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The Mind Is the Communicator

The mind is the communicator. What we think and do in our mind, when we are in the mind, is a reflection of what is our identity in the
image that is the totality of our being, at infinity. Through interrelationship, all things are connected through space and time, through
distance and spatial relations, and through events and circumstances; at infinity, that total interrelationship forms an image, an
understanding closed in on itself, that defines every part of itself in infinitesimal detail. That image is ingrained into any part of itself that
serves it as a focus, that is the focus from which the infinity is observed, its ultimate center. Infinity looks like itself there, then, its
qualities minutely ingrained, condensed into the focus that describes that moment and its infinitesimal part, in terms of everything else, ad
infinitum. When that part becomes aware of itself, when its consciousness defines it in terms of its position in the universe, that ingrained
focus becomes a mind conscious of itself, in terms of its universe, and exists as an identity over time. Then, that mind will reflect in itself
the image that is its identity at infinity in its reality. Its thoughts and actions will materialize its world in that greater image that is its
universal identity. That is how the universe communicates itself into our reality.

That same power that became the mind, our consciousness, is the same force that struggles to become the focus of that mega-structure
as created by his mind, our society. For the consciousness of our universal order to penetrate the mechanics of our social order, we must
be in the mind. We must occupy that infinite variety of possibilities that describes our conscious mind, as it is defined by our universe.
Society is not a closed system dictating to the mind its responsibility within the social whole. It is more than that. Society is an open
system that gives the mind the freedom within its greatest whole, to express itself in all the possibilities that are its rich and varied
creativity, its real responsibility. To force the mind within a closed system is to force it from its time-space relationship and to stifle it, to
cage it within infinity. A mind forced does not communicate infinity; it merely reflects the limits of confinement of its social cage. A mind
enslaved is not a communicator but a tool of that dark force that restricts it in terms of its identity. That force, that coercion, is what
closes society in on itself and limits expression of the richness of the mind as it is in its universal consciousness. Free from this forced
confinement, free to be in the mind, the social order takes on the greater consciousness of the mind. But it must be free. If enslaved, it
becomes but the dark tool of those forces that work to close off the social system from its greater development within that
infinite-mega-structure that is our universe. Darkened, a closed society focuses and closes in only on itself. A closed society is
unconscious in the universe.

The social order is a creation of the mind. It is formed in our image; its mega-structure is a product of our collective mind. But as all such
mega-structures of the mind, it has the power to destroy its creator. The ultimate power in the universe is that power that is its own self
destruction, chaos. All things can always return to chaos. Destruction is always easier than order; it never structures itself but rather
triumphs in its lack of structure. It is the mind that lends order to where there is disorder, first by finding order, by defining it, and then
by reordering it according to its definition. There is no freedom in disorder, for there is no agreement with it. It is impossible to come to
agreement where total disagreement always prevails. It is the mind that finds the power to harness these and to form agreements. There
is no social order where there is disagreement, only social chaos. Chaos is the ultimate primeval ruler of the universe and it had reigned
supreme until came mind. Thus the mind subdued it, and spanned it infinitely into a universal order. Within this order, it created itself
with all the systems that can be compatible with the mind's Creator. But in the mind is also the power of chaos. Disorder is as possible as
is order and we are always poised for our own self destruction. This self destruction starts with a social order which turns in on itself and
then culminates in self mutilation. When the social order is a closed system, the universal mind is negated, and chaos is on the ascendant.
Then, society ceases to be the creation of the mind and becomes rather the destruction that exists without mind. Without society, we
simply return to the primitive level of self survival in a world of coercion where the successful assert themselves through combat: War.

It is important to be in the mind. First, we must be conscious of being in the mind to become more conscious. Then, we must be more
conscious to succeed over chaos. We must use chaos to explore all the possibilities that are the universe; the irrational is our ultimate
freedom; but we cannot be subdued by it. In a closed society, where the mind is defined only by the confines of the social order, we are
not free to explore our universe. What is not socially endorsed is forbidden and cannot be approached further. But the mind rebels within
such confines. It seeks greater expression, greater creation; it risks chaos. But if it is overzealous and overindulges in the chaos it courts,
it is in danger of destruction. Such is the balance of to be in the mind. To force, to coerce, to force against agreement is to perpetuate
disagreement and to court disorder. There is no freedom in disagreement where chaos prevails. That is the limit of our free will. We can
only do as we agree to do. To do otherwise is to force oneself outside the mind. Outside the mind, we lose its protection and guidance.
Then, we are victims of chaos and society turns in on itself in destruction, and we turn in on ourselves. To be in the mind, our will must
cooperate within the limits of agreement. That is how we become free. In the end, to be free is how our mind conquers chaos in the

In our midst, our mind is the most powerful expression of universal order. We are not yet conscious of it all, but we are conscious
enough to succeed in creating a social order. Thus, we are conscious enough to materialize in our social order the power of the
super-mega-structure that is the universal mind. It is but a small reflection within a greater society and built but in its image. But that is an
impossibility in our terms. We are not yet conscious of the mind of the universe; we are but vaguely aware of its existence. To bring this
ultimate order into our own miniature social replica of that super-mega-structure needs that we assemble a system that is defined not by
our consciousness, since this is still lacking in its entirety, but by the process of reality that defines that consciousness. We must simply
occupy our identity in its space-time definition. Then, though of still of limited consciousness, we can physically and mentally position
ourselves in a way that will align our minds with the identity that is our mind out there in the universal order. That is what is meant by an
open ended society. The limitations on the mind are thus not man made, except where social laws restrict coercion and prevent one mind
from trespassing on the reality of another, from forcing the other against his or her agreement; but, instead, our limitations are imposed
only by the conditions of reality and our existence in it. We then become open to all the possibilities reality makes available to us. That is
how we learn. The mind becomes conscious enough to understand its reality and, by positioning itself to become one with its greater
reality, it becomes increasingly conscious of it. Its awareness deepens; its understanding sharpens. Simultaneously, the social order
becomes increasingly conscious as a reality, as a social-mega-structure of the mind, and as a reflection of the struggle of the universe's
order over chaos. By positioning ourselves in our identity, we move and are moved by the universe in a way that is more powerful than
could be moved otherwise without the assistance of the universal order. Together, they restructure reality in their greater image.

To be in the mind is the principle that is the Social Contract of Habeas Mentem. To be in agreement with oneself and with one's fellow
man is the greatest achievement of the universal order. It is to be true to it

by being true to oneself and towards one another. In it, in agreement, is the principle of the mind succeeding over the destructive chaos
of the primordial. We are powerful when we agree together because that is when we are most free within our universal identity, when we
are most conscious, and when the mega-structure of the universe works most closely with us. But agreement cannot be forced; it must
be spontaneous and sincere and yielding. It must be sought voluntarily. That is the condition of our success of mind over chaos. Chaos
destroys regardless of condition; agreement succeeds only when it is invited. It is the ambition of the Contract of Habeas Mentem to
invite agreement into our social reality. Then, in agreement, free from forced disagreement, we invite the super-mega-structure of the
universal order into that miniature replica that is our own society. In Habeas Mentem, when we will become conscious of it, we will
ultimately individually have access to that same power that is in the mind of the universe. But this cannot be forced; it must be in the
form of a contract, in effect, a voluntary agreement arrived at by our choice.

Thus, the first condition of human consciousness is that we choose consciousness, that we must seek it. To beget the benefits of
consciousness, it must be voluntary and willed. Consciousness increases with the increase in its own volition. But it increases, of
necessity, with an increase in its sensitivity. Consciousness is not coarse and does not destroy because it does not force against
agreement, though it uses force. It does not corrupt because it seeks what is genuine in agreement and thus would not force an agreement
on another. It is noble because it is sincere; insincere it would fail to be itself. It is sensitive because that is how mind finds order in
disorder, by being open to all nuances. All these can occur only voluntarily. To force them otherwise only negates them and forces the
mind further away from its goal. That is a condition of reality. It must be obeyed. A mind must choose consciousness or it will fail to be
in itself and negate the universal order around it. When it obeys these conditions, that is how the mind becomes supreme. There is a
natural order in the universe: Conscious, in our mind, free within our identity, we are in our will the natural order of the universe. We do
have a free will, but it is valid only, and powerful only then when it is free to be in its image and then be in that image, because that is
how we communicate with our universe.

We are the communicators. We create with the free mind that which is most human. But we can do this only while in the mind. Outside
the mind, we fail as communicators in our universe. The mind human can be trapped within a social system that prohibits freedom of
thought, of expression, of agreement. Unfree, our human message becomes unclear and ultimately corrupt to materialize garbled as error
that ultimately plays into the forever backsliding forces of chaos. If our thoughts, our philosophies, encourage us to lie, to steal, to twist
reality into untruths, to revere in ugliness, to waste, then what will materialize around us will be equally twisted within the universal
order. Then, to be in the mind becomes an increasing difficulty, if not impossibility, and only with great pain and determined effort is the
physical collapse reversed and consciousness again reestablished as the mark of the human being. Unconscious, we are less than human.
Less than human, we fail as communicators. Only as earnest seekers of truth can we be communicators, and only then so do we project
in us and around us what we are. In order for the universe to communicate into our Earthly reality, we must be fully human beings.

Thus, to become human, fully conscious in the image of our universe, is the greatest goal of our development. We are not in our
kingdom yet, though we can approach our kingdom on certain conditions; ultimately it will be for us to rule. We have sought ourselves
by casting ourselves off into space, but only to realize that the space around us is our personal reality, at every moment of time. We
could use that knowledge to better find ourselves but there are conditions that must be observed. We must reach out for it, though it is
forever reaching out for us, but the mind cannot know it until it chooses to know it. There is work, it is effort, exertion, but freedom
does not come with the ease of chaos; it must be sought with a distinct responsibility of agreement. There is a Social Contract to help
guide us, but it is a guide effective only through our agreement. If we do not choose it, it will work on, but away from us; the conditions
of the universe will always remain the same. There is a social order we have created, one that hugs us closely in our everyday
environment and protects us from the hostile elements of a still primordial world, but it is but a ship we had built to guide us through a
universe that here is still dangerously close to chaos. But we can now have the power to steer it. We still do not know it for certainty, but
by being in the mind, we can harness the power to steer it through the power of super-mind to move us closer to being human. When
human, each one of us will share in that mind and be a social contract unto himself. Fully human, that social agreement will equal the
agreement that is our universal order. What is now our human conscience will develop more fully and become that force that will anchor
our thoughts and acts in reality. We will no longer be ruled by fear but by the confidence that has learned to overcome fear. Then, the
mind human and the mind of the universe will be as one.

One can move the other; they can communicate. If the universe can move the mind, when consciously human, the mind will move the
universe. A human action can then become magnified in its real terms, become enlarged in terms of its compatibility with the reality
around it, and move all those interrelationships that define that moment. To be one with the universe is to have the universe become one
with the mind. When consciously human, there is knowledge of what act is possible with the amplification of the interrelationship of that
act in terms of everything else, and what the mind does then the universe does with it. It is like a power of magic, a mythic mega-force,
though it is real. It can happen now, if we choose, but still only on a social scale; then, we could have it happen on a personal scale; but
first we must learn to be in the mind. Where the social order can be made to reflect the order of the universe, by being in the mind as a
social contract, as a right, when fully in the mind, fully human, each person's reality can become in the image of its personal universal
order as it is ordered in the universe. The mind that can now be moved by the universe, and still be but semi-conscious of it, can then
become moved in a manner that is fully conscious and move the universe in return. We may already do this to some small extent, though
we are not aware of it. Being alternately in and outside the mind, our results are sporadic and uncertain. At times we seem lucky, at times
we are not. It can be that mundane, though in real terms such self gratification is of little significance. We are so much more than merely
the self. We can move the universe to create in a way that it cannot Create itself.

We are the Creators. We are conquerors of chaos, we are users of it; but we are here but mere communicators. We are the force that
can change reality; but we can act only where we find agreement. We are builders of worlds; but we are but individuals. We are the
human beings. Through us flows reality from its ultimate chaos to its ultimate order. We are the purifiers; we are processors of reality
into minds. We are seekers and explorers, we are adventurers; we are creators, but we are but seekers and definers of beauty. We are
human, though we came from animal. We are dignified, though we have regained affection. We are fierce, though we have learned to be
gentle. We are conscious. That is the beauty of being human on Earth. We are creatures of our planet, but we have gained the mind of
our universe. It is a precious gift which we must not surrender to chaos. We must not let it be destroyed in self mutilation. But we will
prevail. Our universe will move us to move with our universe. But first we must become the conscious human being. We must have the
freedom to be in, and to have, the mind. The rest will follow.

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"Man's mind, when it is most intent upon any work, through it's passion, and effects, is joyned with the mind of the stars, and
intelligences, and being so joyned is the cause that some wonderful virtue be infused into our works and thing."

Henry Cornelius Agrippa

Counselor to Charles the Fifth,

Emperor of Germany, c. 1530

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