we
exchange with one another through agreement. On a personal scale, the universal energy enters our personal being in terms of how we
have gained the soul, or in terms of how we are conscious of our being and how we love one another. When we are conscious as beings
in All that Is, reality expresses itself as love between human beings. This is the mystery of the soul: What is the image at Infinity that can
define itself in us as Love?

If we look into another human being's eyes and see a fellowship there; if we love them, then we are looking at them with the soul. We
are looking at them with our eyes as they are seen from the vast definition that is our personality, looking into their eyes as their
personality is defined there. Be they dark and warm or blue and deep, they are the eyes of a fellow soul. Whether stranger or friend,
brother or lover, we know them. In some distant and mysterious way, we know one another and there is recognition of this. We wish to
meet again, to know one another, and we manifest our beings in friendship. Identities meet on a vaster scale. Souls meet. When souls
love one another, universes meet.

If what meets the eye is but a microcosm of far greater images, how erotic to have bodies meet, to hold each other and press against
each other's being the warmth of our flesh. A vast crucible of universal order brings together two beings, holds them in each other's
thoughts until they join together in friendship, or as lovers. What magic force lies behind the mystery of how we meet, of how we love
one another? If in the here and now are but representations of greater identities, then we already know them, and their meeting is more
than merely random events in our beings. What divine mystery lies behind the joy of people brought together by love?

To wish another well, to want them to have the best, to bring joy and laughter and pleasure into their lives, to spare them grief; these are
gifts from the soul. They are the myriads of small sacrifices we make for the ones we love. It is to be willing to give without reward. It is
to love even if there is risk of failure and rejection, selflessly. It is as if to come into an old familiar place, to risk being alone in one's
thoughts, to have a love remain secret. Yet, it is to love with the hope that the other will love us too. How strong is a love that can risk
loving another with the soul?

There is a greater image that would have us love one another thus. It is the image for which the soul reaches out, from which it had
created us, and with which we are creating in our greater reality. It is perhaps the greatest expression of universal order, of the energy of
coming together, of agreement, of mutual joy and caring for one another. It is the energy, as in belief, that would have us give of
ourselves to another without expectation of return, to give freely because one needs to give. It cannot be forced, nor coerced from us. It
is entirely a free expression of our soul. For this it is strong and cannot be weak, for it cannot be coerced from us. This giving is not
self-seeking, for it is willing to forgo any reward; it is not slavish or small for it rejects self pity, even if its love is unrecognized. This love
is greater than our little concerns for this world, for it is the love of a soul.

We gain the soul when we pass through this world and love in it. When we have reverence for all we do, when we are thankful and
grateful for our daily being, when we seek what is beautiful and uplifting to us, when we dream and believe, we are seeking with the
soul. These are choices that are willed, they are pleasing to us because we seek to do good, to help rather than hurt, and to absorb
misfortune rather than to pass it onto another. We are fearless in the face of coercion and are free in conscience to have faith. We
become one with our existence, positioned squarely within it at its center through the power of our faith. There, we love one another and
with that love bring its power into our everyday being. By overcoming coercion and by bringing the gentleness of love into our lives, we
are inviting that greater image into our world. In time, that which destroys love, that which brings fear and disease and pain, becomes
removed. Thus, the great Joy of a universal Order is brought into our world.

How magic! How sublime! To find love in another. It is not a free good that comes from merely wishing for it. Rather, it is a precious
gift, beautiful and rare and valuable because of its scarcity. It is not enough to command that we love one another. This would not and
should not work. We need to find love, to discover it with that same childlike simplicity that defines infinity. It must be gained, we work
for it, it is elusive and exciting, for it is a precious gift from All that Is. It is enriched with passion, perhaps even consumed by it as if by
fire, yet it remains more powerful in its greater crucible of the soul. To touch, to give, to have a loving thought, to desire; they are forces
of the energy that is our love. To reach out for another human being, for their hand that is willing, is to reach out into their private
universe. And when they return this love, they reach for us with their soul. It is in the love of fathers and mothers for their children, of a
family for each other. It is in the magical love of lovers. It is in the caring love of friends. In each is the divine image of a universe
reaching for us with the soul.

To thrill at the mystery of a new born child, at the contact of a new being brought into the world. We have all traveled together and are
alive on this small planet in this vast cosmos. Each of us from our separate life is nevertheless part of this sphere's greater being. We can
laugh and play and amuse each other and know each other though we are all different. Some are tall, others shorter; some are light in
coloring, others are dark. Some are painfully brilliant, others are comfortably dull. Yet, we are all human and in this should be revealed
our goodwill to one another. To love one another should be shared on a mutual trust, on a mutual rejection of fear and coercion of one
another, and thus based on a mutual friendship. When we trust our lives in the energy of the soul, this is a possibility. We trust in life
when we are in the soul, for we then understand it in ways that are illogical to our mind, yet which we move with our greater being. In
the end, it is we who create our reality. We are all on this planet together. There lies the image at infinity that would have us love one

With childlike simplicity, we can invoke the power of a universe, when we love another. When we love a tree, and have reverence for it
before it is felled; when we love the Earth and its soil and mountains and rivers and deserts, and we have care for them before we
change them in any way; when we touch the being of another and are very sensitive to their existence and feelings and consequences,
and we wish them well... These are the times that we are loving them with the soul. We cannot reverse the presence of a tree that had
stood for decades or centuries without being aware of its being. We cannot step into another's life without being keenly aware of our
presence in their being. We cannot reach into the life forces of all the living things of this planet without being aware of the possible
disturbance this may do. So we approach with great caution and care. We must be careful when we pass through this world, for we risk
damaging our soul. There is a power of the universe that is invoked when we do these. It becomes evident in what it is we leave behind.

Earth is naturally a beautiful planet. Though it had been a hard existence, difficult, and painful, we survived and beautiful souls had
populated it before. They had eased its harshness into its present beauty. How will we leave it for our future? If millennia had traveled on
the energy of the past, how will millennia look back when it is we who had passed through? What will the universe have materialized
here from our being? This is what we must think of when we love one another, for these are the images we are inscribing in Infinity.

There lies the faith in the soul. Immortality is not given to us in this existence, but the soul lives on in our universal identity. How we pass
through this world is how we will enrich or decay that identity with our deeds. To believe in the soul is to have the courage to let it work
for us in its many mysterious ways. With good deeds, the soul will grow, and in this growth it will become more powerful in terms of our
deeds. With faith in the soul, that greater power will in turn grow in how reality will influence us. Good deeds, good living, good beliefs,
all strengthen the soul. It is to learn to think of our being not merely with the mind, but to think of ourselves with our total being. It is to
move reality from this being, and thus to be more powerful in it because we love. When we are free from coercion, when we do not
coerce others and are instead loved by them, then our world moves in mysterious ways that come about only through a faith in the soul.
But this must be chosen and this faith must be willed. It happens naturally when we love one another. And thus we live on with what we
leave behind.

It is important to personify our existence with love. How we love is how we are as a personality. It is how we dream, how we do, how
we wish for others to do to us. But it is also how we eat our food, how we prepare the living things that must die for us, how we destroy;
best if as little as possible. It is in how we care for those who are dependent on us by the virtue of their being weaker than we are. It is to
rise in stature to not hurt any other thing, but rather to help whenever we can. These are the greater virtues of the soul that help us lend
our personality to our reality and, thus, to the reality of others. But they are never invasive of others, for we love them only as we can
without trespassing on their souls.

The joy of a universe thus becomes magnified in this love. If our existence in the here and now is but a microcosm of our greater being,
then to love this greater being as we love one another as souls as well as personalities of human beings, is to cast our love off into the
cosmos that is our greater universe. It is to worship in the soul there. To live our daily lives lovingly is to cast a magic force of universal
love back out into infinity back down into our being. Through man and woman, the universe is creating Itself in its greater Image as the
Joy of an Infinity looking back on Itself. How great is the Image of Love is All that Is as Love? We came from there.

So this is our Given Word: To Love One Another. It is to love with passion as well as compassion, to love from the soul as well as from
the body. It is to love one another in all the ways that manifest for us the forces of a universe moving itself. The joy that will flow from
this love is a world we may have yet never seen. It is to be strong, to be beautiful, to be truthful, to be trusting; all are the power of a
universe defining itself through being. By being Who we Are in terms of how we are, we help demystify this love and bring it into our
everyday existence. By bringing it into our reality through our individual being, we are working with a universe that is working to create
itself through love. This is the magic power of how we choose to love one another. It is for this reason we must be free.

Will the ideas of Habeas Mentem and of the Soul overcome tyranny on Earth? Probably not. Tyranny is a manifestation of belief in the
human soul as being other than it really is. Within these pages was written but a communication that would help us see ourselves as we
really are. Then, through faith in our existence, in seeing ourselves as we are in terms of our reality, we will then work to overcome
tyranny. Then, men and women will cease to oppress one another, for they will have faith in their world and in their beliefs. They then
will no longer be afraid to love one another.

Will the ideas here written unite all societies and all peoples and all governments into one? Probably not. The great diversity of peoples
and cultures and forms of rule are as varied as are the places of the planet. And so they should be, for the universe has enough diversity
in it for all of us to be individually unique. Yet, there lies our unity, for in this freedom from all having to be the same, there arises a
brotherhood of men and women who have the faith and courage to let each other be free. It would be the same with our religions and
beliefs. All are manifestations of the soul. The only error we must guard against is the mistaken belief that it is acceptable for one man's
belief to be forced on another. That is never so. It is the allegorical forbidden fruit of Eden. In its mistaken belief lies our fall. We do
have a soul, and it is because of this soul that we have the mind and the right to occupy our own space in time as we believe. When this
is agreed upon, then we are free to have the soul. Then all societies and all peoples and all governments and all forms of beliefs will
merge into one. But that will happen because it was willed and chosen by free individuals and not because it was imposed on them by
another's belief. In that is the power of the soul.

Then, will there be no more war? When we love one another, the planet will change again: Yes.

And what of the future? Will the society of the future be governed best by the rule which governs least? When we learn to work by
agreement and no longer trespass on one another, yes. And of other worlds? Will they reach for us as we reach for them? When we have
the soul, yes. In the Totality Image of All that Is, the world will change again.

Who is Man, Woman? We are how we gain the Soul, how we love one another.

"Imagine a pebble lying on the beach..."

"Who am I?..."

"Let us remember, as if in a dream..."

We came from there.

* * * * * * * * *


"Human freedom is the first postulate of practical reason...

"The immortality of the soul is the second postulate of practical reason...

"The existence of God is the third postulate of practical reason...

"Who are we?...If God exists, then there is an answer."

- Hans Kung, 1980

(Does God Exist?, Doubleday, pp. 541-563)


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