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Ivan Alexander
Username: Humancafe

Registered: 12-2017
Posted on Wednesday, January 03, 2018 - 11:59 am:   

A New Universe, the book

(Universum Novum)

- written by the People of planet Earth, and Ivan Demian Alexander, admin-editor HumanCafe, author


Posted: 27 March 2017

If there were a book of collected writings on HumanCafe, it would look like this, titled A New Universe.

When we penned Milestones and Signposts a new image of the universe was emerging. The idea was presented thus:


Boldly we explored these ideas (of interrelationship), and it was upon reflection this evolved into concepts of 'energy', that all energy in an interrelated universe is equal. And that led to something we called the Axiomatic equation, which encompassed not only energy of the electromagnetic spectrum, down to the Quantum (where Planck's constant plays an important role), but also to the macro energies of gravity and inertial mass (per Equivalence). This was the unexpected second milepost, that all interrelated reality can default to a universal concept of energy, one that encompassed gravity as well. But there was a surprise, one not looked for, that Newton and Einstein's gravity was not a universal constant as believed, but a variable 'constant' on a curve. This milestone was mildly shocking, virtually beyond belief, but the more we explored this idea, the more evidence came to fit together. It was as if we had invented a parallel universe, but all the pieces fit. This discovery, as yet unproven, then set a signpost for future discovery, foremost to measure gravity G at orbital regions beyond Earth's and see if the curve fits as the mathematics (using De Broglie and Einstein's basic equations) predict it to be. But if it fits empirically, this is a most exciting evolution of ontological human understanding, and one which in fact points to reality being an exceptionally simple universe.

This tentative Gravity hypothesis of gravity-G being a 'constant' on a curve, at this time still unknown, showed a new universe far more simple and elegant to the mainstream cosmology envisioned by Einstein and the astronomy community. These ideas are at present largely speculative, but supported by anecdotal evidence, such as listed on HumanCafe discussions here:
1. A variable mass per variable-G hypothesis
2. Mining deep space gravity
3. Test of the Big Bang with CMB
4. Why MOND is valid
5. Space gravity clocks at 3.97e-7 G, and GUT
6. Earth's spin is perihelion-aphelion variable
7. Why outer planets gaseous, inner rocky
8. Pluto's atmosphere density anomaly
9. Rosetta comet 67P spinning down approaching perihelion, spinning up past perihelion
10. Variable-G had been broached before
11. Mass of the universe
12. Summing up variable-G hypothesis

If these anecdotal findings should prove true, tested in inner and outer orbits of our solar system (that gravity is not a universal constant as now believed), then the universe simplifies immensely, making cosmic light redshift an artifact of deep space gravitational redshift (at much higher gravity-G, ~3.97e-7 G), so what appears as Doppler expansion redshift is merely a gravitational optical illusion. And if so, our universe becomes instantly simple. We discussed this possibility and its implications for how the universe through interrelationship interacts with itself:
13. The Universe is Simple
14. How interrelationship connects with everything
15. Deductive ontological existence
16. Microbial life may be key to multicellular life
17. A new tool for observing universal reality
18. The existence of Self
19. The Examined life
20. How we manifest our reality
21. We are what we believe
22. Who answers to 'Who'?
23. Cooperative individualism
24. Magister Ludi

In this new universe human beings find greater consciousness in how they interact both with themselves in the universe and with each other. As we wrote in Milestones:


A third milestone is mostly evident in the Postscripts, where we explored ideas as a continuation of what had been discussed in earlier years. Much of it was introspective examining how world events reflect human values, what drives agreement versus coercions in our behaviors. This milestone is a direct response to the seminal concept of Habeas Mentem, which says in brief that the more conscious the human mind, the more it needs to be free from coercion, reciprocally, in all human interactions.

These articles and discussions show us how:
25. The Law of Agreement
26. The Reason of Freedom, as an inalienable right
27. Opus Rex, on principles of belief
28. On Universal universalism
29. Transition towards a new world awareness
30. Plato's Legacy Transcended
31. Accountability and reciprocity
32. Common consent
33. The Given Word, Who we are
34. The Golden Rule revisited
35. The kingdom of God is secular
36. The power of freedom

In the new universe, there is more to mind than we now understand. But now we have the potential for new pathways to open new (emergent) explorations of our full human consciousness, both personally and universally, our belief in the soul. That is the most exciting universal development of all. We then wrote in Milestones:


Finally, there is the spiritual dimension of our human existence. We are much more than our physical being, what appears for us to be our lives in body and mind. This fourth milestone is still speculative, as we had not yet evolved the ability to read the Universal mind, but can only infer from it, that we live in a Living Universe.

This is the next immensely exciting step in our human evolution in an interactive living universe, reaching for a higher plane of human consciousness:
37. Come, talk with me
38. To bring fulfillment to Consciousness
39. Living fountains of three reasons
40. The strange world of love, unconditional
41. The form of beauty
42. How intelligent is 'Intelligence Design'?
43. Does the universe 'talk' to us?
44. Listening to the silence
45. Erosion of our moral values
46. Multi-cultural society
47. Voices in the desert
48. 23 Dimensions of Being

This is what the New Universe looks like. Now we need proofs it is so, and if so it all snaps into place. As we wrote in Deconstructing Universalism regarding an emergent universalism:


What if Universalism is wrong? The whole body of this universalist philosophy is built on the principles evolved from 'interrelationship'. So if this basic premise is wrong, then perhaps the whole resulting construct could be wrong with it. This is a serious self searching question, one which could deconstruct the whole body of Universalism.

Therefore we need proofs. The first proof will be to measure Newton's variable-gravity G, to see if the Simple Universe thesis holds up. The second proof is of universal simultaneity, that the self organizing structure of the universe is interrelated in real time, not relativistic. These proofs would then yield a foundation on which to reconstruct the universe as we now will understand it, rewriting Cosmology and our human existence within it. What will it ultimately look like? Will human freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and assembly, and equality before the law be valued and protected as our inalienable human right? Will human society reflect these values in how we manage our democratic constitutional governments? Will the world change? The answer, with these proofs, is an unwavering "yes" as humanity reaches for its next level of universal global consciousness. This was the hope and dream when we first envisioned HumanCafe nearly two decades ago. Freedom is the necessary imperative to have the universe interact with us to bring full human consciousness. Let's make it so.

49. Je consciouness and universal Mind et al


Some possible points for discussion:

1. Can there be a viable parallel theory of cosmology that is falsifiable? Can Newton's gravity-G be a variable?
2. If Doppler space expansion is an artefact of deep space high G gravitational redshift, does the Big Bang theory still hold?
3. In a totally interrelated universal reality, is our human identity modified by our consciousness of it? And if so, how important is human freedom?
4. If an evolving global human consciousness opens a new portal to future development, what would that future look like?
5. Do we live in an interactive universe?
6. Is the universe conscious?

For more discussions see: List of Discussions

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