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This is the time of the Dream. We had dreamed before, and with each new dream the world changed. But it happened in small segments
of the planet. Communications were limited, travel difficult and dangerous. Our dreams thus were smaller dreams, and with them we
invented our ancient gods. Now we have the technological ability to span the whole globe on the world wide computer internet, the
telephone and radio, and out into space via our satellites, all nearly instantly. Our travels are now counted in hours rather than months.
So our dream can now grow into its full planetary dimension and become a global Dream. I believe we are approaching the time of the
One Global Dream.

For a long time we have been the bringers of consciousness into our world. In small faltering ways, each one of us thought of something
and taught it to another, which then passed on the knowledge. Sometimes it was lost, but later rediscovered, and some of it forgotten
entirely. But consciousness, an awareness of self in the universe and its role in the domain of the living world, grew in its imperceptible
way. I believe this is because it is supposed to. We are the teachers, the architects of our future. We are bringers of mind into the world
of animism, and soul consciousness into life. Our minds and souls tie together all that already exists into a new consciousness, a new
energy into the being of our world. And now we stand ready to take it to another level, quickly and universally. From ancient myth to
future myth, we are about to join globally as a new consciousness that can Dream what we had never dared dream before.

Who would dare approach us? If a world outside ours already existed with the consciousness discussed in the preceding pages, would
they be eager to come and invite our world into the community that is theirs? It is difficult to conceive why, unless it were for reasons of
pure compassion. We had been a coercive and murderous lot throughout our history. If a more advanced being came here, not those
aliens shown in horror films, we would even today in most likelihood enslave it, clinically abuse it, and ultimately kill it. Who would want
to come? We live on a dangerous planet, partly for natural reasons of predation for survival, but also of our own doing. I have heard it
said that we always had wars, and that they will never cease. Well, dare imagine that they will. Imagine that in fact not only will our
future generations look back upon us with wonder and amazement that we were so barbaric, but that they will actually fail to understand
how we managed to become this way. If we are truly beautiful and light filled beings, how did we regress so completely to the
barbarisms we display towards each other and to our fellow animal beings. Incredulous! But true. Imagine dreaming planetwide of a
peace, not merely a cease fire, but a real Peace that shelters 'Mankind in a cloak of a greater Dream: World Peace.

This world peace would come not on the heels of treaties, of agreements that are important but which may be broken, but in the the
wake of a whole new consciousness of ourselves and the living things around us. Each one of us today has compassion for something of
life. We would save the whales, or eagles, or wolves, or gorillas, or the remaining indigenous people of the forests; or even the snails and
sharks and snakes and frogs and coral reefs. But we would also go and fight for what we believe, even fight each other to the death.
How can such irreconcilable differences be reconcilable in the same person? Yet, it is true. In a world where we are unconsciously and
systematically trespassed against, abused and coerced, this is not so strange. We must fight. Now imagine a world where our
consciousness no longer allows this, and where instead we are respected, each one of us, as individual human beings. Does this not set us
adrift towards a new potential peace and away from our past wars? Would it not gradually, perhaps even imperceptibly, send us towards
saving and healing rather than fighting and killing? I think so. Same as we are now free to step out of the predatory cycle of our food
chain, to no longer hunt wild animals for our food, we can now step out of the cycle of coercion and confrontation. This has been a
dangerous place to live. With our new awareness, we can begin to make it less so, and in so doing make the world slowly at first, and
then more rapidly, drift towards a universal peace. Dare we Dream of it?

In the beginning, according to Australian Aboriginal people, we were Dreamed into existence. Now it is for us to do the Dreaming into
the future. We came from ancient myths that had warrior gods fighting throughout the heavens. Now we can dream newer myths of
ourselves, not as warrior gods but as light filled beings. We are light filled conscious human beings who may be part of a much larger
family than we have hitherto imagined. Alas, we were orphaned, still unconscious of ourselves, or of a greater universe that works with
us, that reaches each and everyone one of us with its Life force. Without family, alone, struggling for survival, we had developed a
ferocity that might have been the envy of even our ancient gods. But were they not merely a reflection of each other? Did we not Dream
our gods into being because of who we were? The stone statues to which we sacrificed and worshipped in and of themselves did not
hold the gods. They were symbols we needed to activate our minds and the energies locked in our souls. As we worshipped the stone
deity, we released what we imagined into our reality with the power of our being and thoughts. Our ancient myths were stories on which
we focused our thoughts and activated them into reality. But if our thoughts change, and our focus changes from stone deities, or even
their newer versions as scriptures, and instead think of ourselves as beautiful beings, then how will our world's energy be activated in the
future? How beautiful can we become? We had fashioned our ancient myths from what we were. And as we change as individual human
beings, our myths in the Dream of our future will change with us.

Dare to Dream of a better world. Greater still, dare to dream of a better world reaching out for us. If none dared approach us before,
except furtively and secretly, then we may now dream that our world is not so dangerous to approach in the future. It is possible that
many of our ancient myths and fables are actually embellished or confused stories of past visitations from outside our planet. Even
passages in holy scriptures throughout all the world's religions have fantastic events that are difficult to understand even on pure faith.
The most commonly mentioned is Ezekiel and the Wheel, or Moses and the marching column of smoke, or Krishna and his lethal flying
disk. There are also tales of great Avatars being carried aloft into the heavens to visit with the gods, sometimes repeatedly. Even the
ancient Egyptian myth of Horus refers to a shining flying winged disk that shoots deadly rays upon the enemy. Were we visited before
and the visits failed? The idea is not so outlandish. For better or for worse, we may be cousins of other worlds who until now had
thought it the better part of valor to avoid us and let us incubate a bit longer into maturity. We pride ourselves on our technical and
scientific achievements, but have we really found reason to pride ourselves on our social achievements? Yes. Democracy, individual
human rights, rule by law, effective market systems, and even the establishment of social insurance programs to help us during times of
need. We are also beginning to make progress planetwide on establishing wildlife sanctuaries and wilderness habitat preserves. We still
need to do more for the preservation of life in the oceans and lakes and wetlands, much more than done so far, and more for our forests.
And in our success with these we will telecast into our greater family of worlds our worth. Are we ready to receive them? And are they
ready for us?

To have worlds meet, not as gods visiting a primitive and barbaric planet, but as equals; that is the Dream. To meet other conscious
beings, human or otherwise, who have the ability to travel through the Galaxy is very exciting. But it is only partially exciting. To meet
them as fellow light filled beings who respect all life, human and otherwise, because it is a reflection of a much greater force in the
universe; that is truly exciting. It would make no sense for such an advanced conscious species to come here if we were not ready. They
would have too great a respect for our evolving consciousness to disturb our peaceful or nightmarish sentient slumber. But as we
awaken, a little at first, and more globally in time, then the desire to visit will grow, and with it will diminish the danger of such a visit.
The danger would presently be for both of us, since their technology would be such a powerful force of change, especially in the wrong
hands, that it would become too dangerous to entrust us with. Until we are ready, until we awake, we have to remain alone. That, alas, is
our myth as it had been so far. In the present, we have been Dreaming ourselves as alone, only half listening into the Galaxy for possible
signs of life, or maybe if lucky to share the cosmos with a few fellow bacteria or amino acids. I suspect that the Dream, when we are
ready, is very much more exciting than this. I think we will be very surprised in our future myth.

So in my vision of our future, there will be a massive global social change. With simple tools of stone and wood and bone, we began
building a civilization that has yielded for us in time our modern technological wonders. Now we can travel and look deep into space with
understanding. It is the same for social change, though that journey is just beginning. With the simple tools of respect for the individual
conscious mind, of agreement and freedom from coercion, we will build a civilization of planetary unity that will bring us universal
wonders. These changes, when they come, will not be because of some vast organizational world order, but rather from deep within
each one of us. As we change inside ourselves, so will the world change with us. The great Universal Order already exists. We need only
to connect ourselves with it. Then, we will become courted and feted by other worlds to take our rightful place in the family of all the
Living Worlds. I believe the pathways to this are already there. We need only to recognize them, not with larger radio telescopes, but
with a clearer vision of ourselves in a Living universe. We still need to prove ourselves as conscious living beings. And then, like a deep
blue sapphire flashing in the sun, we will anounce our awakening, and see in ourselves reflections of a Living God.

The rest of the Dream will follow.

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