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How to Search Humancafe
Posted on Saturday, April 04, 2015 - 10:32 am:   

How to Find things on Humancafe.

Humancafe is a random walk. That is how it was written, and that is how it can be read. But it also has structure. It was organized as fields and spheres of ideas, all interconnected and cross-referenced with relative links when possible, coming together as a whole. So it can be approached and explored either way. (Unsigned, anonymous posts are deemed the works of the People of planet Earth.)


As readers from around the world come to, there is growing demand for 'search' of text written over the past decade and a half. Per the natural evolution of past discussions of the forum (1998 to 2008, and comments added since to the present), there was no catalogued way to arrange the many posts regarding diverse subjects and ideas; these ideas evolved in an organic fashion over time; except as broad fields of discussion. Instead, there is an internal Search engine for the site (at bottom of each page), which uses a simple algorithm to find words, or phrases, which can locate articles. Though not perfect, nor too sophisticated (especially if phrase is too complex, must select "and" filter), this function works both as a word or time related search. If searching pre-2006 when Humancafe forums changed format (earlier posts were separately archived), writings can be found using external search engines like Google if you add "" in the search bar. This outside search can take you back to earlier posts (pre 2006), with good results. More recent articles can be found in the Postscripts section, where current ideas and post-2008 comments are added, often with links to earlier articles where relevant. We hope these search functions will help readers find topics relevant to them so the evolution of our ideas and personal awareness, the goal of this site, will enhance the Humancafe experience. Enjoy.

Ivan D Alexander, editor in chief


Also see (below): Twenty year anniversary at Humancafe

A New Universe - the book
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Top 10 Sites Humancafe forums
Posted on Wednesday, April 08, 2015 - 11:41 am:   

Top 10 Humancafe Forum sites visited from around the World, per Web-host statistics:
The Universe is Simple
What Do You Think?
Post Cards - drop us a card
Post Scripts - leave a comment
Desert Travels - Indian Rock Art
Edward Chesky Papers - Celtic Christianity
Rome Pictures, Apian Way
State of the Gravity-G Message
First Americans - Kumeyaay rock art

...more to follow.
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Editors' Choice Topics
Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 - 03:43 am:   

Editors' choice topics, also well represented by viewers' hits.

Sorry to have missed your call - Please leave a message
Strange Anomalies in Science
Our Modern Universe in G-flat
In Confirmation of our Christian Values
On Universal Universalism
Teaching Critical Thinking
Concepts, Misconceptions, and Principles of Belief
Great Wall Graffiti and Art
To Bring Fulfillment to Consciousness
Writing to Aliens
The Portal - whence came human knowledge
People is people

Also see: E=9e+16J, Atomic Mass paper

Some short stories.

The Cat Who Prayed
And Adam gave Eve the Apple
'Sherlock Holmes' and the Nude Model
The Day the Seagulls Flew
The Red Light
Ipi of the Desert
Galileo's complaint
i roBOT
Confessions of a cultured Yogurt
The Infinity Syndrome
The Talking Statue
Raya of the Sun
Surfing the Milky Way

A novela: Giammai! Black Messiah - about a Nazi labor camp and a prisoner's little black notebook.

by Ivan D Alexander
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Some choice essays on Humancafe
Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 10:10 am:   

Some Choice Essay shorts

Three forms of Reason, Living Fountains of 'Three Reasons'
How could Life happen?, Writing letters to Aliens
On humility, Plato's Legacy transcended
Who answers to 'Who'?, Universe 'knows' itself
Opus Rex, Accountability and reciprocity
Why markets always work…, The Stock market… fooled you!
Europe's future, World debt problem
Lying to protect, One vs. Two?
Natural Universalism, Magisteri Ludi
Passing of an Age, Petri dish world
'Out of Context' paradox, We are what we eat
Living Universe - why we worship it
Large Scale Human Dysfunctions, from massive debt to mass murder, Deductive Ontological Existence, and past-lives infinite regress
How will Europe manage massive influx of refugees
Forty Portals to a new reality, When things cancel out
The Examined Life, "Who is favorite philosopher?"
A New Universe - the book
Trans-Consciousness Connections
Is the universe conscious?
When Theory is more important than Truth
Can an idea know itself?

Also see:
On a Philosophical Evolution at Humancafe Forum
On the Principles of our Religious Freedoms
On Peace and War
Some Questions on Cosmology and Modern Physics

Science shorts

State of the 'gravity-G' message, How to measure G
Earth's G seasonal?, Why do planets spin?
Planet spin ratios always equal One?, Gravity redshift
Modified Vector Dynamics (MOVED-G), Is G a usable force?
Why comets 'gassing' out, Titan's atmospher 10X taller
Dark Matter 'appears' non-baryonic, Electricity made easy
Energy and mass interrelationship, Universal constants all related?
Bullet train 'paradox', Dethroning Einstein
Mass of the Universe, How 'intelligent' Intelligent Design?
Brilliant mind of Albert Einstein, Quantum Entanglement
Electricity made easy, Einstein's Relativity carousel
Gravity, the perfect illusion, Welterweight Pluto takes on heavyweight Einstein
Why outer planets are gaseous
Summing variable gravity-G
A Soliloquy

...More later.
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Milestones & Signposts at Humancafe
Posted on Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 03:42 pm:   

Milestones and signposts at Humancafe.

In the nearly two decades since the founding of Humancafe, ten years of forum discussions, and additional years of introspective writings; three decades since Habeas Mentem was published (Man in all that Is), first conceived idea 1968; certain patterns have presented themselves in its evolution. There appear to be definitive themes flowing through these pages, some recurring while others opening up new directions, all of which in retrospect are an interesting surprise. As the initial premise of Humancafe forums declared in the opening page, the evolution of planetary consciousness is unfolding, enhanced by the World Wide Web, so collectively and individually our ideas become interwoven together with those of others to create new ideas in unexpected ways. This is a delight of these forums, as well as being productive in surprising ways, that when new ideas are born, some of them will be paradigm shifting ideas that will take human consciousness in a whole new direction. These ideas are universals, some in the form of principles, others still speculations, which all fit together in a common theme. But once found, they then take on a life of their own, and take us all to a new level. That is where Humancafe is today, seminal in its creative spirit of new ideas, and perhaps pointing to a new world based on paradigm shifting universal principles. We humbly submit some of these ideas may be influential, though at this time they remain dormant in human consciousness, existing only as latent potential. To see this potential unfold in its own way, in its own time, come alive as the interrelationship totality allows it to form, is one of the most exciting and delightful future events of our universal consciousness. And when it happens, it will be a great event.

Some of this potential future will come from here, and these are the milestones and signposts to look for within the pages of Humancafe. The first milestone on the path to world consciousness is the idea of 'interrelationship', that we are all connected in our ontological existence, connected to all existence in our lives, as well as interconnected in all the lives of others. But it transcends this further, as the interrelated totality of all reality has us personally interconnected to all things in existence, from here to the stars and beyond, in an infinite web; that infinite web defaults to universal consciousness, what defines in each of us Who we are. This is a paradigm shifting idea, for we are not isolated physical bodies of being, rather we are each of us expressions of an infinite existence defined on a point. That point, when aware of its universal being, becomes an instrument of creation in ways we had barely begun experiencing. Singly and together we are incredibly powerful beings, or in effect masters of our destinies in the universe. The logical conclusion is that we must respect that being, unique and infinite, in ways we had not yet learned to do. But we can learn this, once our minds are conscious of it.

This concept of interrelationship runs through all of Humancafe, debated at times in the earlier years, discussions on the meaning of being, as well as questioning whether there can ever be a 'theory of everything'. This would be a theory all encompassing, all aspects of ontological existence, but in particular a theory encompassing all science and physics. Boldly we explored these ideas, and it was upon reflection this evolved into concepts of 'energy', that all energy in an interrelated universe is equal. And that led to something we called the Axiomatic equation, which encompassed not only energy of the electromagnetic spectrum, down to the Quantum (where Planck's constant plays an important role), but also to the macro energies of gravity and inertial mass (per Equivalence). This was the unexpected second milepost, that all interrelated reality can default to a universal concept of energy, one that encompassed gravity as well. But there was a surprise, one not looked for, that Newton and Einstein's gravity was not a universal constant as believed, but a variable 'constant' on a curve. This milestone was mildly shocking, virtually beyond belief, but the more we explored this idea, the more evidence came to fit together. It was as if we had invented a parallel universe, but all the pieces fit. This discovery, as yet unproven, then set a signpost for future discovery, foremost to measure gravity G at orbital regions beyond Earth's and see if the curve fits as the mathematics (using De Broglie and Einstein's basic equations) predict it to be. But if it fits empirically, this is a most exciting evolution of ontological human understanding, and one which in fact points to reality being an exceptionally simple universe. All this then reverts back to interrelationship, in ways that reduces universal reality to a simpler understanding, in real time and spanning infinity, with human consciousness as part of the equation. Though at this time this second milepost is still anecdotal until hard evidence comes in to confirm it, it will be an extremely exciting time giving birth to a whole new line of scientific reasoning, and perhaps new forms of energy and propulsion, when its discovery has been validated with proofs. Though we must remain aware that old ideas die hard, and not all will welcome such fundamental change to what we had come to scientifically believe, we must remain open to future ideas outside the accepted scientific orthodoxy formalism.

A third milestone is mostly evident in the Postscripts, where we explored ideas as a continuation of what had been discussed in earlier years. Much of it was introspective examining how world events reflect human values, what drives agreement versus coercions in our behaviors. This milestone is a direct response to the seminal concept of Habeas Mentem, which says in brief that the more conscious the human mind, the more it needs to be free from coercion, reciprocally, in all human interactions. But the surprise was that this need for freedom from coercion and abuse, something still missing in much of the world, leads to a kind of elitism, where societies who had naturally adopted a de facto Habeas Mentem, those which respect our human rights, outshine those societies where coercion is still the norm. Conscious human beings, as well as those still unconscious in their thoughts and behaviors, must be free of violence, dictatorial oppression, religious fanatical violence, especially against women, and be allowed the freedom to think, to express themselves, and to believe as they choose; the converse leads to enslavement and emotional dysfunctions leading them to do horrific things against their fellow human beings. The signpost here is to look for such coercion where they are still endemic, as it is the fount of many of today's wars, socio-economic instability, and mass oppression of peoples. Witness the massive refugee migrations from Africa and Asia to Europe, or South America to the North. As these pages show, the more coercive society, whether secular or religious, the greater is human suffering. When aware of the value of allowing human beings to freely find their ways in life, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to intelligently negotiate rather than fight, the more enlightened becomes the world, and the brighter its future. These are the principles we must strive for, and at times fight to preserve them, equally for all. Postscripts remains active with occasional contributions, so they are an important milestone of future developments in our human condition.

Finally, there is the spiritual dimension of our human existence. We are much more than our physical being, what appears for us to be our lives in body and mind. This fourth milestone is still speculative, as we had not yet evolved the ability to read the Universal mind, but can only infer from it, that we live in a Living Universe. Both with reason and intuition, more and more people are awakening to our greater being in an interrelated, totally interconnected universe, and our part in it. This is an important milestone, one that leads to a future understanding of how to train young minds to reach their full human potential. The signpost here is to better educate each person into a full being, in the arts, in sciences, in their mental and physical health, without constraints on their personal developments. To see beyond the accepted mainstream ideas is a rare gift, one that should be nurtured within the limits of reason. Humancafe tried to be true to this principle, to give young minds the freedom to explore and grow, with love and patience, same as for all human beings. This is the fount of our spiritual dimension, that we are so much more than we now know, and this greatness should not be squandered and suppressed. We build in the shoulders of all who preceded us, and on our shoulders rests the future of humanity. This is an important milestone of our awareness, one that we must consciously seek to nurture. If so, the problems of the world, ecological, economic, social and political, and our health will all dissolve naturally when we learn to consciously respect every living thing on the planet. That is the power of our interconnectedness to an infinitely interrelated universal reality. And hence, that is the power of an aware global humanity. That, as stated in Humancafe's opening page, and as marked by these milestones and signposts, is the ultimate goal of these forums, that we become a world consciousness, one mind at a time; that is the ultimate path to a true world Peace.

There are other pathways marked with milestones and signposts, mostly as subsets of those already mentioned. But the most exciting pathway for the future is when our world consciousness is developed high enough, our dreams reaching far enough, that our world is ready to travel the stars. Then perhaps we will meet the surprises a universe of consciousness has reserved for us, that though not the first, we had arrived at last.

But in the end, Humancafe appears to be a 'teaching tool'. It teaches us a new kind of thinking, sometimes beyond logic, showing us how we are intimately and infinitively interconnected to our universe. In effect, we created a new kind of ‘interrelationalism’ connecting many disciplines into a whole, and holistic, philosophy. Seen this way, the universe is essentially a 'biofeedback' loop. This was not by design, it simply happened that way. We are interconnected to our universal being in a 'universal mind' kind of way, without being aware of it. But when we do become aware of it at some conscious level, something changes in us, how we see our world, and how we are in it. At some point we will find this new thinking consciousness globally. And when that happens, when we finally are fully conscious as a planet, it will be a great event.


Also see:
Emergent Universalism - Masters of the Universe

The Portal - whence came human knowledge

A New Universe, the book


Ivan Demian Alexander was born in Dillingen, Germany, 1948 (Née Alexander Haltchuk). He lived his childhood in France, at Riom and Lyon, then aged ten, his family moved to New York, U.S.A. Educated in the public school system, JHS 149 (East New York), and at Brooklyn Technical High School (class of '66, a.k.a. Alexander Haltchuk), attended university in Boston, he completed his education at Roger Williams university (UWW), Rhode Island, with a BA in Market-Exchange Economics. His work extended from clerking on the Boston Stock Exchange to a career as a Financial Consultant with major Wall Street firms. His later residence, after a year long trip around the world, was Santa Fe, New Mexico, where in the desert 'bad lands' of La Puebla he met his wife Cinzia. They moved to Southern California, residing on a mesa near the Pacific coast. His writings include Man in All that Is (Habeas Mentem) published 1986, and Scriptorium - they wrote the Book of Kells (2009), in addition to number of unpublished novels (unedited) and short stories; his independent research and writings posted to Human Cafe began 1998, which he co-founded with Wayne B. Hodges, Massachusetts; contributions had been ongoing. Ivan considers himself a 'citizen scientist', self studied, a free thinker, and world traveler. The Alexanders now spend their time between Southern California and Rome, Italy.

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Discuss Discussions
Posted on Thursday, October 05, 2017 - 04:17 am:   

DISCUSS - 10 Discussions - Registered users only

1. Why there is something rather than nothing
2. Living fountains of the Three Reasons
3. 'Je' Consciousness, how our micro-mind connects us to universal Mind
4. Forty Portals to a new reality at HumanCafe
5. Why personal freedom in Je consciousness is so important
6. A New Universe, the book
7. Hearts and souls - auras
8. How do we teach about ‘interrelationship’?
9. Not religion but culture
10.Extrapolations from an interconnected Universe
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Ivan Alexander
Username: Humancafe

Registered: 12-2017
Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2018 - 11:10 am:   

Happy Twenty year anniversary at Humancafe.


Twenty years ago today we opened Humancafe for entries of our ideas. What followed were the wonderfully diverse discussions listed here, which over the years have been a pleasant surprise. Let us see how the next twenty years unfold, as humanity progresses towards our greater global consciousness. Following is the discussion chronology:


1. The Peoples Book 2000 - Themes and Topics
2. L'Angolo Polemico e Filosofico
3. The Book of Life
6. Challenge the Philosophy
7. Challenge the Philosophy -2
8. Political Awareness Message Board
11. A New Philosophical Enlightenment
13. GOD’S WILL/ What is it?
14. Future of Philosophy, an ontological reality
15. What are Women’s Rights?
16. Is there a Theory of Everything?
17. TOE/The Theory of Everything - 2
18. TOE/The Theory of Everything - 3
19. TOE/The Theory of Everything - 4
20. A New [old] Philosophy
21. Christ’s Awakening the World
22. Human/Miscellaneous Forum
23. Interfaith dialogue
24. ATOMUS SUMMUS/ a New Science for TOE
25. ATOMUS SUMMUS -2, a New Physics
26. Towards a New Physics - TOE - continued
27. Towards a New TOE #2
29. War or not War
30. Human Cafe at Humancafe
31. Spiritual Art... a Dance of Light Soulpaintings


32. Peace in War?
33. A New Royal Society
34. A Potential Explanation and Unification Theory
35. Axiomatic Equation (new physics)
36. Being, Becoming and Love
37. Consciousness?
38. Does Gravity need Rethinking?
39. Does Gravity Zero-Point Energy Explain Spin? - Jaszz
40. Does Modern Physics really need rethinking?
41. E=9E16 J, Atomic Mass Paper
42. Edward Chesky Papers - collected writings
43. Forthe and me
44. From the beginning - There was no beginning
45. Future Science?
46. GOD’s WILL - 2/ What is it? - continued
48. How can we achieve true world peace?
49. HUMANITY Forward or back?
50. Intelligence and (counter) Terrorism
51. Is this the Gospel of Truth?
52. Ivan Alexander’s Great Novels
53. THE BOOK OF LIFE, and War
54. Our United States of America
55. To Your Health
56. What do we really know?
57. What is our Dream?
58. When is Coercion a Necessity?
59. When is Coercion a Necessity -2
61. Yeshua’s Story from Bradley
62. Zen Page


63. TRAVELS Reports
64. Tahiti-Moorea
65. Watch TV and turn your mind into a puppet of society
67. Photo Log - saved from homepage
68. Some images of Rome 2011, and Athen 2012
69. More Rome 2012, Via Appia Antica
70. Cappuccino Art
71. Photo Log - Gay Pride - Roma 2008
72. Pepper and Salt funny stories and pic
73. Photogenic animals
74. On the Road - Across the USA
75. On Deterrence and Axiology of War
76. My Shield your Bullet
77. Ten years that changed the world


78. Forums 2006 Active - Miscellaneous
79. Earth in the Balance
80. Intelligent Design
81. On the Violation of our Human Rights
82. Outta this World Physics - Einstein et al
83. Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
84. In Spiritual Growth
85. Ivan’s (great) Works - fiction et al - mss
86. Interfaith Dialogue
87. Geopolitical Issues of Resources and Humanity
88. Desert Rock Art - mind and soul
89. Freedom and Religion - debate
90. Born to Fly! - and truly loving what we do
91. Human Reason has Limits?
92. Strange Anomalies in Science
93. ’Dusha Dushi - soul to soul
94. Evolutionary Aspects of ‘failed’ Reason
95. War handicaps Reason
96. To Bring Fulfillment to Consciousness
97. Deep Space Science
98. War handicaps Reason -2
99. The Global Warming People Paradigm
100. Avoiding Foreclosure - banking crisis
101. On the History of Once and Future Wars
102. In Confirmation of our Christian Values
103. The First Americans, Indian Kumeyaay Rock Art, and more
104. The Modern Universe in G-flat, or is it curved?
105. Concepts, Misconceptions, and Principles of Belief
106. Actions vs. Beliefs - and the tapes that drive us
107. Our Memes are Eating us Alive
108. Is QT Paradoxical?
109. Writing yo the Aliens
110. Teaching Critical Thinking
111. Fumi negli Occhi
112. Vice and Presidential Race - how old are you?
113. It’s the Economy Stupid
114. What’s underneath the Colosseum?


115. DISCUSS - open discussions suggestions
116. How to Find Things on Humancafe
117. Post Scripts - leave a comment
118. Sorry we missed your call - please leave a message
119. Post Cards - drop us a card
120. SCRIPTORIUM - They Wrote the Book of Kells
121. Great Wall Graffiti and Art
122. Loony Tunes Whacky Ideas
123. What do you Think?
124. THE UNIVERSE IS SIMPLE - An anthology
125. State of the Gravity-G Message
126. Masters of the Universe - on Universalism
127. The Portal - whence came human knowledge?
128. People is People - how we are
129. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Humancafe Forums
130. Post Scripts


Dear Friends, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR DEVICE DISCUSSION THREADS of interest to you, and please include source references and URL links of Humancafe pages. (Ivan D Alexander, Editor)

To all writers and readers, a sincere THANK YOU! How will things change in next twenty years, as we slowly roll towards a greater world consciousness of Who we are?

And now for a little whimsy :-)

Cool dude at the Cat Cafe
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Ivan Alexander
Username: Humancafe

Registered: 12-2017
Posted on Thursday, January 09, 2020 - 02:32 pm:   

‘RAYA of the Sun’ and other short stories

By Ivan D Alexander


RAYA of the Sun

And Adam gave Eve the Apple

’Sherlock Holmes' and Nude Model

The Day the Seagulls Flew

The Cat Who Prayed

The Red Light

Ipi of the Desert

Welterweight Pluto takes on heavyweight Einstein

Galileo's complaint

i roBOT

Confessions of a cultured Yogurt

The Infinity Syndrome

The Talking Statue

Surfing the Milky Way


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