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When We Are in the Mind: We Create Reality.

When we are in the mind, we are at the center of our total existence. When we seek this being in the mind with our will, we are
realigning all the forces of our existence that define our being. When we are at the center of our existence we become, in the personality
forces of our being, the true value we occupy at infinity, our greater being. In the reaching for this being, our personality realigns itself
with the forces of our existence. Thus we realign our will in the image of our greater being. This is the formula of the soul.

We can reach out into the universe and seek the soul at the many levels attempted throughout time. We could seek it in religion, in
meditation, reincarnation, in mysticism; but it is at the level of existence, of being, that it is mostly manifest. We are. We are our
personality. In our personality is the distillation of that value that is our soul. In our existence, the soul is manifest in the phenomenon of
our physical being. The soul, our greater being, is most visible in the values or conditions or mannerisms of our individual being.

If we are reincarnated through time, then this being is of necessity modified by how we had been in the past. We are not born anew in
each incarnation but instead are reformed within the definitions of being we had left behind in our past life. We are shadowed by our past
existences. We cannot escape this, for it is the value that creates for us both our personal reality and our personality. It is what is for us
our present being in this lifetime.

Thus, our definition at infinity manifests for us our existence. This definition is being continuously modified by our state of being in it, by
how we do things, how we think, how we feel, and how we choose. It is also modified by the state of our personality, the kind of person
we are. Finally, it is modified by the state of being we had left behind in our past lives. How we were in reality in former incarnations
redefined our greater being at infinity. This greater being in turn rematerialized for us our world when we were born into the time and
space of our current existence. Because our greater being is what distills itself into that value of our individual existence that is our
personality, we continually reflect how we are at infinity. How we are there is then in turn how we become here. It is like a cosmic
shadow that we cannot escape, but which can help us with its guidance into our future. The kind of person we are is determined by the
many progressions of our past lives; the kind of existence we have is determined by how we had chosen those lives. Now, we can
choose our existence by being the person we will.

We create our reality with what is for us the unreasoning mind. By its definition, the unreasoning mind is beyond reason. It is in the
world of mystery, the irrational, dreams, or in the world of mystical spiritualistic revelation. The unreasoning mind is that force that is a
product of infinite interrelationship, the force that holds together atoms as well as that which forms for us our physical being. It is
responsible for the division of cells, the color of our eyes, how we look, how we laugh, how we project our inner personality on the
outward features of our being. We do not penetrate the unreasoning mind with our conscious or rational mind for it is beyond logic. It is
more like belief, the mind as seen from infinity, as directed by the state of being of how is everything else. In essence, we create our
reality with the unreasoning mind from that value at infinity that represents for us our identity. If this identity is then expressed in our
personality, then we create for ourselves our world, through the unreasoning mind, from how we are in our personality. This is a rather
roundabout way of saying simply that we are in reality as we are in our personality, but it is an exercise that is necessary to show how we
create our reality.

In the unreasoning mind is the essence of our being. It is the unreasoning mind that controls what things will be, their color, shape, place;
it is the personality that controls where our individual being will be within these things. All of existence is the product of the unreasoning
mind; the rational being of a personality is the product of the mind of our individual existence. Between the two, between the
unreasoning mind and the personality, modified by the state of being of past lives, is forged the being we individually occupy today.
Where are we? How are we? Are we what we will? These are all answered by the unreasoning mind in terms of how our personality is
within it. To change these requires that we then modify that over which our conscious mind has some degree of control. We can control
our state of being through conscious choices regarding our existence, where we are, what we are doing, with whom. But we can also
effect change by choosing to modify elements of our personality to more correctly reflect the person we wish to be. Again, in a rather
roundabout way, both can succeed in creating the same effect. But where one is useful because of its immediate effect by physically
creating change in response to our choices, the other is more interrelated into the state of being of all things and hence more intense,
since it is affected by the state of being of everything else. One is in the domain of the rational, through direct action; the other is in the
domain of the irrational or unreasoning, through the indirect action of the state of being of everything else as directed by being of
personality within one's greater identity. Both always work together regardless, but for the purpose of illustration they are separated here.
Whether we focus on direct action or on personality, we are working with a universe working with us.

Thus, if we choose, we can elevate our mind to the level of a universal consciousness. By occupying our own space in time, we occupy
the state of being of our individual reality, our identity. By being conscious of our personality in this reality, we are able to glimpse into
the value that we are in this identity. By choosing to be conscious of how we are in our identity, we can then become in reality how we
are in our personality. This reality is created not by the process of rational thought of which we are conscious in our minds, but by the
process of the unreasoning mind which is conscious at infinity. In times gone by, this would have been explained in religious terms of
God or holy and supernatural powers, but in current times this idea can easily be understood merely as expressed in metaphysical terms.
We occupy our own space in time and are conscious of it; we are conscious of ourselves in it and choose our personality. The mystery
remains that we are born into this world and that we die from it. It is a mysterious process, but one which is demystified by the fact that
we are. We exist in our being and thus the unreasoning mind is creating for us our reality as we are choosing it in our being, in our image.
If this image is a mirror of how is chosen existence in the universe, then it is only a function of how is put together the universe. What is
of concern to us here, however, is not the image of man in relation to the image of God, but rather that we are each instrumental in how
we create for ourselves our reality. We choose our reality in terms of how we choose our personality. When we are conscious of this, we
begin to create our being.

In this order of things, in the manner of the unreasoning mind, we are the masters of our reality. We are born where we are to be; we are
in our personality the person we are in our greater being; we are materializing for ourselves the circumstances of our being in terms of
how we are as an identity. If we are unconscious of this, then the unreasoning mind merely continues to perform these functions without
our awareness of it, as it had been doing for millions of years. If we become conscious of this, we can begin to exert a conscious
influence on how the unreasoning mind is creating for us our reality. We can begin to choose actions relative to our personality that are
consistent with our new consciousness. When we begin to restore where we had destroyed, build where we had made decay, brighten
where it had become drab, then we are beginning to exercise this new found consciousness. We are now entering the realm of the soul.

Because we create our own reality, when conscious of it, we create a reality in the image of our soul. This soul is evident in the eyes, in
the work of the hands, in the melody of the voice, in the thoughts and care that go into our every action. It shines through everything we
do as well as in our hopes and loves and aspirations. It is the image of our greater identity focused into this reality and materialized here
as our person with personality. The personality that can look back upon this and be conscious of it is a person that can look into his or
her soul. It is a mind and being that is sensitive of its feelings as well as sensitive of the feelings of is fellow beings. If the soul is graceful
or serene, skillful with beauty, then it is our newfound consciousness shining through in the skill of an artist or the works of craftsmen, or
composers, or poets. We will find it in the words of statesmen and philosophers, the loving works of volunteers, and in the care of
healers and friends. With warmth and compassion that can tame anger and fury, the soul gradually creates its own reality in the image of
our conscious identity. It is the strength of the unreasoning mind bent by the force of a conscious soul to create our reality in our image.
It is the power of the still and silent over the violent and voluble. There is immense strength in this new serenity for it is the strength of
being over chaos. We have it when we have the soul.

Perhaps we have been unconscious as a species or race for so long that we had forgotten the power of being in the mind. Untrespassed,
free, masters of our destiny through the art of agreement over coercion, we have the power of a soul over chaos. It is the power of a
wilderness taming itself. It is the power of love and compassion as well as that of strength of being. From the birth of the universe to the
present, we had been creating our reality with the unreasoning mind and had grown powerful within it. We have the mind. Now we can
take this power of reason and become conscious of ourselves as a consciousness: We have the soul. The past is etched on this soul; all of
our deeds through time had been interrelated into that value at infinity that is our identity. We are now faced with the stark reality that we
are who we had been through time. In the here and now, in the body we occupy with our being, is the depository of all that we had been
and that we had done. It is like a shadow that presses upon us from infinity in all that we do and all that is done around us. We encounter
this shadow at every moment of our existence; we are forever subject to it. With the soul, conscious of our being conscious in the mind,
we can begin to identify this past and begin to work with it to redeem the wrongs that had been left in our path. If we had been
unconscious in our past, we can be forgiven, but conscious now we must rebuild that which we had destroyed. It may be that the
destruction of our soul is light, but it needs tending regardless. Like a garden gone wild, it is up to us to cultivate the beauty of our new

We are followed by the eons of past lives and yet we cannot remember them. But they are here with us on our visage and in our hands.
In our courage as well as in our dreams are worlds that had preceded us throughout the vast waves of human existence. We are but
inheriting this, but it is inherited by each and every one of us in our individual being. When we are in the mind, we are the center of this
inheritance. When we are in the soul, this inheritance is renewed in our individual being. We cannot remember them, but through belief
we have the power to bring out within our personality those traits of ourselves we wish to cultivate and those we wish to leave behind.
We need not suppress them but rather should face them squarely and accept or reject them in a conscious and understanding way. We
do not need brutality or theft or deceit or malice. These are vestiges of an unconscious past that is alien to the soul. To be in the soul,
that which destroys the personality as well as that which destroys another's being which trespasses on their identity, must be superseded
by that which has the power to forgive and to heal. Then we are realigning those forces that define us as a personality. When we can see
the force of charity or compassion, we are realigning the eons of past lives. When we seek what is beautiful in another and trust our
fellow being, we are reaching back into time for all those times our being was mistrustful and had been mistrusted. If we had wronged in
the past, in our personality is the power to undo those wrongs. If we had tortured or slain, then it is in us to forgive and to comfort where
there is pain. If these are not done, then we merely repeat the past. To be born anew into the next life as a conscious soul, it is necessary
to not repeat the past. To do rather than to undo is the motivation of a being with a soul.

Our existence is an encounter of personalities and of being. Our mind identifies and defines that which we encounter in our reality, but
our soul identifies and responds in its own spiritual way to that which we encounter in our being. We are human at many levels of
existence, but we are just rising above the first level. We are first conscious; we are in the mind. Then we are conscious of this
consciousness; we become in the soul. Finally, we create reality in our image. Each of these is inherent in the other and all are exercised
in our daily lives to some degree. To rise to that degree where the universe works with us is an achievement suitable to our future human
being. To rise to this level requires that first we do not trespass against one another, that we seek agreement, and second that we step
beyond and deal with our fellow beings in a manner of compassion. Then we will interact with the multitude of beings that we encounter
in our daily existence in ways that reveal for us our soul. How we interact with them, the persons we meet, the anger or kindness that is
encountered by us are all indicative of how we are as a soul. How we had been had made us how we are. We have only the future to
change. Through how we treat ourselves and how we treat our fellow souls in this world is the path to how we will be in the future of
this life as well as the many lives to come. Thus, in the end, we create our own reality.

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