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Ivan Alexander
Username: Humancafe

Registered: 12-2017
Posted on Tuesday, March 03, 2020 - 11:29 am:   

Extrapolations from an interconnected universe.


What does it really mean to have an ‘interconnected universe’? How far do these interconnections go? Are they as fundamental as sub-atomic particles reaching down to the quantum level? Or do these interconnections spread out to galactic systems? Is it counter-intuitive to say these abstract interconnections connect everything in existence? In effect, no matter how small or great, are we living in an intimately interrelated universe, from here to infinity?


1. Can we say the proposition: “Everything is what and where it is as the pressure of everything else allowed it to be over time in relation to its interconnected totality, in relation to everything else?
2. If the state of interconnections is all inclusive, in effect ‘infinite’, are there conditions where these interrelated interconnections break down, that they are no longer connected?
3. If the answer to #2 is NO, then does it stand to reason there is an emergent ‘definition’ of each thing in existence from its infinitely interconnected totality? (I.e., it can only be what it is?)
4. If the answer to #2 is YES, then where do the interconnections fail and stop influencing the emergent definition of each thing in relation to everything else?
5. But if this emergent definition is an unrestricted totality (#2 NO), then can we say each thing in existence defaults to its ‘identity’ defined by the state of everything else? We are what an infinitely interrelated, interconnected reality makes us to be, each piece in the image of the whole?
6. If this identity is defined by its state of being in everything else, whether constrained or unlimited, can this apply to each living thing as well as to inanimate objects? Are we a ‘living identity’ defined by the matrix of an infinite universe?
7. Extrapolating that our identity is defined by these interconnections, ad infinitum, then what ramifications can we expect in relation to ‘Who’ we are? Do we exist as some personal ‘identity definition’ in the emergent totality of where and when we are in the universe? Is this ‘Who we are’?
8. If our universal identity is Who we are, then in interacting with other Who’s, are we interacting not only locally but also at our largest totalities, where our respective universes meet?
9. In fact, are we all connected universally in some strange way on an infinite scale? Is there some way we can be better centered in these connections?
10. Lastly, if we live in a universe that can create life, does our ‘universal identity’ survive us in death? Could that infinite identity each one of us carries be what traditionally had been called our ‘soul’?

This discussion ends here. But the ramifications continue. For example: how should people interact with each other to conserve the integrity of their personal, universal identities? What affects have coercions on our identities? Are human agreements where our personal, universal identities meet? What of human kindness, caring and love? Are our life circumstances due to an interactive exchange we have with our universal identities? Are we all connected? Do we live in a conscious universe?


Also see: ’Interrelationship’ is only part of story
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Ivan Alexander
Username: Humancafe

Registered: 12-2017
Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 01:17 pm:   



有一个"相互关联的宇宙"到底意味着什么? 这些互连有多远? 它们是否与亚原子粒子一样基本,达到量子水平? 或者这些互连是否扩展到银河系统? 说这些抽象的互连连接存在的一切是否违反直觉? 实际上,无论多么小或多么大,我们生活在一个紧密相关的宇宙中,从这里到无限?


1. 我们可以说这样的命题:"一切都是什么,它在哪里,因为其他一切的压力允许它随着时间的推移相对于其相互关联的整体,相对于其他一切?”
2. 如果互连的状态是全包的,实际上是"无限的",那么这些相互关联的互连是否存在条件,即它们不再连接?
3. 如果对#2的答案是否定的,那么它是否有理由从其无限互联的整体中存在每个事物的紧急"定义"? (即,它只能是它是什么?)
4. 如果#2的答案是肯定的,那么互连在哪里失败,并停止影响每件事情与其他事物的紧急定义?
5. 但是,如果这个紧急的定义是一个不受限制的整体(#2号),那么我们可以说每个存在的事物都默认为由其他事物的状态定义的"身份"吗? 我们是一个无限相互关联的,相互关联的现实,使我们成为,每一块在整体的形象?
6. 如果这个身份是由它在其他一切的状态来定义的,无论是约束还是无限的,这可以适用于每个生物以及无生命的物体吗? 我们是一个由无限宇宙矩阵定义的"活身份"吗?
7. 推断我们的身份是由这些互连定义的,无穷无尽的,那么我们可以期待关于"谁"我们是什么后果? 我们是否存在于宇宙中何时何地的紧急整体中,作为一些个人的"身份定义"? 这是"我们是谁"吗?
8. 如果我们的普遍身份是我们是谁,那么在与其他谁的互动中,我们不仅在本地互动,而且在我们最大的整体,我们各自的宇宙相遇?
9. 事实上,我们是否在无限的范围内以某种奇怪的方式普遍联系在一起? 有没有办法我们可以更好地集中在这些连接中?
10. 最后,如果我们生活在一个可以创造生命的宇宙中,我们的"普遍身份"是否在死亡中幸存下来? 难道我们每个人携带的无限身份是传统上被称为我们的"灵魂"吗?

这次讨论到此结束。 但后果仍在继续。 例如:人们应该如何相互交流,以保护其个人通用身份的完整性? 对我们的身份有什么影响? 人类的协议是否符合我们个人的普遍身份? 人类的善良,关怀和爱呢? 我们的生活环境是由于我们与我们的普遍身份的互动交流吗? 我们都有联系吗? 我们生活在一个有意识的宇宙中吗?


Translated to Chinese by Yandex Translate

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