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The Given Word: Who We Are

The given word unrolls in patterns of our creation. How we give our word reflects upon who we are as individuals. It signifies how we
materialize our being, how we create from within our belief, how we project patterns of our creation into greater and greater dimensions
of interrelationship until we can span all reality with our personality. It is the mystery of the soul that how we give our word, how we
speak, how we agree, are all how we materialize the reality that reflects the personality we are. We are authors in ways we cannot yet
understand; yet, how we name things, how we touch them, how we see our world and admire it or communicate with it through our
being, are all how we create from within ourselves definitions that set forth a separate universe. It is the universe of our new being, our
consciousness, our new identity. How we give our word, through the infinite manipulations of reality, is how we manifest our being. It is
who we are.

We had long given words to things, named them. From the dawn of our existence as humans with a language we had given words to help
us understand a mysterious world. The names were probably a form of magic, meant to evoke forces of a greater reality. But we had
seen that now we need not name things in the way we had before. The universe already names them for us, through the definitions
things have from their infinite images of interrelationship. Each thing is how and where it is because of how the image of everything else
has allowed it to be. Things already have "names" in a universal way. But through belief, we can now also give names to our mysterious
reality. Through the spoken word, the word given in the way of truth, we define reality with our new power of being. We are, we are
conscious, and in this consciousness, we create our own reality with our soul. Patterns of reality unroll from each given word.

We create our reality. We personify our existence. But to do this we must be as one with our existence. When we do through agreement,
are gentle in all our dealings and do not use force, then we are positioned within our identity, in balance with our soul. When we are
sensitive in our being, when we cherish the beauty of the human soul, love our fellow beings, we are calling upon the power of belief to
create our world in our greater image. We are calling upon the courage to do goodness rather than to strike back with fear, to give rather
than to greedily take, to energize and construct rather than to tear apart. We are calling upon Creation to render us human rather than
merely humanoid with an animal soul. To rise above the instinct of anger, to focus one's existence within a consciousness of belief, to
believe in a greater being, to tell the truth; all are elements of the being that defines for us who we are as an identity. We are in this reality
as we believe, as we give our word, as we have the courage to be gentle and kind. These are immense demands on the individual of
today, but it is the condition that transcends us from our primitive past to the future. To be free, we must justify the sanctity of our
individual existence. We can do this only if we have the soul. To have the soul we must be within our identity, our greater existence, and
be conscious of this. To do this we must seek out agreement rather than force. When agreed upon, we must obey the given word. To
believe in this is to create a new reality in our world.

These are the conditions of our future. It will be upon these conditions that we will be judged as a planet, as a collective of individual and
free human beings with the soul, who had populated a difficult and yet beautiful world and made it conscious. How great are these goals,
and yet how distant they seem to us from where we stand today. With confidence and care, with determination and singleness of
purpose, these goals can be achieved. We have named things for eons of years, and now it is demanded of us by reality to name things
not only with our words but with our souls. To tell the truth, to speak consciously and with reverence for the greatness of our world, is
to give it a new meaning in the universe. It is to give our planet, Earth, its own identity.

To have the soul, to be who we are, is an extremely important manifestation in our reality. It is how is expressed our personal identity in
this reality. Through eons of generations of existence we have come to the present. Through deeds and words and thoughts that stretch
back to our soul's beginnings, we have modified reality with the presence of our being. We have tamed worlds, or made them wild. We
have healed with a gentle being, or spread pain and destruction with a ferocious one. It is all written on us in the patterns of existence we
live. We are those patterns, exist in them daily, as the patterns of our soul penetrate into all the intricacies of all we do. Our individual
being is a signature of the personality we are in our greater existence. When we become conscious of this, the energy that is our being

The spirit grows and is nourished, or it is starved and it perishes. How we are, how we do to our fellow beings, how we do to the animal
and plant forms who are lesser beings, how we do to the physical reality, all reflect how we are energizing our soul. When we are
conscious of the self, we grow. When we are confident of our being, are not afraid to trust to fate and to do as we believe; when we are
cautious and careful of all we do, of how we promote goodwill and a sense of well being, our soul grows with us. And when we are
truthful, when we have the courage to trust one another, when we are powerful in the mind in ways we but dimly understand, then our
soul is growing to its fuller potential. We can be great individually as souls if we have the courage to seek this greatness, to believe in it,
and to trust in a universe that can move immense power by being still. To seek beauty is to nourish the soul. To do kindness is to bring
forth the soul. To have the soul, to be as one with one's reality, is to exist in a special existence that works with us in ways that we can
still call but a mystery. In time, in our conscious minds, it will be revealed. That is what is meant by growth.

How could we have been otherwise? We did not know of our greater existence, did not believe in the soul. When all things were
explained confidently by an appeal to reason, to be truthful was to be handicapped, for one had to be caught to be proven false; it made
no difference how we were in our existence. Without the soul, we were as barren as the rocks of the desert. But even there life struggles
on and becomes fruitful under cultivation with water and nourishment. We are human beings with great potential in the universe. We
have souls that when fully developed can move worlds. We are creators of reality, when we become aware of this. To have been so
small when we are so great is to be absurd. Yet, how were we to know to be otherwise? We did not know that to love one another had a
force far greater than we had ever imagined. But we must start in small ways, to agree, to help, to do in ways that do not harm, to tell
the truth. All of these create patterns that are beneficial for the future development of our soul.

The greatest is defined by the finest; the strongest is defined by the meekest. The gentle energy of a human being is the power that
propels the soul into being in our existence. When the mind perceives this and can believe it in the way it can believe in its own existence,
"I am", then we become as one with the mind, become in the mind, and the power of the universe begins to work with us. It is a
concentrated effort, not easily kept on course, for we tend to get confused and lost in our random motions. But it comes naturally when
we are in the mind, and we are in the soul when we become conscious of this and begin to seek it. To believe in a greater being is an
important element towards achieving the energy of the soul in our everyday existence. Because we create our reality in our greater image,
the image we project into the world is the existence that will be reflected to us. To seek to avoid violence, we need to avoid it in
ourselves and then seek a reality that is not violent. To seek to avoid disease, we must live a life that is healthful and seek health in our
souls. To seek out loved ones, we must be able to love others and seek out this love in others. We need not be afraid of achievement, for
to seek achievement is to believe in the power of the mind when it is in the soul. It is to have patience when there is haste, to have
courage when there is fear. It is to offer solace when there is sorrow and to offer encouragement when all seems to be despair. It is to
have the soul to rise above the confusion of the present and to become conscious of being in the mind. To seek reality with the soul is to
become confident of one's existence by appealing to the meekest forces which yield the greatest focus of existence. We are in our
everyday being as we are in how we believe in the soul.

Reality moves in and around us like a sea of being that fills every crevice of our existence. This is the energy that is the being of our soul.
It is the light that shines from our eyes as personality, it is the handsomeness of our limbs as well as the melody of our speech. It is the
creation of the artist or the power of the actor. The soul is intertwined completely with the forces of our being and of personality, forces
into which we are born and from which we die. We exist on Earth but for a brief moment, yet how rich and complex our lives can be in
that brief span of time. We can have the luxury of loving our children, of teaching others, of building great works, or of creating with
beauty and simplicity, of being humble. Our soul speaks to us from the millions of things we do that betters existence rather than damage
it, that elevates and energizes rather than dulls and tears apart. It is a brave world that can toy with the forces of darkness and
destruction, but how much more beautiful and courageous if it can seek out with the power of light. To be conscious of ourselves, of
each other, of what and how we do, is to become conscious of who we are. "I am Human" is a powerful force to release into our reality
when we release it with an energy of being in our greater being. "I am the Soul Human" is an even greater force to evoke for it is to seek
with truth and love and ultimate goodwill to the fellow souls who are traveling this planet with us. It is to evoke an energy of the given
word as it is spoken by a new, conscious being.

When we seek with friendship, when we love our fellow man, when we love our family, our wife or husband, our children; when they
love us; we are sharing our soul and in our greater image. We are focussing on the greatest force of the universe and are in turn the focus
of that force. We become positioned within it, it works with us, and we become filled with the energy of its being as it flows from the
vast reaches of Infinity into our daily lives. To Love is to become as one with All that Is. It is to alter our identity of who we are in the
image of our soul as we are within All that Is. To love is to evoke a great force of our universal reality; it is to bring forth into reality the
fruits of a Supreme Greater Being. It is a positive force of kindness and caring, of goodwill. It is an immense force that changes a world.
When we become conscious of loving one another, we energize our world in ways that to us is still but a distant mystery. It is in the
world of the irrational, of being greater than can be understood by the mind, of a power that is latently possible in each one of us. When
we are able to love, we are able to energize our reality with the energy of a greater being. It is so simple, though it is infinitely complex.
To love is how each one of us gains the soul.

The power of light versus darkness is brought forth into our world by the Given Word. To Love is to bring the power of the Soul into
our world. It is to nourish life, to enrich our existence, to give health, to have faith in our given reality. When we seek with honesty and
friendship, when we give our word and keep an agreement, we are empowering our reality with a force of existence that is moved by All
that Is. We invite this greater force into our being, into our lives, into our society, into our nations and kingdoms and social institutions.
How much work there is to be done by so simple a force. Yet, how powerful it can be. It is the new name we can give our world, the "I
am Human" planet that awakens within the universe. The energy that flows there is the energy that gives us life and is the creator of
souls. To be, to be human, to be gentle and kind, to be conscious, to love; these are the values of the new identity who has the soul. To
have joy, to laugh, to dance, to sing, to have the courage to be free; these are the elements of a new soul who has embraced life on its
own terms and thus enriched his or her existence. To be creative, to be serious, to be confident, to be lighthearted; all are characteristics
of a being that is molding the world in one's greater image. To be pleasant, to be generous, to be courteous; they are the marks of a
greater being. We invite the universe to do with us as we do in our minds, and as we are in the soul. It is to see the world through new
eyes and to love it dearly. It is a beautiful planet when it is full of the magic of Creation. It is a world of Being: To be Human.

In each lifetime we will have the opportunity to exercise our being in terms of who we are. We will have the chance to seek out friends,
to seek out loved ones, to build relationships that may last eons, to do great works, or to care for those who cannot care for themselves.
To have the soul adds an immense dimension to this opportunity, for it offers us the courage to choose carefully how we will be in this
soul and thus in this existence. How we will manifest our being in this lifetime versus how we had been before; how we delight in the
discoveries of each new existence or how we delight in and cherish our friends; how we hope and dream to be; all will leave upon us the
mark of our signature of who we are as beings. In future lives, this will be our new reality. How great is a universe that can, from the
first interrelationship of three, become so great, so full of imagination, as to create existence with a soul. The soul is a separate force of
existence. When we have the soul, we are the new beautiful man, woman.

To Give, to Love, to seek with Truth, to Care, to make Beautiful, to bring Joy; these are images of the name we give to our Human
Being. It is the images of the Soul, the patterns that unroll from the Given Word. To have the Soul: This is Who we Are.

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