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Patterns of Triads: Being, Energy, Idea

Patterns unfold from our basic triads: Belief, Being and Idea become Energy and Remembering and Identity. All that Is unrolls into an
interrelated whole, a universe of Life and Consciousness, elements of a Soul. So much of what we are aware of is superseded by that of
which were unaware: Of love, of will, of compassion; of a reason beyond reason where cells multiply, the heart beats, dreams are born.
The mind had long forgotten the primordial drives and desires that had evolved our species, populated this planet, and brought to us the
passion of the reasoning and unreasoning mind. These are all forces of life, of the spirit of human beings, of the cohesion of community.
We survive, we struggle and suffer, but we also marvel at the stars, are awed by the miracle of life, and revel in a sunset or a sunrise. In
the energy of tall mountains or rolling ocean waves is locked in the force of delight and beauty and the freedom of being alive. We are in
the body, born human, and pressed into the network of existence in a universe that had already defined for us our being. This is the
magic of the forces of the triads of interrelationship: Three is formed into an infinity, and from infinity, through Being, is deduced one: I

It is through our being that we live. It is through the personality that is evident identity. It is as a definition from All that Is that we
understand this identity as personality. We occupy our own space in time and in this defined being we occupy the identity image in the
universal order that defines our individual existence. Thus, our being learns to become conscious in it, our personality learns to become
one with it, and we work with it as it works with us. But this knowledge is also gained in another way, unthinkingly, non-reasoned but
experienced in the way one experiences a dance or music, or spoken as one would in a song or poem. It is in this other way, this oblique
experience of being, that is defined that other world of the spirit, of emotion, of good and evil, of living and dying. That other knowledge
flows through us like water, or grains of sand, stirred yet undisturbed. In being a personality and identity is an ancient knowledge that
dates back to the beginnings of a universe, the first stirrings of life, the mystery that had been celebrated for eons by our ancestors in
their worships and songs and superstitions. We need no longer worship in primitive ways, though we can seek the soul. We can seek it
with our modern minds, being in the mind, the spirit liberated, simply and sincerely, as free beings. Reality is then an ally, if we seek it
that way. It becomes all a function of how we see reality, how the personality had chosen its given reality, how we became human. How
these are chosen is how we define our greater being and is how we then materialize our reality around this being. We live in terms of
how we are.

Within this contemplation is a universe working with us. As our consciousness of our personal space in time grows, so does the
awareness of the space in time identity of each thing within our personal reality. It is as if things have a life of their own within our space
in time reality, all in relation to our being. Each thing, each event, each person is a phenomenon defined by its interrelationship within the
network of All that Is. The greatest is defined in the subtlest; the smallest is a function of the greatest. It is an energy, a vitality that flows
from the definition of this interrelationship to energize and render a state of being for each thing or function. An event is because of
everything that is around it. A thing is because of how is everything else to infinity. Its image is already defined at the outer limits of
existence and from this infinite definition is its definition in space and time, here and now. How much more fantastic can the universe be
when understood this way? Can it be understood to be capable of creating a being so conscious, so alive and possessed with an
understanding of this livingness, even if understood only in that unreasoning way, that this being could become defined in spiritual terms?
Can this focus on all that exists be a focus that, when worked back through all the limitless possibilities of infinity, becomes redefined as
a being capable of life and a soul? Is the personality that shines through a human being an image of that soul? There is a kinship between
ourselves and our reality. It is best defined as a focus of all existence in the vitality of an individual living being conscious of being in
reality. The universe works with us there.

When we walk the Earth, we are walking on it not only with the soles of our feet but also with the visions of our mind. Thus we are one
with our reality and participate in its creation. It is from the other side of our mind that we energize our being as we consciously accept
that reality with our mind. What our mind says to itself is also what the unreasoning mind says to itself in its real definitions. To say to
another: "God Bless You" or "I Love You", has deep and significant interrelations. We are truly bestowing good will or love on another
in ways the rational mind cannot comprehend. But we do it naturally, anciently, and with sincere conviction. If the mind responds what
to it is great beauty, or enchantedly responds to a sight or sound, it is exciting these with the power of its energized being. The object of
this attention by the mind responds to us in its own way, perhaps in ways so subtle that we are as yet unable to detect it. It is
nevertheless detected by the focus of All that Is. If we caress our cat and we elicit in it a sense of affection shown by purring, that
affection is also in its totality personality. In a human being emotions are perhaps even more developed, more intense at the personality
level as well as at that level that defines personality. But how much more intense is it at that level that defines all Being in All that Is.
Think of the soul being created there, a focus of billions of affections expressed in all the ways that living things are capable of expressing
it. Now work all this back to the mind gazing upon an object of admiration or beauty. The energy is there as billions of interrelationships
are redefining it in terms of how the mind sees it there and then. It is an energy of affections, of ideas, of virtues and sacrifice, of will and
of compassion; all of these are elements of the soul and they are present in where steps the foot. Each atom realigns itself in terms of our
being, in relation to All that Is, as we pass it with our presence. How we pass it in our minds is then the image of how we are. How we
are in this being is also how we are in our soul.

There is magic where our feet touch the ground, where the eyes gaze, where the mind perceives. From all the memories of existence to
that moment in time there had been definitions that had realigned themselves until the moment chosen in our steps. All the pressures of
existence that materialized our personality became defined in that moment when our being touched the Earth and the Earth responded.
This finite act of being, deep from within the recesses of physical space, and from the dawn of time, is remembered and energized by all
of Creation. Singly, it may appear to be such a small and insignificant act. Yet, how powerful are the forces that are defining it in All that
Is? These forces of being surround us at every living moment of our existence. We are surrounded at all times by the magic of our

The magic described here is one of fineness and supreme subtlety. It is in the principle of the greatest defined as the smallest, the most
dynamic in terms of the most serene. Being is a power all its own, bestowed upon it by the nature of existence in our universe. It is alive,
it is sensitive, and it is a force of energy that realigns all things in terms of everything else. It is in the energy of belief, for it is truly visible
only there. At our normal cognitive level, these forces are not evident to us. We do not consciously know that the universe realigns itself
in the process of every step we take as we walk the Earth. This realignment is in the greatest possible subtlety, redefining itself instantly
in the presence of that single step. Nothing seems gained; to the eye and mind there is only the obvious awareness that the foot is in a
new location. But at the level of a more serene contemplation, the stage had been set for the foot's next step, for the redefinition of its
next encounter, for the energy of the presence of the moment to reenergize all the things that will be in contact with it in that next step.
The greatest force of the universe is evident there in only the most subtle way. Through contemplation, the mind has a minute access to
it. The soul had shifted but by the slightest degree, but the powers of the universe had shifted themselves at the greatest dimensions. The
surface of the ground walked upon is felt by the soles of the feet and but the slightest sensation of energy tingles and reaches the brain.
The mind, in its immense and unreasoning way, is deeply affected.

There is immense repercussion in all we do. The personality is deeply imprinted with the power of all being and thus it acts within reality.
From reality flows the power of its being back into personality and thus it responds to its new environment. The personality is altered and
the process repeats itself. Now reality is altered and all of being is imprinted with personality. There is a constant exchange taking place
between the being of personality and the being of reality. From between them are created the patterns of everyday existence we would
call life. They mutually create one another naturally, though this creation is often too subtle for the awareness of the reasoning mind. On
a daily level, we are barely conscious of it. But at the level of the unreasoning mind, we are more aware of it, and we are totally aware of
it where the unreasoning mind interacts with the patterns of reality. We may wish to take a walk. But think of all the other things that we
could have done at that moment in time, each with its own results, its own interrelationships in space, with its new imprint on personality
and reality. The personality-reality complex emerges as having a separate being of its own. From the many patterns of being, from the
trilogy of the energy of belief, the memory of being, and the idea of identity, there flows a new definition, a new force of creation. It is
the personification of reality, the energizing of physical being by the presence of the human soul, by the personified mind and its many
multifaceted images of being. We personify reality by the very virtue of our being in it. But this is still an unreasoned, unconscious being.
With the formation of the soul, the universe sings when we sing, glows when we glow, and rejoices with affection when we do. To be
loved within reality we must be able to love. There is a power here that is difficult to describe, being more in the domain of the
unreasoning mind than the rational. It is more in the domain of that which describes our personality, yet moves reality. As we do, the
universe does with us; as we feel, the world feels with us.

We can probe this in a metaphysical way, but it must be sensed in that oblique manner of being or belief. The atoms and molecules we
displace with our being are filled with a sense of our being in that displacement. They have an energy of their own and we merely
activate it. In our mind is the energy that can make atoms dance and worlds move throughout the cosmos. This is the great reason of
unreason. It is also the great power that can have a universe project for us the matter of our individual definition as a personality. Then,
we are born into this human being. That is the only way we can understand it, for then we can experience it as our individual life.

We must take this line of unreasoning reasoning still further one step. We cannot project ourselves rationally into this world, being still
ignorant of the interrelationship mechanics that make it possible. We cannot know, yet, how our personality affects reality nor how
events desired by the conscious mind can be made real. But we can position ourselves within this state of events, work with them and
manipulate reality in ways that will achieve for us, like magic, our desired goals; we can further work on events by how we position our
personality in reality and project our being into that reality. How we are, how we do things, how we touch the world around us with our
bodies and our minds are direct communications into the reality being manifest by our personality-reality complex. Thus, it is in our
personality's interest that this contact with reality, how we are positioned within it with our minds, is also of some awareness to us. Then,
we become less ignorant of the consequences of our being, and we become more conscious of how we are. How we approach our
existence reflects this new awareness and the environment of our individual existence begins to better reflect this consciousness. Reality
becomes more familiar, more a reflection of our personality, and more energized by our being as in the mind. Intent that is beneficial
creates its own results, whereas energy that is malevolent will equally reflect back into that mind's reality. So released, they may work on
us for a great period of time. Our soul is modified by these forces. But in their more subtle forms, to our reasoning minds, they show up
in our everyday world. In effect, our state of being in the mind is a powerful effect within the domain of the unreasoning mind, in the
domain of the personality-reality complex of our existence, though it is a weak effect in the domain of the rational-conscious mind. This
is a force of which we must become conscious if it is our desire to become one with the mind. That is how we can position ourselves in
our soul's identity within our reality. There is great energy there. Is it not magic?

So we have brought the patterns of our basic triads down to a single force that we may use to help us understand the soul. That force is
the energy of a personified universe, a reality endowed with the mind's energy of our individual being. The personality occupies reality
and in so doing is also energizing it to conform to its singular identity. It does so by moving all those other forces of infinity that define
the universe's reality. If this is so, then personality is an ancient and powerful value within existence, dating back to the deep beginnings
of life and mind. Developed in us as an individual being, human, with a sense of identity, "I am" and aware of its existence; we may now
seek to work with it in ways that can help us seek our greater being. It is what can help us become more human, more in tune with the
creative forces of the universe we live in. We create reality with our being. We do not know how we do this, being more in the domain
of the unreasoning mind than the conscious one. But it is a real force, the force of being in the mind, when we occupy in space and time
the personality-reality that is our identity at infinity. Locked within these powers are the definitions of the soul of man. It is what makes
us creative or hopeful or helpful or joyful. We are human beings capable of a soul. We can gain this soul by working with the mind to
personify our reality in the image of our being. If this is all true, then our world is really ours.


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