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Ivan Alexander
Username: Admin

Registered: 12-2005
Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 11:58 am:   

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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 06:36 pm:   

This is rescued from New Peoples 2006 Forums-- Part 1:

World Events, Revisited:

Posted on Saturday, December 03, 2005 - 10:52 am:


On world events discussed on these New Humancafe forums (old forums
now archived), I think it is important to stay as close as possible to basic
principles of issues, whether philosophic, theological, or political, or
even scientific. Temporal issues reflecting current happenings are good to
explore, but politics come and go, so I personally make it a point to not
get stuck there; whereas basic principles are eternal, so a better place to
be. Certainly attacking any specific person, or group, is where I don't want
to go, but attacking what wrongs are being committed, in principle against
humanity, is a right thing. So never against specific persons, but always
against what principles they represent, those are fair game. As the old
forums had shown, there is a lot of ground that can be covered on uncovering
where new human principles of agreement are superior to the old principles
of coercion, in that agreements do not violate our basic freedoms, while
coercions do. So by staying close to basic principles, rather than focussing
on personal shortcomings, is a way to hold the high ground, and not to get
mired in the small and petty squabbles that plague our world. I just thought
to make this statement, as to why I do not solicit the political, so that
all future discussions can be more on the high ground.

I think it is our 'territorial imperative' to give greater power to
human consciousness, where agreements are more possible, and take away power
from ideas and actions based on coercions and fear. In any case, finding
agreements between human beings is an art, one difficult to achieve, while
coercive attack is a fault, a failing. So let's move on into the future on
higher ground.

Posted on Sunday, December 04, 2005 - 5:47 am:

I concur Ivan,

I have from time to time let myself be dragged into politics, which as
a pure resercher wish to stay out of.

The fallacy of politics is that many have agendas and wish to use
anyone they can to further them. I have tried to stay neutral in politics
and maintain a balance, as I know our western democratic system will corect
istelf over time. That being the nature of the system we have built. The
waiting time for our system to correct is very frustrating for all. As I
watch the media I am shocked by te revelations of the Hurricane Katrina
debacle starting to come out. As I said earlier our system corrects itself
given time.

I am back to my study of qunatumn mechanics as it relates to possible
fluxuations in probability.

This is one further step up the rung of understanding and then
building a model of the nature of gravity and causality through the study of
real world interactions like the Royal Society of old used to do.

Power by its nature corrupts and politics is an extansion of power by
another name. Hence one of the reasons that Einstein stayed out of it. He
intuitively understood if he went into politcs it would forever change the
way he was viewed and the way his work was viewed.

One note on coercion. I have noticed from research some activity of
cells of Scientology in the media that have me concerned. I also note a link
between the founder of scientology and the network and society of black
magic that Alister Crowely set up dacades ago that has me concerned about
the use of coercion in that religon and an effort by it to attack all other
relions using a slick media compaign of soft money and manipulation of the
media that has me concerned. I may or may not start into an anlysis of it
and back track it to the Scientologist and Crowely cells as I find such
actions and attacks on other religions outside the context of civil debate
on the matter of doctrinal issues disgusting.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 06:38 pm:   


Rescued-- Part 2: Great Einstein's Ghost -

Posted on Friday, December 02, 2005 - 8:25 pm:


So far of what I've seen as responses to this Titan atmosphere
conundrum has been pretty weak. It challenge's Einstein's theory of gravity,
even Newton's G, so it may even become spiteful, alas. Here are some of the
responses to date on the BAUT forum, for the record:

I wish they had a better idea, than mine, as to why Titan's atmosphere
is SO MUCH denser than Earth's. They don't seem to know, however. Here's the
NewScientist article:

Frankly, I think they're in shock.

Posted on Saturday, December 03, 2005 - 4:08 pm:

Hi Ivan,

I concur with your assessment of Titan. I suspect the scientific
community is in for a long period of re-thinking some basic assumptions.

One thing of interest I noted recently in the media is a story on two
overlapping circles drawn around the site near the home of L Ron Hubbert,
science fiction author and founder of scientology. If you look at the
circles they are 2/3 of the solution of Al Hazen's problem. Additionally
inside each circle is a square that is virtually identical to the
approximate squaring of the circle I came up with and posted on my site.
According to the report the scientologists have carved all of Hubberts
teachings on Iridium plates and stored them at the site for the future.

I suspect Ron had some insight into the application of Pi but never
was able to complete it and see its full relationship to non-euclidan space
and time.

Hence the scientologists fascination with technology, FTL drives and
the like. .01.html

Hope this helps

Ed Chesky

Ps: That BAUT forum discussion on Titan's atmosphere was closed-LOCKED, so no further discussion possible. Got a little bit too 'heavy' for them? :-)

Great Einstein's ghost! --Ivan
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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 07:21 pm:   


In Wiki's Mathematical Formalism is a discussion on the metaphysical question of why mathematics works in the real world. Whether or not mathematics exists as a separate reality, in the Platonic sense, is not as critical as how mathematics interfaces with real forces and events in the universe. Mathematics, in its inherent formalism, is self consistent in its manipulations of symbols, axioms and rules of inference, so that it is a complete system within itself. Godel's incompleteness theorem challenges this axiomatic formalism, in that the axiom cannot be used as proof of the axiom. However, mathematical formalism is real in and of itself within the rules of the game, if you will, or within its domain of applicability (such as found in renormalization in the field of Quantum electrodynamics physics); so a self consistent formal treatment of the axioms and symbols yields given results. The big question is then: is mathematical formalism a real representation of real events, or is it only real within the 'domain of its application'?

I think this question is especially relevant when it comes down to Einstein's Relativity, because (within its domain of applicability) his theories had been proven 'right' over and over again. But is this real? Or is it a reaffirmation of his (albeit brilliant) mathematical formalism? If his first postulate of Special Relativity, that there are no preferred reference frames for observations, should be taken as an axiom, then everything works correctly; but if this first postulate is in error (in the real world), then the results get defaulted, and subordinated, to being no more than an 'observational' science: we can only observe using a velocity limited electromagnetic signal, c, which registers as c in all reference frames, no matter the velocity of the observer. This, in and of itself, seems a benign enough assumption, until one considers that what is observed by the observer may not be what is actually happening within the reference frame of the observed, except as only an observational description from the vantage point of the observer. So, mathematically, all is correct within Relativity; observationally, since we cannot exceed lightspeed in our observational instruments, all is correct (once again!) ; but in terms of what is happening in the reality of the observed, we may be totally off. So we may not be getting a correct reading, except as we are able to observe events as near light speed relativistic phenomena, which cannot be translated to the phenomena themselves. In short, we're getting an illusion.

So every time I see something like "Einstein is right again!", such as the recently tested General Relativity passes Cassini test, I cringe a little, since this is ignoring that it is only proving right within the 'domain of applicability' of the mathematical formalism used to test Einstein's theory. In fact, other than how we are able to observe this, it may have nothing to do with what is actually going on. In a neo-Platonic sense, there is no mathematical reality outside what the observations are axiomed in advance to predict, that the measured 'gamma' for gravitational photon deflection is one, as predicted. Of course, this proves Einstein was right again. But does it prove his General Relativity, descendant from Special Relativity, is actually what the universe is doing? Or is it proving instead that it applies to how photons behave around a mathematically defined gravitational field? If prior, then he is right; if latter, then only his 'mathematical formalism' is proven right. That's a very big difference! In fact, the photon may always behave this way around a gravitational field, even if we have this field ill defined by the math used in SR/GR. The same applies for atomic clock slowing in a gravitational field, where their oscillations are supposed to gravitationally slow down, and are not evidence of Time slowing down. Otherwise, we are merely proving, in a Godelian sort of way way, our own mathematical formalism.

What does this prove? It means that mathematical formalism may interface correctly with reality, though it may still lead to a neo-Platonic illusion. While perfect within itself as an expression of its axioms, it does not prove those axioms.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 10:32 pm:   

Hubble Constant and Pioneer Anomaly (by coincidence?) share a common value: at = ap/c

Whether or not this is coincidental will need future study.

See pg. 20 of "Study of the anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11" at:
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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 10:41 pm:   


In the above mentioned study of Pioneer Anomaly, there is another interesting feature which defies current understanding of physics: Why is Pioneer 11 increasing spin as it travels in the direction of our Sun in its orbit of the galactic center, while Pioneer 10 is slowing in spin, as it travels in retrograde direction of our Sun? See above mentioned "Study of the anomalouus acceleration..." page 23, for this anomalous spin.

My opinion? Both probes are spinning the same way, so one going with the Sun's direction is accelerating, while the one retro to Sun's direction is deccelerating in spin. In effect, two possibilities: 1) spin is unidirectional vis a vis the direction of the Sun's travel in orbit around the galaxy center; or 2) Pioneers traveling away from the Sun's low G regions into higher G regions creates additional spin, but this spin is unidirectional depending upon the Sun's direction of travel. Either way, spin increases in one, while it decreases in the other.... comments welcome.

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Posted on Thursday, January 05, 2006 - 09:36 am:   

CERN's quest for 'big theory' - the "God particle" - the Higgs Boson. The BBC article says:


The Standard Model cannot explain the best known of the so-called four fundamental forces: gravity; and it describes only ordinary matter, which makes up but a small part of the total Universe...
About 100m below us, in a tunnel that runs in a ring for 27km (17 miles), the LHC is being assembled from its constituent parts like a vast, impossibly complex Meccano set.
When it is switched on for a pilot run in summer 2007, this huge physics experiment will collide two beams of particles head-on at super-fast speeds, recreating the conditions in the Universe moments after the Big Bang.

But 'what if' there was no Big Bang? It never happened, the Higgs Boson is only a creation of 'energy conservation' math, cosmic light redshifts from deep space great gravity effect, so universe is NOT expanding, and smashing atoms only yields more smashed atoms? Cern may be a very big expense without further increasing our understanding of that illusive fourth force of our Standard Model: gravity.

Gravity is what is 'left over' from what the atom is made of after e.m. energy modified it into a unit of mass. If so, they can switch it off, and use the tunneled rings for very fast amusement rides. Of course, I'm being cynical, and do hope the great expense and effort that went into Cern will yield some meaningful science, especially at the electromagnetic level, though I truly doubt it will shed any light on the countervailing force of gravity, which exists in its own right and opposed to light.

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Posted on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 01:23 pm:   

On 'Christian nihilism' (and Muslim Prophecy)

Cross posted, Jan. 8, 2006, on the Examined Life philosophy journal:
On 'Christian nihilism', where in the (now largely secular modern) world of Christendom do you get any kind of equivalence to this:
"I came to the conclusion that we are facing a neurosis
at the level of an entire civilization. Most neuroses
have in common a dramatic event, generally linked to
an unacceptable sexual behavior. In this case, we are
talking of kids living all their lives in pure
frustration, with no opportunity to experience sex,
love, tenderness or even understanding from the
opposite sex. The separation between men and women in
Islam is absolute. So is contempt toward women, who
are totally dominated by men. This leads to a
situation of pure anxiety, in which normal behavior is
not possible. It is no coincidence that suicide
killers are mostly young men dominated subconsciously
by an overwhelming libido that they not only cannot
satisfy but are afraid of, as if it is the work of the
devil. Since Islam describes heaven as a place where
everything on earth will finally be allowed, and
promises 72 virgins to those frustrated kids, killing
others and killing themselves to reach this redemption
becomes their only solution."
This from an article: The psychology behind suicide bombings
By Pierre Rehov, French Documentary Filmmaker

By what possible comparison can Christian-nihilism, even in its worst form of killing, as in war, can it be compared to Muslim-nihilism, as in kill yourself to kill others (which is against the Qu'ran)? I think by comparison, Bush is more like Joan of Arc, on the Iraq issue. The daily suiciders in Iraq (and elsewhere around the infidel world) are a quantum leap, to orders of magnitude, ahead of Bush et al on the world stage.

Pierre Rehov goes on, same article:
"Generally kids between 15 and 25 bearing a lot of
complexes, generally inferiority complexes. They must
have been fed with religion. They usually have a lack
of developed personality. Usually they are
impressionable idealists. In the western world they
would easily have become drug addicts, but not
criminals. Interestingly, they are not criminals since
they don't see good and evil the same way that we do.
If they had been raised in an Occidental culture, they
would have hated violence. But they constantly battle
against their own death anxiety. The only solution to
this deep-seated pathology is to be willing to die and
be rewarded in the after life in Paradise.

Are suicide bombers principally motivated by religious

Yes, it is their only conviction. They don't act to
gain a territory or to find freedom or even dignity.
They only follow Allah, the supreme judge, and what He
tells them to do.

Do all Muslims interpret jihad and martyrdom in the
same way?

All Muslim believers believe that, ultimately, Islam
will prevail on earth. They believe this is the only
true religion and their is no room, in their mind, for
interpret ation. The main difference between moderate
Muslims and extremists is that moderate Muslims don't
think they will see the absolute victory of Islam
during their life time, therefore they respect other
beliefs. The extremists believe that the fulfillment
of the Prophecy of Islam and ruling the entire world
as described in the Koran, is for today. Each victory
of Bin Laden convinces 20 million moderate Muslims to
become extremists.

Describe the culture that manufactures suicide

Oppression, lack of freedom, brain washing, organized
poverty, placing God in charge of daily life, total
separation between men and women, forbidding sex,
giving women no power whatsoever, and placing men in
charge of family honor, which is mainly connected to
their women's behavior.

What socio-economic forces support the perpetuation of
suicide bombings?

Muslim charity is usually a cover for supporting
terrorist organizations. But one has also to look at
countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, which
are also supporting the same organizations through
different networks. The ironic thing in the case of
Palestinian suicide bombers is that most of the money
comes through financial support from the Occidental
world, donated to a culture that utterly hates and
rejects the West (mainly symbolized by Israel)."
-FYI. So in comparing 'equality' of nihilisms, how can they even be mentioned in the same breath?


Ibid, Dec. 28, 2005:


And of course, during this same period (post-1977) there has been a huge increase in the number of immigrants.

Yet, you dwell on the apocalyptic. What is it that you expect/want to see happen? A civil war? Armageddon?

Reality check?

Hobbes, immigration is only one component of crime dynamics, but nor can it be discounted as irrelevant. Violent crimes come in degrees. Would you say America is now safer than it was in the 1970s? Sure, there's irony in my above, almost comedy, and that's why I referenced the Lebanon story, because it highlights what happens when Islamics become too powerful. That said, I see it as more a Europe problem than in the good ol' USA, for now.

In fact, I do not see the Muslim aggression as such a big problem. Jihad in its current form is a blip on the historical radar screen. What is important, in my opinion, is a more acute awareness that if gone unchecked, Jihadic aspirations of dissaffected Muslims in Europe and elsewhere can become a bigger problem. So irony, ridicule, pointing out the absurd, are necessary tools to bring about awareness. Killing a movie maker for showing the face of Islam as it regards women, rioting because some cartoons satyrize Islamic terrorism, or the Prophet, French-Arab youth rioting for whatever, are all symptoms not to be ignored. If Monty Python did a humorous skit on Jesus, something like the Holy Grail, would Christians riot in the streets? Or are we to use totally different criteria for judging human actions by Muslims vs. everybody else? I think Islam, and its illbegotten Jihad, as not a real threat because their vehemence against the civilized world comes from a base of weakness rather than strength. They lost the world race for their own self styled 'supremacy', so now they're pissed. Too bad. Get over it. The world is not ready to roll back the timeclock by 1400 years to accomodate a primitive cultural bias. Sorry, but to acknowledge Jihadic aspirations for our planet is to entertain the absurd. The world has moved on from cannibalism, slavery, gender repression, religious repression, public beheadings, and the worship of a vengeful 'God'. Fundamentalist Muslims are not supreme in their antiquated ways of seeing the human condition, and are rather out of step with modernity at all levels, from technology to human rights. They don't have a chance.

Also see: End of the world, coming of the Madhi - Muslim prophecy
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Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 11:13 pm:   

Cross-posted from The Examined Life Discussion Forums: Philosophy Discussion: Christian Nihilism

By Ivan A. ( - on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 :

Beyond, I like the imagery you present in:

Think of things such as the "spirit of the age" or the "spirit of a nation". Are such spirits simple individuals, or do they emerge as communities of spirits whose constituent spirits are but spirit members of the spirits of the persons that populate the relevant age or nation?

Also, consider yourself: are you really a perfectly unitary spirit, or are you a diverse community of spirits residing together with some degree of unity but also some degree of multiplicity (i.e, just like a "community").

What I am trying to get at is to suggest that when you look for the holy spirit, do not suppose that the way to find it is to look for some simple individual spirit that is characterised by holiness. Nor should you expect to find in any one person a perfect example of pure holy spirit unmixed with unholiness of spirit.

Your interpretation of a "community of spirit" as an aggregate Holy Spirit is appealing, in that it invokes the idea that reality is made up of totalities; in this case, the totality is that of spirit as a genuine article. To my mind, this is what is reflected in the common human consciousness, so tapping into that consciousness may be the basis for our faith. In effect, the Holy Spirit is an aggregate human consciousness reaching for perfection in our being in this common reality. That works for me!

Where my 'nihistic' nature surfaces, however, is in invoking a perfect Being that is omniscient, omnibenevolent, as basis for "real" holy spirit. I think of it somewhat differently, in that if God is that perfect Totality, in that He is everyting, then within that totality exists both what we deem to be good as well as what we find reprehensible, or bad. This is why above I mentioned nature's propensity for violent predatory behavior; if God's reality is also violent, cruel, painful, then it is not entirely all benevolent. This was an issue asked by the survivors of the Holocaust: how could an all benevolent God allow such horrors to happen? So whether approached from the basis of Christianity, in what Jesus taught the world (I think of him as being closer to perfection than the rest of us profane beings), or taught in the Judaic ideals of the ancient Hebrews, or Buddhahood, or the saints of Islam: all strive for some sort of human perfection within a perfect Being, what they call "God." However, this perfection, if a Totality of All that Is, is not necessarily one that serves our spiritual sensibilities, in that it also makes us suffer, sometimes horribly.

So what does this perfection call for in such suffering? Suffering for its own sake? Suffering for a better entry into salvation? Or is it merely that as being Everything, God is a zero-sum game of both good and bad, and from this game we must choose what is right and good for us, and reject what is bad? I disagree with your imagery, though I admire it, only in the sense that it is We who create the Holy Spirit, as a community of souls, rather than that God creates it. By default, though God created us, we nevertheless have to exercise our God-given free will to choose correctly. And likewise by default, it is the human choice that will determine whether what is chosen is a good or not, whether our choice is beneficial or cause for more suffering. This is why I conclude that the Holy Spirit, as an aggregate human spirit, is nevertheless an article of faith rather than something tangibly real. It is a kind of collective "who we are" in totality. And being a totality, it means both good and bad. From this, we must then consciously choose what it is we want, and then act accordingly. I see this as a demand from the reality of our existence, within the totality of our being in it, from which we as increasingly conscious (maybe even evolved!) human beings we must choose rightly, to alleviate suffering. In this way, we honor the Holy Spirit.


Please note this is only one sample post (mine) of a much larger and very interesting discussion on Christian Nihilism, with a number of participants offering varied intelligent views.
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Posted on Friday, January 13, 2006 - 09:35 am:   

ibid: By Ivan A. ( - on Thursday, January 12, 2006


Like you, I detect a dark connotation to the bloody sacrifice of a son to redeem a bunch of irascible creatures. This may be the originary vehicle for taking things Christian down a one-way nihilistic avenue. One-way in the sense that both lanes move nihilistically -- one lane concerned with rejecting the world and obsessed with killing things (didn't Freud get into the idea of Thanatos?). The other lane -- doing good works as expressions of decent common human love -- I would contend has been detoured into the American Dream (at least the energy, if not actually the idea of good works). Somehow, if even unconsciously, that has led to a weird transmutation of God into the abstract notions of Market and Finance. To me, that's kind of nihilistic in a super-duper way -- draining the numious spirit of God and transfusing it into the carnal -- and deadly -- forms of capitalism.

Tim, if you look at the historical American experience, the driving force behind our phenomenal economic success is not so much the opening of the western lands, though this was important, but the use of good judgment in how was formed our government and laws, how these morphed into our market driven capitalistic system, combined with the energy of a population eager for success. Underpinning this success is a moral certitude that to do things honorably and with trust, that contractual agreements are valued and safeguarded by law, and that doing 'good works' whether in the name or God, or for its own sake, drove generations of people to give it their best. This became the historic America to which immigrants from all the continents flocked. The pursuant successes, though plagued with many problems (ethnic discrimination, poverty, racism, ecological neglect, criminality, diplomacy militarism), created a level of cultural wealth as the world had never seen before. In fact, the world looked upon America with some envy and is now trying to emulate our success (old Europe, India, China, Chile, etc.), so to not appear backwardly mired in old ways of doing business (corruption and privilege) and give their populations some modicum of freedoms. It was this overall sense that human freedom is a form of energy that should be released that gave the American experience its giant leap forward, though this leap cannot happen in a world where human values and rights are neglected or suppressed. In a capitalist system, where individual freedoms are daily tested against the market place, as opposed to socialistic systems, where individuals are more subordinated to the state as an insurance for their well being, the rise and fall of an individual's success is never assured but only implied, and sometimes at a very high cost of personal sacrifice. What makes this dismal system of capitalism work, however, is that it must be based on a system of trust, or else it falls apart. So trust, along with human freedoms, is what powered our continent, and now the world, into the economic (and political) successes now envied. Keep in mind, however, that this potential for success was always there, in that the resources in the earth of the continent was available to the native Americans for millennia, yet never exploited until the European immigrants with their Bible commanding them to subdue the earth, and be honorable to each other before God, came onto these shores.

Did they do right to exploit this land and make it into such an economic Argonaut? History will be the judge, though my own sense of it is that we could have been more aware of what we are doing to our own environment as well as that of the world. Is it a unique form of American-Christian-nihilism that is responsible for this growth? I would say probably yes. Though what the world has come to know as the great American experience may appear a planetary panacea, it is also a damaging role model for all the developing countries in that it will strip them of their natural resources while destroying their natural ecology, both on land and at sea. We are a predatory lot on the planet, worldwide. The only redemption I can see is that if we are all richer, then we have the leeway and ability to address the burdens we had placed on the planet, and ourselves, and thus address the issues in a positive way, whereas poor nations have no such leisure. And if we're smart about it, we will find alternative ways to maintain a high standard of living while husbanding the natural resources, and ecological well being, of our planet for untold future generations. But here again, history will be the judge.

BTW, I should add that though it may have been a kind of American nihilism that drove industry to such success, it was also a new scientifism, itself a spin off from the Reformation and European Renaissance, that rode on the back of this nihilism to shake off restrictions imposed on our thinking by the Church to explore new ideas. Together, both the freedom of thought and scientific advances, they drove the American experience with enough success to become an enviable, if deadly, role model for the rest of the world. Watch China and India emulate us in the decades to come, and whether or not they develop a higher awareness of ecological consequences to their inevitable economic growth. By contrast, watch the nations of the world which had not shaken off their religious dogmatism, such as the world of Islam, and see whether or not they find the means to human progress. Perhaps Tukey, or even Pakistan and Iran, or Malaysia, may show progress, but they can only do so if they leapfrog over their religious restrictions. Science does not reward those who condemn it to following the letter of their holy text.

By Ivan A. ( - on Thursday, January 12, 2006 -


I think that we have to understand that Christ was not sacrificed by God but was rather killed because he was seen as a threat to those in power to whom he would not bow.

Ed, this may be most indicative to the sucesses of human freedoms worldwide, including Eastern Europe shaking off Soviet styled Communism, in that Jesus's rebellion against the old order became a model for the world's redemption. Freedom comes at a high price, one we still have not yet fully calculated in how we manage our world, but it does follow when human beings stand up for what they believe, even if this belief is flawed. Did God kill his only begotten Son? No, we of the old order killed him. But God was also silent on the issue, same as He remained silent on the Nazi killings. To be free of the threat of power that would enslave, we have to follow in Jesus's steps, that we are to love one another.

(Response: By Tim B. ( - on Thursday, January 12, 2006 -



While I generally agree with your description and analysis of the process of Americanized and Christianized capitalism, I'm struck by this part of your opening paragraph:

"Tim, if you look at the historical American experience, the driving force behind our phenomenal economic success is not so much the opening of the western lands, though this was important, but the use of good judgment in how was formed our government and laws, how these morphed into our market driven capitalistic system, combined with the energy of a population eager for success. Underpinning this success is a moral certitude that to do things honorably and with trust, that contractual agreements are valued and safeguarded by law, and that doing 'good works' whether in the name or God, or for its own sake, drove generations of people to give it their best."

I'm at a loss to find a connection with this phenomenon and the words attributed to Jesus. It's like some bastardized thing has sprung demonically from those originary words. Aside from very general things like freedom and dignity, Jesus seemed more concerned with *not* achieving material success, more concerned with stripping oneself of such things and living thoroughly for fact, contrary to the widely held notion that Jesus is the predicate for personal dignity, his example seems more like a disregard of personal dignity.

By Ivan A. ( - on Thursday, January 12, 2006 -

Tim, I hear you. It may have been why I later wrote: "To be free of the threat of power that would enslave, we have to follow in Jesus's steps, that we are to love one another." However, this does not excuse the rapacious exploitation of the land, and of people, by the American capitalist system. And indeed, though freedom is a powerful force, far more powerful than a similar system employing slavery, it of necessity does not dictate how we are to use this freedom. If human beings are bent on material gain, as opposed to following a more holistic coexistence with our natural environment, then we will pay the price in ecological degredation. Personally, I would rather see people take a more balanced path in life, less material accumulation and more quality of life. But I am a 'baby boomer' who also enjoyed the material things, so fall down on this issue as well. Surely Jesus's teachings *not* focussed on material success must enter into the balance of life in our future. As far as stripping oneself (of our ego) and living thoroughly for others, that is a generous servitude that must come from within, as a gift to humanity. We must freely choose to do this, for it is a better way, than merely selfishly seeking to serve ourselves. But, as a planetary humanity, I don't think we're there yet.


By Ed Chesky ( - on Thursday, January 12, 2006 -

A Quote from Gandhi

"The only people on Earth who do not see Christ and His teachings as nonviolent are Christians".

Later in his life when he was asked whether he was a Hindu, he replied:

"Yes I am. I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew

I think it important to echo much of what has been said about Christ and the impact that his teachings have had on the world and how they inspired not only Christians but others to follow his model of non-violent disobedience as the tool that englightened men like Gandi and Martin Luther King, and Pope John Paul II used to move nations.

Ed Chesky

By Ivan A. ( - on Thursday, January 12, 2006 -

Ed, in yours:

I think it important to echo much of what has been said about Christ and the impact that his teachings have had on the world and how they inspired not only Christians but others to follow his model of non-violent disobedience as the tool that englightened men like Gandi and Martin Luther King, and Pope John Paul II used to move nations.

Think how much more advanced our world would be if the likes of Stalin or Hitler, or Idi Amin and Osama bin Laden, had taken Jesus's teachings to heart, in the manner of Ghandi. Was it not Pope John Paul II, for all the faults of the Church, who was instrumental in inspiring the Poles to be the first to shake off the yoke of Communism? Great men have that effect on the world, that they make it a better and more free place for all humanity. This includes Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, or Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, and many others sometimes unknown, in that their words and deeds can change a nation. Regretable that such men and women of high stature are not the ones elected to office, but rather suffer at the hands of their brethren. How would an Ayatola Khomeni compare to Ghandi, and the love of Jesus?
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Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - 11:17 pm:   


I wrote this today on the WikiEncyclopedia: Pioneer Anomaly Discussion page, as to whether converting centimeters to meters for acceleration is the same as any other measure. The example was the acceleration towards the Sun anomaly, which is -a = ~8E-8 cm/s^2, for both Pioneer 10 & 11 traveling in opposite directions out of the solar system. The question is that if this is converted to meters, as per Wiki, the result is -a = ~8E-10 m/s^2, which is what one would expect. However, in the case of this anomaly being measured in centimeters, it is a very small value; but if measured in meters, it is a greater value, being acceleration over a longer distance, so that the opposite effect results: the acceleration for meters should be -a = ~8E-6 m/s^2, a greater number for a greater length of measure. This goes against reason, but if the acceleration is a distance from the Sun phenomenon, the distance matters, in that the greater the distance, the greater the anomaly. Conversely, the shorter the distance, the smaller the anomaly. I don't know if this is right or not, so leave it as is.

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Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2006 - 02:25 am:   


(As posted on the Examined Life Philosophy Discussion forum.)

This is Egypt, "Islamic revival", six years after I was there last, and nearly twenty years after my first visit. At the time I thought I had already witnessed an increasing presence of Islamic fundamentalism, but as this article shows, the trend is intensifying. This is, regrettably, the model I see for pan-Islam in the making: an increasingly intolerant, male dominated, female oppressive, myoptically backward looking, and noisily intrusive Islam on the world stage. Rather than an interpretation of Qu'ranic script towards greater peace and brotherly love for humankind, and a greater tolerance for all human beings as equal, I see it instead as ossifying into a progressively coercive philosophy, violent, oppression under which ordinary human beings are coerced and economically un-productive. This conservative male dominated Islam is corrupt, arbitrary, punishing, violent, and hard to live in. Its Sharia erodes our human rights, is quick to punish, especially the women, and hates freedom. I found this most prominent dark side of Islam in the calloused black mark on men's foreheads, as they repeatedly banged their heads on the ground five times daily, a proudly displayed "proof" of their religious devotion. Rather than the welcoming traditional "God's peace be with you", as-salaam-aleikom, we will instead be met with "Allah Akhbar!", God is great, or that there is only one God, and his name is Allah. That is their name for God, but not a religion of Peace, but rather dedicated to a god of war. They glorify in Jihad's mythical past, a long past of faded glory. In their backwardness they will force everyone to bow down, and in their increasing unhappiness under the loud proclamations of their minaret loudspeakers, they will increasingly oppress. There is something hauntingly Orwellian to this kind of pan-Islam. This is where I see the fundamentalists going in the future, regrettably.

Yet, this is not the Islam of the future I envision. Rather, I see a very modified Islam, more Sufi like in its spirituality, more open to new ideas, and more tolerant of all the differences that compose the humanity of our world. Its administrative functions are more secular, less punishing, and more open to the egalitarian sentiments of a new and evolved humanity. In effect, I see a post reformed evolved Islam. How different that is from what we are being fed now. The new Islam is free, and peaceful, with welcoming arms to all. Then Islam, a very tolerant Islam, will mean truly Peace.

As Salaam Aleikon.

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Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2006 - 02:33 am:   


When I first crafted the Axiomatic Equation, this was how I first envisioned testing for this new idea of gravity, using very elliptical comets and asteroids. In this paper, the same proposed is what I first saw in my mind's eye: Can Minor Planets be Used to Assess Gravity in the Outer Solar System?

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Posted on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 10:37 pm:   

Einstein was right (again) with E = mc2?

Of course, that's easy to say on Earth. What will it be on Saturn? Perhaps one order of magnitude off from known values here? If the Axiomatic Equation is right, then it should be so...

That will be the real test, to see if "Einstein's right again!" :-)
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Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 01:50 am:   

Einstein's 1T 3D world re-think

Try 4T like this:

To start with, allow me, to question ...

Have anybody ever try to formulate the world in term of TIME,
That is what if the physical world is represented by a FOUR dimensional T space?
In such, every observer moves at the local speed of "light" in local reference frame, thus yield one of it's dimension INVISIBLE !
And make his Momentum in his REST Mass !

To start with:
Assume some closely living, two dimensional creatures (Hs) , each are assembled of some basic units (M), and they measure their distance in term of time (T), normalized to C (his speed in light) .
Clocks are placed at various locations for the measurement purpose.
Each creature use a personalized clocks system, that calibrated to his origin to zero time, any clock at radial distance S should shows time "S" .
Whereas S = sqrt(t2^2 + t3^2) , such ( t2, t3) is the time plane .

What If in fact that, this is a three Dimensional space, with the axis t1 orthrogonal to the planes.
Some super 3-D creature MrChung (MC) move this plane along this t1 axis, say, at a parametic displacement d(t3)/dg,
then all of those clocks in the time plane would registrated a S + dt(t3)/dg mysteriously.

While those clocks measure faithfully the real displace in 3 Dimension, the plane would experience a "flow of time".
As a matter of fact , a clock that "relocate" ds on the plane while the plane have a t1 dispalcement of d(t1) would show a time change of sqrt( ds^2 + d(t1)^2 ).
The "speed" of that clock on his plane would show V= ds/ d(t1).

In otherword, An misterious, time flow (t), location change (ds) and volocity (ds/dt) relationship exists.
The funny thing about it is the upward Volocity, regardless of how MC move it, is ALWAYs = C = 1.
It's also interesting to point out, for this creature, physic, that related to time, is controlled by the MC, "move" of his plane to create the personal time "flow".
Otherwise, his world will be a frozen world.

In this world, a H see all other Hs that are built by the same units, and in close vicinity.
What if MC tell H(M)s that their world is just some plane with a Third dimemsion t1 ?
What if MC tell H(M)s that MC has his own 3 Dimensions that is called C = [j0, j1, j2] ?
What if MC tell H(M)s that M moving at a rate, proportional a personal P , a vector of size |P| ?

In other word, MC said, "each H is a moving time plane, T in C .", MC also said:
1) The P is a gereralized momentum, happened to be the momentum of M, because C is normalized, is also a normalized M.
2) Each H carries his own T plane, T planes are differently scales, ratioed by the |P|.

GR / SR are buildin.

If these seems sensible , email me for more.

Otherwise, kindly ignore
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Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 01:18 am:   

Gravity theory dispenses with dark matter

It looks like Einstein's GR is now modifiable with QM, which leaves it pretty close to a new Gravity Theory, or GT, which may in the end follow up on the Axiomatic Equation's Gravity Theory, or AEGT, which will leave us wiser by sadder in the end.

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Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 09:23 pm:   

3D or 4T?

Thanks John, very interesting idea. And Welcome!

I've long marveled with a similar suspicion, that we live in a universe where rest mass is at v=0, while simultaneously the same mass is at v=c. Conceptually, this could be visualized as observing the same mass, or atom, from either our universe where time line flows as we know it, t=>>n, but also simultaneously where time is t=1, or a dimensional unit where v(t=>n) =c, so if v=c, then t=v/c=1. This should then lend itself to something like yours:
moving along the t1 axis is one universe, rest mass is at v=c; while simultaneously moving in the d1 axis of the other universe, is where rest mass is at v=0.
So in either case, depending on from which universe this is being observed, it is the same phenomenon, and thus velocity and momentum are the same for both, though numerically they are vastly different. In yours, where c=1, ALWAYS, is another way of saying that t=c, if t=1=c. This would mean (by default) that all that appears to be standing 'still' here as rest mass is in fact already traveling at lightspeed!

Since we have no way of knowing in the universe what is 'rest mass' in reality (except as contrasted by acceleration), the universe is always both 'at rest' and in motion 'at light speed' all the time; so Einstein's Relativity first postulate, that there are no preferred reference frames, loses something of its meaning. How can both reference frames have the same results observationally? However, since all measurements of motion, and acceleration, must be taken within the confines of our electromagnetic measuring instruments, we are limited by v=c, so whether observing from rest at v=0, or from lightspeed at v=c, the observer will get very different readings. In effect, there IS a preferred reference frame: it's the observer's. Also, if v= d/t, and if c=1=t, then all motion measured by an observer can be measured conversely as v= t/d, and since t=c, and v=c, then d=t/v means that d=1/c. So now we have a new unit of measure of distance, in that other universe, where t=c. (I don't have the reference handy, but I saw a paper showing how this works, and will post it once I find it again.) In effect, we have the same momentum either way, where p = mc, except in one the momentum is E, while in the other universe it is E^2; i.e., E=mc^2.

So it becomes a matter from which universe we are measuring the same velocity, or rest mass, and in which units of measure to make sense of what we are measuring. So whether the universe works according to 1T+3D, or 4D, or 4T (as per yours), we come up with the same rest mass and momentum configurations, but with different units of measuring them. Further, I suspect strongly that the observer's reference frame is always preferred, which if so, becomes the greatest weakness in how SR/GR are constructed, because the first postulate is wrong.

Neat post, and now I have one more thing to contemplate on the Relativity conundrum! This adds to my other thought, that what EXACTLY is 1 in the relativistic sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) if c=1, and also t=1? Ach, it never ends... :-)

(This is what I had in mind, regarding time defined by lighspeed c: this post on BAUT.)

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Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 09:37 pm:   

reformulated it into 4T.

Re-Scale each observer's time frame with his own P ( generalized momentum in the 4T space) .

View each observer as if it has a "replacement / locus" in this 4T space, time will be generated, and the "locus axis" would be invisible to the observer .

Since the time generated is proportional to his P, general/special relativity is an embedded effect.

Rest and moving mass is just a natural consquence of the model.

There's some other interesting effect associated with this .

By the way, when using T as space constructs, we get:

No reverse in time.
Entropy always increase.
CPT conserve.
Light Mirroring effect for each observer.
Dark matters naturally exist
Matter and Antimatter eq

1) momentum / generalize Momentum is fundatmental
2) the injection of momentum to "an Object" cause the time lost
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Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 10:57 pm:   

Dear Ivan:

I had spend some brain hours with the Pioneer acceration puzzle.

According to the 4 T model, a wobble observer will see the acceleration lost at a rate , to the first order, propertional to the time distance from him.

More, a Time correoli effect exist from the observer point of view if he has some sort of spin.

Spin, in his P axis, (Local Action Direction, Lad), would become an inherited effect of the object , like the mass, appeared to to unidirectional in his Local time Bubble (LTB).
John Tsang
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Posted on Friday, January 27, 2006 - 06:55 pm:   

Time, Matter, and Gravity by Morris G. Anderson.

John, Ed, I think you'll find this paper by Anderson rather interesting. It harks back to an old discussion I had on the BAUT forums, posted by my then alias "Lunatik", which you can find if you follow these posts, where lightspeed c is used as a unit of 'time'.

Cheers, Ivan
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Posted on Sunday, January 29, 2006 - 11:09 pm:   

Dear Ivan : your paper is rather interesting, however, let me play the role of MrChung for a while:


MC then ask H : " How is your world view base on ?"

H: " base on what I see and tested with my instrumentation, the world can be understood to have a depth, a rigid quantity that I called length, then there's a basic, non stopping element called time, which is the base of everything, humm, and something call Energy"

MC: " Well, that's quite a valid description. I shall throw in charges, strings later when the time is right"

MC : " let me get to the bottom of your perception, in essence, you H are creatures is living in a capsule, with a flat/sperical screen LCD panel all around you, this panel is giving you a history of outside, all collapse on the LCD screen, no more , no less."

MC : " Don't believe it ? each of you, look around again, all you get is a flat picture, a instant replay of 5 femoseconds, 20 nenoseconds, 5 light years, informations, to your brain, your pal close by, and your equipements."

MC: what reaches you or you equipemnts or friends are nothing but a SUM( Physics effective (from time to your 'local origin') ), your physics is base on other's history, and you are influencing others future ... what the ..

MC: and you know pretty well, the myterious time, in which is moving thru your world, is real, is interchangeable with the coordination system you invented in an awe fashion. and in fact, the T, and 3D ALL shink or grow with each's internal power,

MC: now you realize you are living in a collpsed bubble of time, at least, you should feel time CAN be used as a coorination system, and for sure, physics in term of time can be formulated in such.

================================================================================ ===========
After 2 hours break of that human's time.

H: Hell, 4T world, with it's physics, can it be the real objective world ? does it account for GR, and incooperate with our observations ?

================================================================================ ===========

MC: I said, subtlely, that's is your local time , your local view of universe, let me rephrase it in bold, I mean't it's your subjective view of universe.

MC: Eaches' local time frame, 4 T is only good for the subject who owns it.... call it Local Time bubble (LTB).

MC: Human exchange their views in T, and find others have a distorted universe... ha ha ha.

MC: you should notice those who have higher internal Energy have Larger influence, live longer, heavier ..HA HA
MC: Notice who receive 'energy' ... dP, would undergo an addition time flow, addition in Mass, addition in gravity, additon in volocity... HA .. and vs versa.

================================================================================ ===========
H: How about the curvature in space time?

MC: Bad luck for E-stein, in his 'time', nobody ever think 'distance is time', if he got Mobile phone or GPS ...

MC: without that advance in knowledge, couple with the fact that measurement of speed of light is 'constant to each observer', he made the best out by SR, once into SR, that rigid 3D force the space time curved !

H: How about other forms of Power, how about black hole, light, String theory ?

MC: You are not there yet, 'will' cover them only after we are on a firm fundation, what I said above was just peanuts before feast.

H: I still love 3D 1T
================================================================================ ===========

Remember , you are just a bunch of creatures trying to understand the world from the sum@t=0 informations, while you are moving in my world, it's not the world that changes, it's the world you are in that move, rotate, wobble .....

And most unfortunately, because your T worlds are created by your Ps (say power, say generalized momentum ) .......a world of drunken.... and worse, you can't see your direction.

Here comes the red wine.

You Human's subjective universe is NOT in any way of how the OBjective universe's operation. which is operate in a Common Global Frame 4 J, under a New-ton-Chung formulation.

Your personal 4 T frame, if you still insist in using it, of couse you do, because that's would map the Objective world back to you sensation, can be found under a JT conversion. a simple 4 by 4 matrix function A(P) .... "Observer Generated Relativity".

3D is what give the universe a split personality ! I can't go on if you stay there.

================================================================================ ============
H: I think about it ....

MC: Just look around .... ha ha .... watch you watch !

================================================================================ ============
if the topic is still interesting to anybody, and this direction is fun enough, please let me know.

by the way (Chung is the Chinese word, meaning, Broker between humen)
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Posted on Sunday, January 29, 2006 - 11:29 pm:   

The speed of light has nothing to do with this new formulation, it's just an observer's sensation

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Ed Chesky
Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 - 04:09 pm:   

Interesting concept John as it relates to multi-universe and multi-dimensional theory.

I have long supected that the Asian Masters of geometry have had a unique insight into multi-dimensional and multi-universe theory and aspects of it that are expressed in the use of origami as it pertains to the solution of the trisection of the angle and other problem sets.

I believe that by going back to questioning how we can do this using oragami as well as compass and ruler, along with the quatrix of hippias, and the solution to the billiard problem we can gain a better understanding of multi-dimensional theory and its artifacts such as the manifolds represented by the mobius strip, kline bottle and the work that Dr. Nash was awarded the noble prize for.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 - 05:18 pm:   

A Mr. JerryLu have just sent me an interesting article on
Check out this amazing coincidence concerning the gravitational relevancy of the sun , all of the planets and earth's moon , when the Earth's gravitational signature , 9.8065 m/s is equal to unity. The Cheops constructs 2/Pi is the transferring equation.
....equation as follows

1 / (( 10 ^ ( 4 / Pi )) - 10 ) / Mercury / Venus / Earth / Moon / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune / Pluto = 27.89958545 = Sun(27.9) .... !!
FERMAT ( e ^ (( Pi + 8.000006797 / 2 )) / as = 10 ^ ( 4 / Pi ) CHEOPS)"....
quark forms 10 ^ ( -1 / u / d / c / s / b / t / ( u + d + c + s + b + t )) = emev ^ 2

...the gravitational constant is the double log form of the electron energy squared:
Gn = 10 ^ (( 10 ^ ( emev ^ 2 )) - 12 ) = 6.67420559 * ( 10 ^ - 11 )
....using the quark " field " form:
10 ^ (( 10 ^ ( 10 ^ ( -1 / u / d / c / s / b / t / ( u + d + c + s + b + t )))) - 12 ) = Gn
This is Chinese New Year, a busiy trime .... happy new year to all.
In my next topic, I am going to post it on forums, into the implication of 4T , especially about matters/ antomatter, I shall also give an 'simple' equation for the above Mr J's puzzle.

I have to stress time base system is for human .... and is most important for human.....

if you can't follow that line nor see the change of concept ..... the Objective Universal J frame will not follow.
Kindly read my articles again, give yourself enough itme to digest.

I shall post again in 3 days.

John tsang
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 - 09:00 pm:   


I note in the above equation that Pi is integral to its solution as it is in Ivan's axiomatic equations as well as to my solution to the AlHazen's Billiard Problem and trisection of the angle.

We appear to be working on diferent aspects of a fundamental view of the universe in terms of trying to come to grips with an understanding of the forces of gravity, time and space.

In each Pi plays a central and important role in it.

I suspect that as we try to reconcile these views of different aspects of creation that a key common factor, or linchpin, around which our views of creation revolve will turn out to be Pi.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 - 11:01 pm:   

Pi and Time.

John, you may realize that in MrChung's universe, time exists only because there is change. If the universe were totally static, i.e., frozen, so nothing ever moved, (not due to gravitation nor electromagnetic forces), then mass would never change, and there would be no years, nor minutes nor seconds, and ALL Time would stand perfectly still. But in such a static universe you could (mentally) travel any distance you wish in 3D, both in terms of distance and geometry, of all that exists interrelated into an (infinite) totality Whole. Of course, this is fanciful, since the universe does have motion and energy, and things change continuously, so Time does exist. In fact, as you are now presenting, it may be the ONLY dimension that had split itself off into the other three D. What bumps against us in this 3D+1T universe is what our subjective mind picks up, both visually as light and physically as matter. It takes earnest effort of mind to then separate this subjective from the objective knowledge we can glean from it, mainly with the use of instruments measuring both electromagnetic energy and gravity energy in all their manifestations. From the 'subjective' observational point of view, Time is a continuous flow of change; while from the 'objective' observational, Time can be frozen, or static, so that all the interrelationships that constitute our universe can be see in one (mental) instant, in effect, in NO Time. What restricts us in real terms from doing this, however, is that all our observations and measurements use the energy flow of the universe, which as limited by lightspeed, (v=c, as a condition for Special Relativity), then we cannot ever see the universe in toto instantaneously, so for us Time is of necessity a condition to which we must defer. BUT!! The universe does not have to! Here is an example of where Hyper-Entanglement defeats the idea of Time, since they happen instantaneously:

Ed, Think of Pi as being universal because the whole universe is made up of circles! Light waves propagate not as 'sinoidal' S-waves, but as P-waves (perccussion waves, from the lightsource point of view) so that the distance traveled is ALWAYS translated into the circumference of the wave, which of necessity means that Pi is being used in how the wave travels. Of course, light and e.m. energy is how the universe travels in terms of its internally generated energy (except for gravity, which may be in no-Time), so the effect of Pi is being felt (geometrically) throughout infinity instantaneously. Though the waves are limited by (E's SR/GR) at v=c, the geometry is not limited in any such way, and is always in NO Time. This harks back to John's above, where perhaps we actually live in a 4T universe, but it is all a function of Time. Rather intriguing idea, no? In either 3D, or 4T, it is all Pi! :-)

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Posted on Wednesday, February 01, 2006 - 12:01 am:   

Dear Ivan:

I was really surprised that not much people are interested in pondering into the basic, thanks for your response.

Use T to replace those 3D is no doubt, strange to most, but should pose no problem to people reading this forum, in fact, give a new and challeging insight of what the world will look if do so.

The observer base formulation suit observer best, no doubt, and I shall always refer back to it.

Please bear with me, I am going to make much more strange statements and predictions based on the realization of 4T .

Rememeber? I said Pioneer abnormality is the effect of time axis wobbling and spinning ?

Hello, Ed.
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Posted on Wednesday, February 01, 2006 - 12:24 am:   

Dear Ivan,

MC space is out of reach yet, your observation and comment is really correct, we shall reach that OBjective space and resolve you question .... inline with your thought.

If I jump to MC space right away, lot of observer may drop out.

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Posted on Wednesday, February 01, 2006 - 10:28 pm:   


H: Mr Cocky, stop playing with words
How the hell you know I am clocky, yes, I AM the Master Clock (Mc).
But don't confuse me with yours, your time is artifical.
Ok, let be tell your a few thing
your T frame is an crude image of my world, Chung's Universe is orthogonal 4 J frame
your TIME is powered by ... your P factor, call it "Energy or whatever"
Hell my advice, use "generalized momentum" , you will have a present surprise if you do.

When you, or your friends, or a particle, gets more P, IT'S T frame would .... expand, meaning , for every unit T, there's more Js it cover.... meaning, if a particle have more energy, it's life span lengthen relative to those with less, it's gravitation reach further ... linearly.... even E-stein knew it.
H: What are you talking about ? that can be the same as Your Master Clock you are hiding in you pocket.

Hey, not so, see, if I touch your P, your P would change, depends on the direction of 'force' I provided, your TIME , relatively to other, even to your 'previous' self, would increase, decrease, or ....... don't you know, lost .... didn't you notice I am hinting on the H's Uncertainty Princple ? wink wink.

H: What? I don't understand, what is lost? I missed somthing ?

GR people would love this, If a force is applied, well, orthgonal to the P axis ..... call it acceleration of your 3T bubble, your |P| would not change but there's a dp/P .... meaning .... a rate change of timeing .... meaning ..... atomic clock would slow down .... meaning aging slow down .........
If the Force applies is to reduce whoever's P, then their "moving mass" would Shrink, their TIME bubble would Shrink, and the UNiverse would move away from 'it'.... scary ...and vs versa.
The force may split into two components, one oncrease your life, the other shrink your world.
Gravitation is the same dp/P, I shall make some LAWs for Chung's world at the end of this dicussion.... to make it grand and formal....hmmm.

OK, and if your P is complete gone, imagine, light getting away from a blackhole, you are .... oh well ...don't worry about it now, your P may be completely absorbed by somebody else, or distributed in J space .... I shall get back to this later if there's believers.

By the way, your neighbor could steal your P while you take it away from him ... or vs versa ...
the coupling is defined .... as G constant .... I shall definately make some "equations" , human worship it.
H: Sounds like Newtonian to me, what are you trying to say? are you saying we get an orthogonal OBj Uinverse .. OU ?

Ha Ha Ha, Newton was before time, no no, You don't, let me clearify, the Observer Generated Relativistic OGR is a polar time system that define how the world appears to you and your equipments, you cannot escape your time fundation , which is your momentum..... BUT I DO have 4 J orthogonal system, I have my different money !

H: You are talking rubbish, Momentum is TIME ?

Did I say that, uh that's suppose to be a secret .... well, since its' out, alright , Object's displacement in the OU is the time created for the object, Generalized Momentum is the displacement in my space per MY CLOCK !

Let me quote some GR talks ... I found It on UUNET:
It is already well known how to generalize these terms from NM -> GR:
mass -> mass
3-velocity -> 4-velocity
3-acceleration -> 4-acceleration
3-force -> 4-force
angular momentum-> M_ij (a 2-form)
E and B fields -> F_ij (a 2-form)
This is in keeping with the importance of INVARIANCE in modern physics
-- each and every item on the right is an invariant[#]. There are other
particle energy -> time component of 4-momentum
potential energy-> (none; in general not valid)

H: you did a lot of talking, there's many Theories on Wikipedia, what proof do you have ?
Holy xyz, I heard something like " We must fall back upon the old axiom that when all other contingencies fail, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." , I thought even Doctor Watson accept Timebase if he follows the story.
Alright what proof is good for today ? hmm .... how about this.
After I start posting , an unknown Human sent a completely irrelivant article on this Cxx whatever thing of forces .... well .... everything in this universe of mine have to do with J, P and T, if there's thing not explained by .... Physics .... let me see...
OK, first of all, I am MC, not Mathe, and I don't know you , so let me explain it at my level.
CHUNG's straight to the point style: These are equation of how a closed P system are created, under normal Gravitational constant G using the P .... you do the unit and scaling.
1 / (( 10 ^ ( 4 / Pi )) - 10 ) / Mercury / Venus / Earth / Moon / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune / Pluto = 27.89958545 = Sun(27.9) .... !!
The equation of the planetary system is the creation Energy of bring in all planets ... sun included, to the close proximity.

quark forms 10 ^ ( -1 / u / d / c / s / b / t / ( u + d + c + s + b + t )) = emev ^ 2
Two pair of electron mass is coming together to create the 6 quarks over a 6 quarks core configuration.... or vs versa, but I shall advice you not to ... shall get into what makes what later

Gn = 10 ^ (( 10 ^ ( emev ^ 2 )) - 12 ) = 6.67420559 * ( 10 ^ - 11 )
( under gavitation only, pair of (pairs of unit P coupled by Gravitation constant )) is needed to create a pair of electrons, It's clear to me ....ln((ln(Gn) +12) = (Mev)**2


MC: As of some equations. Let me quote JT ... oh yes, there's a d(Mc) according to MY CLOCK, he's on ICQ, he always forgot Mc, he should polish his math ... human err :
(22:02:50) JTsang: tell you what , the letter about the quark, earth sun question is a matter of conservation of P
(22:03:36) JTsang: that is d( p) /P =0 for a system without external force
(22:04:38) JTsang: or d(p1)/p1 + d(p2)/p2 +.... d(pn) /pn =0
(22:05:21) Cadia: U mean the Solarsys as a whole.
(22:05:25) Cadia: ic
(22:06:25) JTsang: or (p2* p3* .. * pn) dp1 /(p1*p2*p3.... *pn) + (p1* p3* ... pn)dp2/(p1*p2*p3..*pn) ..... =0
(22:07:44) JTsang: or (partial derivative)(p1*p2*p3*p4*...*pn) /(p1*p2*p3*p4*...*pn) =0
(22:08:43) JTsang: meaning log(p1*p2*p3*p4*..... pn) = K
(22:09:41) JTsang: which is why all those MASS /Gravity , when multilped become a constant
(22:10:30) JTsang: that constant .... look like the total creation energy
(22:12:02) JTsang: but he may not understand how come all these have the same effect, include electron
(22:12:07) JTsang: and quarks
(22:12:53) JTsang: Math is the simple part of it ... sigh
H: funny way to write equations .. what are these strange xxxx, is these chinese ? I have to think.

Ar, did I said "Force", using my Master Clock (Mc), let me define some terms (draft#2) as
P = Generalized Momentum ... this is what your personal inertia /gravity /time flow comes from. I normally normalize them all to 1 for each personal LTB.
F = Generalized force d(W)/d(Mc)
S = J's seperation = sqrt(dj^2)
W = WAI state, log(P), (yes, you need this definely, some people may like to call this Internal Power. information people see this related to information, some may even see the entropy in this .. so WAI ... a Chinese word meaning the influence, is good enough for it.)
G = couple factor => dW1/ d(Mc) =dW2 / d(Mc) = G * (P1/S)*(P2/S) .... simple stuff.

I am ready, let me make some LAWs for the Universe. ( Latin is not my mother tougue , she's Chinese, my typing is bad , and I am not human ... tell me how to make these equations right ;-)

New-ton-Chung's first law (NT1): Lex I: Corpus omne perseverare in statu suo quiescendi vel WAI uniformiter in directum, nisi quatenus a viribus impressis cogitur statum illum mutare.

New-ton-Chung's second law(NT2): Lex II: Mutationem WAI proportionalem esse vi motrici impressae et fieri secundum lineam rectam qua vis illa imprimitur.
* The rate of change of WAI of a body is equal to the resultant force acting on the body and is in the same direction.

New-ton-Chung's fourth law(NT4):Lex IV: Actioni contrariam semper et aequalem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones is se mutuo semper esse aequales et in partes contrarias dirigi.
* All forces occur in pairs, and these two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

H : eeeeeeeee, those are Newton's LAW !!!!! in disguise !!!!!

MC: Modififed, Well I have enough fun tonight .... let me briefly sweeten this posting before I end it, that is , if the 4T start getting interesting.... otherwise it's bitterness.

MC: These is the advices for T owers ... those who still love the SIR (Self Induced Relativistic)
When whatever get to an observer from orth-angle to your Local Invisible direction (Lid), they are 'light' , the Local Time Bubble (LTB) is the 3 T world orthro to Lid .... isn't that weird ? every 30 minute, tell you self "think in term of T not D !"

When your WAI is low, you really have a bad time, the universe would look bigger, your gravitation influence deminished, you will be left behind.

When P is being sucked in/out from you, orthrogoanl to your lid, you get a funny feeling of de/accleration, and indeed , that's the same E-stein famous 'aging of twin' , and freq change of clock under gravity or acceleration comes from. an example: earth rotation around the sun, you get that same orthogonal 'force' on your Lid, so human is living on top in Chung's Universe... you know what I mean....

I said Gravitation, didn't I, look at the coupling factor, call it Generalized G if you like it that way.

Twist a 'particle' P in 4T, 2 axis at a time, you see the CPT .... can't you ? or twist youself instead.
, that also mean, due to the ( NT3 ... conservation of WAI under no external forces ...draft#2) anti-matter is nothing but matter on the other side of eaches' light mirror ... that light mirror, is the LTB that follow you.... imagine everyone is a small 3T capsule floating in the 4J chung's world.

Don't be mistaken, your may not going anywhere in J frame if you are moving in circle.

Super high Energy "Gama ray" ... why not .... does object moving in the any direction with a much higher P forbidden ? I didn't!

Universe is macro(ly) uniform in all direction we look .... heat equilibium is a good way to see it, it's not colapsed .... not yet.

Matter/ Energy that you can't see .... now you know, they are not dark.

Why ain't we see elementary particle of all weight, well, in short, you bunch of human in the closely lineup 3T worlds, only elementary Ps or P segregations, that move in-sync along can coexist and form stable matters, and visible to you guys, other's must 'decay' , flash in or out.

Can black hole evaporate, sure.

Now you can understand how these object called tychron moving from place to place in the Object Universe (OU), someone may like to called them , ha ha, faster than light, or how come there's interaction of objects far far apart in universe.

Is my universe curved, have more dimension ?..... NO I AM THE CENTER OF UNIVERSE !!! J Frame is final.
Can your world be 4 D and reformulated to it? ........... it's an interesting more question , no, no more .......

H: WHERE's potential Energy, WHAT about repulsion force, HOW about charges, I am not done yet !!!
OK ok, Potential, well, String people, take note, I have a few new idea for you.... I am waiting, I need help.
Repulsion can be constructed naturally by exchange of P, antigravity is not a dream, we go thru that everyday, it's a "matter" of P flow , get it ?

Charges ... maybe some other time, look at the puzzle above, and it equations (hahah), but first of all, get use to the T world ..... I have met some green human ..... that is, they turn green after they get to the T concept ..... creation of charges, fine atomic structure, quarks .... funny things, future, future.

For those that hold on to 3D 1T ... have "a" good time, it's a very good theory, my sincere word, E-stein was a great man, I am glad that he provide his shoulder for all.
John Tsang ... my split personality, want to saya few words , he wants to say...
My Special thanks to Newton, who's shoulder I am using .... unfortunately he's not standing.
My audiences, could be my only audiences, Jerry, Alex .... and Ed, send me a copy of your spooky thoery.
My friend, a physic major, Cadia Chan, who offer questions postively, listen with great interest but end up... "I have to think, it's too much for me".
My younger brother Math Prof Don, who laughed at me so hard ...will anybody believe time is basic ? you change your story of time from time to time .... amused me to no end.
My elder brother Doc Tsang, who said .... Of course, TIME, how come nobody said it before you do ? ......... it's more than that, there's a light barrier !
My present girl friend, Chem Teacher Silvan ... I don't know what you are talking about, but you must be right .... ha ha ha, just the kind of girl I like.

My EX, and my previous Emplyors ... and self, who gave me TIME to think..... HA HA HA

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Posted on Thursday, February 02, 2006 - 09:09 pm:   

MC: it's nice, some H have clear up the mess for me, well, but no one around, guess I am early ... early for Human, it's Human's drawn.

Alright, let me leave some warms, for early birds.

A drunken observer see ghost movement, so , a wobble time bubble or instrument measure extra accelerations, and sideward movements, best known as "4 T corriolli effect" .... ha ha, well known...

Due to the new New-ton-Chung's Law .. 4NT ... a billions of little Ps having no external force would have a conservation of d(W)/d(Mc) = 0 ....meaning .... well ...

Due to A more recent LAW ... New-ton-Chung's Law of scaleablity, the universe is "symmetry" over J and P ... right, that is a grand word ... meaning : if the universe 1000 time bigger, with each P increase 1000, and distance between them 1000 time longer ... nobody would know any difference ..... Me either, ha ha.

H: What the hell ... I am still trying to digest that dinner .... and dozing.

MC: good grieve, there you are, Dinner ? those were snacks before the en'trie' ....

Alright, I finish this sentence .... due to the about .... when F is applied to those Billions little Ps , the whole universe would move away from them, but their Collective LTBss would remain intact.

H: leave me alone....
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Posted on Sunday, February 05, 2006 - 08:18 pm:   

Dear Ivan, and Ed:

Thanks for your tolerancy so far, there's lot of typo and mistakes even to myself .... my apology.

For one, G * (Multiply of ((P/s)) equation can and should be rewrite to better reflect the nature of Gravitation , the equal sign should not be there.

But getting to far seems not necessary and confusing to the basic concept ... which, could be another cold fusion !

If these make sense, and actually arouse enough interest, I am surely avialable.

John Tsang
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Sunday, February 05, 2006 - 08:28 pm:   


Good work,

I note that scientists have recently conducted an experiment that may lead to cold fusion using a sonic induced fusion process.

I lost the link to the website that discussed it but I believe that it supports the idea that cold fusion is possible.

Ed Chesky
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Sunday, February 05, 2006 - 08:31 pm:

A link to a sonic induced fusion process, cold fusion.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Monday, February 06, 2006 - 08:35 pm:   

Hi Ed, John, nice work, will dig into it deeper. In the meantime, here's something of interest on Dark Matter, as to whether or not we had now measured it. Looks like they're closing in on it?

NewScientist's: 'Tepid' temperature of dark matter revealed:

Cheers, Ivan
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Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2006 - 12:25 pm:   

Geometry of Time?

Here's a thought on Time, in its different geometric contexts:

1. Geometry: time t=0

every geometric relationship exists in zero time.

2. Relativistic Einsteinian geometry: time is a variable: t = n, from 1/n to 1*n.

3. Planck time, Quantum geometry: t = 10X^-43 s

as the smallest 'atom' of time.

4. Axiomatic time, everyday usage: time is a 'notch on a stick' with a standardized unit of measure, the "second", minutes, hours, days, nanosecond, etc., where t = n*s from zero to infinity.

Does time go backwards? Not in real life, but conceptually -yes.

Is time on par with the other three dimensions of the universe? Mathematically, it can be, what Einstein called "spacetime", but in reality it is not. Rather, time is merely a way to measure rates of change, like the ticks of a clock, or wiggles of a cesium atom.

Why make it into something it is not?

Here are some interesting pages on Finitism and Infinitism, just for fun. :-)
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Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2006 - 07:24 am:   

Dear Ivan .... This is merely a call to attention of "what is Ds anyway ?" .

To observer, the 'at least' existance of 4 Axis is not a dispute, regardless of how the conversion should be done.

The TIME, and 'Lenght' is variable to 'Energy', is a fact to observers.

The bubble surrounding of TIME is not even a concept, it's the actual self realization of how the External Universe serve to each 'measurer'.

The 3D is what constructed out of that sense.

Due to the subjective nature of TIME, it's really up to the observer/senser to interpret it, either by log scale, 1/n, linear, or whatever, as long he make up the effect on the 3D, which observer created out of his belief.

It's OK to use mathematic to cater his subjective description of the universe, that's for sure, and it can be done.
From Chung's point of view, the insistance of using 3D 1T imply ...... a split of Mc, and it' 4J axis.

It also implies
1) if the observer is really self centered, he should use Mc to match his own time axis, he needs 9 Dimension to discribe the universe.

2) A less self centered observers would seperate the Mc from 'their own TIME, 11 Dimension of freedom is the least they needs.
Most if not all of the following view should work too .....

1) use 11 or more dimensions.... as explained
2) Use a concept of duel clocks, a relative & an absolute clock.... use Mc, local time, and 3D.
3) Use Mass as measuring stick ... Auto adjust the local T bubble
4) Use Variable speed of light ... equivalent to use Mass, which is the Energy.
5) Use special time axis ... self adjust the local time bubble
6) use curved geometry ... tweak the universe into geometry, Mc, forces, Matter etc, same as use 11 dimensions.
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Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2006 - 06:22 pm:   

Entanglement by time
Dr. Tsang (DT)....A Pycho-analysist ...

DT: Hello, John, you still have those dreams lately?

JT: God willing, not much in that aspect, my split personality doesn't find enough human to believe him, so, he got some other interest to pursue.... worse.... he started nuclear physics, and .... chaos !

DT: oh no... that's a disaster, how about the TIME ?
JT: The space illusion is still there, however, he said a SCALEABLE universe is also Fractal in nature, you see what I mean, last night, Mc has a long talk with Me....
JT: ............
DT: You have long talk with MC ... you have ?
JT: Oh, I am going to tell ... MC talk.

MC: OK, swear, you would face the reality. let's check the basic fact.
MC: You promised to do 'soul' searching, you will be honest to youself, and regardless any further difficulty ....
Say this : "I agree, The world is what every observer received from the Universe in a sum(time) fashion ....."
What's the difficulty in admitting to that ?
Then, comes the punch line ...... the "distance" I created is a TIME*C from 'observed' to me.

H: What punch line is that ?

MC: Recite the above line several time until it sink into your boot.....
Isn't that the fact, where C is some constant ?
Now this, ask me : "I used 3 D to represent it ... what's wrong with that ? " .....

Good question, good question.
There's nothing wrong with that ....
H: WHAT ? nothing ??

MC: Precisely, it's just a name change.


MC: If it's not a name change , then what is the physics difference of that "being observed", at a "distance of", 20 femosecond, to, 20*(10^-20)*2.99(10^-8) meter ?.

H: You told me you are not a math type, it should be 20*299792458*(10^(-20+8)) m .... an observed at ~ 0.6*(10^-12) meter .. is the same as an observed at 20 fSec away !

MC: How about 2 light years to 2*3*(10^-8) (ly/s) meters ?

H: Same , shouldn't it be the same ? that's strange, I got a feeling of being tricked.

H: there's a little difficulty here, at that distance, the meter ruler seems split into two representation, the PAST D and the FUTURE D , reference to time .. what a strange sensation, but again, shouldn't using TIME also split into T pasT and T fuTure at the "observed" ? ..... but T distance split into T Future & T pasT ?
H When using time as distance, does it simply mean using the pass time ? or future time ? or both? ..... or when use Time as distance, the 3T really split into 6T ?
H: For that matter, maybe I should use 6D ... is it the same as 6T ?
H: This is funny ... what type of physics is that ?

H: Geometry works .... the 'the space time is curved' ... what does that means ? hummm.
H: Did he said TIME as axis ? I still don't see any different there ... it splits too .... or doesn't it ?
H Time bubble ? Local Time bubble ? is it just more natural to use TIME as axis for the TB ? obvious make a different using Ts to the ...... Ds.(?) .... so they are different.

H: Yes, there's somthing interesting here, although physically, I see either T or D are splitted, this is weird, Ok, you tell me, when looking out from your local time bubble, how do you treat PAST and FUTURE ?

MC: That's a good question, but is a wrong question, you don't see the future ..... ha ha ha, Ts are the true represntation of the view on your FLAT SCREEN LCD .... IT IS THE PAST, it's a subjective representation, NO more.....

H: BUT ... But there must be a future, my past is someone else's future.... my future is out there .. you can't take away our future.

MC: That's what you think, huk, No, YOU, and everybody else's OWN world is the PAST of his outside universe.... talking of Subjectiveness ..... whoever you talk to are reporting back to you THEIR WORLD in Their PAST ... no one has a future.

================================================== ======
MC: It's a concept change.... Hint: the nature of D changed..... wink wink wink wink.
================================================== ======
JT: it really bother me, when he said that ...
DT: brother ...bother me too .... bother you, didn't he, ..... his words bother you ...
JT: oH yes, I shall continue .....
================================================== ======
MC: Rememeber the 2 D creature I discribed when I .... tried to awake you ?
say, he's insisting on using the metallic rulers D's instead of using Clocks.
his 2D world is of course a laminated world from my point of view.
While at any "distance" from him, the plane would have to curve...
meaning, he would see a seperation of his universe into a future, and a Past .... strangely still superimposing ... in his Ds' decription.

That superimposing .. while seperate Ds(future) + Ds(Past) would collapse into D("NOW") that observers' origin.

Isn't it funny ? it's as if the 2 D little creature's plane world torn into 2 planes, one curved up while the other curved down, seperate his PAST from his FUTURE as the 'distance' increased ...the middle filled transparent jello of "NOW" ....
================================================== ========
JT: I am hungry, you get some samewiches with cheese ?
DT: I don't like sandwiches, and I dont' have transparent cheese.
================================================== ========
MC: See, little light cones that propagate information from the PAST into Future in that jello stuff ?
Thru the jello, points in the PAST map into FUTURE circles ... fuzzy one, calculation of the future universe comes from the bottom PAST.
Clearly those light cones are the Time Axis, in Ds world ...
Information spread out to the future ..... you self-jective description.

And you will have a strange "entangleing effect" ......

H: You get carry away .... that's not what QT said ...... you said there's a OU,
I don't want to argue about it, but to say there's a Deterministic world is far from fact ....
Not supported by data !!
You are trying to tell me the cat is dead before we collape the event ..... is unsustantiated !!!

MC: You are correct.
H : HUK ????? errr ???
MC: The world in term of D is just like that, no observer math or anything to predict the world without the probability.
The fuzzy nature is the direct result of the subjectiveness.
There's no known decription of the future unless YOU get the POWER to get in touch with the CAT all the TIME.....
Whoever has that power, once get that infomation, the information cannot be changed in the math .....
That's your math! your way, your universe !
Subjectivity is as scientific as objectivity .... I like human words ..... they can be so meaningingless.

H : But you know whether it's dead or not .
MC: God is great, yes I know, however, I have limitation ...
I use your math.... see, even if the cat was observed dead by some unknown observer, and information cannot be passed to your friends, and your math, the math won't change ....

MC: Phy-lo-so-phic-ally, won't the box not knowing when the cat die.

H: But you are not talking entangling .... two entangled photons, 5, 10 ly apart, when you check one for it's spin, the other colapsed, instantly ..

MC: Good, say 128 light years, draw a light cone of 128 light year since they entangled, only your friends within that cone can detect those photons, and so called collapse it ... what does that tell you ?

H : You are going to answer question, timely fashion, in this forum .... I still think it's instant, besides, you omit the wave properties ...

H: Are you claiming there's no such thing as Quantum entangling ?

MC: When using 3D1T, or even in 4T time bubble, there's no avoidance of it ... oh well, I am not sure about THAT entanglement, ha ha,ha ... I know there's TIME entanglement though.

MC: Of course ... it's a religous thing .... that's why you should check out "JohnTsang's idea of TIME".
Besides, it's the "STRANGE TIME Base entangling" I am talking about, not P structures yet, why can't they be waves too ?
================================================== ==========
JT: I have a headacle ...
DT: me too..
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Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2006 - 07:13 pm:   

Hi John, Ed, I found this article in Wiki on Geometry rather interesting, taking it from pure geometry with a compass and ruler to topology and analysis:

I think Geometry is real, how the 'interrelationships' of the universe come together, in a kind of instantaneous non-time communications, which renders relativistic relationships archaic. Now, wouldn't it be fun to create a mathematical algebra, and geometry, that can show interrelationships to infinite sets, instantaneously, no time! It would become 'axiomatic' in its mathematical formalism to express any instant relationship to infinity and back to point zero again. I think that's how works the universe, from its totality to the most micro, and then back to the biggest infinite macro, in a dual bio-feedback exchange at every moment of time.

But I don't know how this works, nor if anyone else's math works even comes close to this idea. Einstein's idea of variable space-time, and lengths, is interesting, but it may not be what reality does with itself. We are still in the dark, searching for reality amidst 'relativistic' illusion.

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Ed Chesky
Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2006 - 08:27 pm:   

A very interesting post Ivan,

It is right in line with what I have been saying regarding geometry since I was a child and found I could trisect the angle with compass and ruler. I was was in elemetary school at the time and was told that my solution had to be for all angles if it was to be valid.

Its application to code breaking is what made me one of the greatest cyptological analysts in the DOD. I used to reconstruct agent networks from traffic data intercepts and then use the input into the system to find those passing the data to the other side.

Hence one of the reasons that PANAM 103 was destroyed by the KGB using cutouts, fall guys and poxies.

Now that I have the time, luxary and resources to push my geometry further I am starting to see its relationship to space time and quantumn mechanics and singularities. All are connected but my gift with geometry does not extend to the field of mathmatics. That area of my brain is damaged and was never as developed as the center I use to perform geometry.

Its like being mute but still able to see. Its very frustrating to lack the words to express what you see. I suspect it is similiar to the frustration experienced by autistic children. I also suspect that it is similar to that experienced by Dr. Hawking as he lays there trapped in a motorized chair able to run the numbers and equations in his mind yet not able to speek.

I do what I can and hope that others with other gifts can used the lines I draw with compass and ruler to further thier work.

For me, its simple. In my mind with compass and ruler and pen and paper I have glimpsed a fragment of the order of creation and seen what is possible.

Upon the tapestry of creation I have beheld part of the grand design and seen wonders few can ever imagine.

In time our children will walk on planets under other suns and wonder what it was that gave us the insight that one day led to FTL travel.

Till that day comes I have books a comfortable house and a loving family. What more can a man ask of God and life.

As the patterns woven in the fabric of creation grudgingly give up their secrets, will come FTL drive and then multidimenstional technology. Wonders we are not even close to be able to deal with.

My Best

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2006 - 11:13 pm:   

Dear Ivan, Ed:

Universe is a funny place. there's a lot of puzzles, isn't it good to have puzzles, as I see it, each puzzle is itself an answer, we must refine our answer as TIME goes, it's comfortable to stand on high shoulders, but isn't it important to re-examine our footing from time to time ? That's exactly what Eistein, Newton Caperious did, and every time, there's a revolution in science for a hundred years.

I have compose a poet ... (?)
If the guy
who proposed that Earth was not the center of the universe died early,
Newton would have a hard time to create his "physics".

Human would develope curve space time geometry earlier to explain the 'reasonble' orbits.
.... with 6 and more dimensions, that is.

When more phenomena comes in, we would add dimensions, freely.

We don't even need to know the concept of matter or force, all we need to know is

'Tt's in the geomtry'.

Geodesic defined light.
Dimensions become physics.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 07, 2006 - 10:13 am:   


Some seven years ago, forums started with these ideas in mind.
Topics to be found inside, and more: Aristotle, agreement, alien civilization, anti gravity energy, atheism, belief, consciousness, contract, cosmos, dragon slaying, education, emotions, end war, ethics, evil, evolution, exchange, future developments, future space travel, genomes, Giordano Bruno, goddesses, gods, habeas corpus, habeas mentem, harmony, home, human awareness, human identity, human rights, humor, ideas, infinity, interrelationship, law of agreement, love, Machiavelli, markets, mediation, metaphysics, micro decisions, millennium, mind, morality, natural healing, nature conservation, negotiations, new age, new world order, Peace, philosophy, Plato, racial, Ayn Rand, religion, soul, species survival, spirituality, triads, trinity, trust, truth, universe, war, Alan Watts, women equality, world order, world peace, world religions, worship, 2000, and more, and more... ad infinitum.
Soggetti da trovare all'interno e di più: Aristotle, accordo, straniero civilizzazione, anti gravità energia, atheism, credenza, coscienza, contratto, universo, drago slaying, formazione, emozione, estremità guerra, etica, sviluppo, scambi, futuro sviluppo, futuro spazio viaggi, genomes, Giordano Bruno, goddesses, dio, habeas corpus, habeas mentem, armonia, sede, umano consapevolezza, umano identità, umano parte di destra, umore, idea, infinità, correlazione, legge accordo, love, Machiavelli, mercato, mediazione, metafisica, micro decisione, millennio, mente, moralità, naturale healing, natura conservazione, trattativa, nuovo età, nuovo mondo ordine, filosofia, pace, Platone,Ayn Rand, razziale, religione, anima, sopravvivenza di specie, spirituality, triadi, trinità, fiducia, verità, universo, guerra, uguaglianza delle donne, ordine del mondo, pace del mondo, religioni del mondo, culto, 2000 e più e più... annuncio
Sujets à trouver à l'intérieur, et davantage: Aristotle, accord, étranger civilisation, anti pesanteur énergie, athéisme, croyance, conscience, contrat, cosmos, dragon slaying, éducation, émotion, fin guerre, éthique, évolution, permuter, futur développement, futur espace voyager, génome, Giordano Bruno, déesse, dieu, habeas corpus, habeas mentem, harmonie, maison, humain conscience, humain identité, human droit de l'homme, humeur, idée, infini, corrélation, loi accord, love, Machiavel, marché, médiation, métaphysique, micro décision, millénium, esprit, moralité, normal curatif, nature économie, négociation, nouveau âge, nouveau monde commande, paix, philosophie, platon, couche-point racial, d'Ayn Rand, religion, âme, survie d'espèce, spirituality, triades, trinité, confiance, vérité, univers, guerre, égalité de femmes, commande du monde, paix du monde, religions du monde, culte, 2000, et plus, et plus... à n'en plus finir.
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Editors, Humancafe
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Posted on Saturday, March 18, 2006 - 12:27 pm:
Believe it!
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 09:30 am:   

The Ramzey files

According to an article someone in the former Soviet Union set up a website that was posting information obtained from Russian intelligence agents in the United States Military about Iraqi and American Troop movements as well as intelligence operations. The site was called the Ramzey Files. The information on the site caused a great deal of controversy within Russia before it was shut down.

If we look at the nature of the information obatained we see a clear paralell to Operation Marabu which I discussed earlier in terms of the nature of the intelligence obtained and what was done with it.

Couple this to penetration of communications systems by the Russians and Chinese and we can now begin to unravel a complex part of the great game. My Laptop that was stolen in Mexico had fragments of a system archetecture that in the wrong hands could have provied access into the highest levels of our goverment's State Department Diplomatic military and security services databases, hence the reason I was drugged and poisoned in mexico. That was the stakes we were playing for. It ws the same stakes we were playing for that brought down PANAM 103 over Lockerbie. In that case it was operation Ryan and the Conrad Spy ring with a link to Islamic terorists.

I note that my medical records were leaked to the terrorists via sources in the University of Florida in Tampa were they were passed to Hamas and Al Qeada. The reocrds were transefered from the Tampa VA Hospital to the university of South Florida for a consult on the nature of the neurotoxin I was exposed to.

A brief glimpse into the shadow wars for control of this planet and its resources.

For PANAM 103 it was data on me and my targeting work was passed to Islamic Militants via the KGB and GRU. Smae old players in the great game just some new faces.

The following is a link to a website that talks about the Ramsey Files.

Ed Chesky
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Monday, March 27, 2006 - 08:19 pm:   

As I sit here tonnight,

I am reflecting back on those that died on PANAM 103. Call it survivors guilt, call it fate, call it the hand of God, call it insight, intuition divine will or a guardian angel. But for one or more of the above I would have been on that plane.

Had it happened I would never have solved the billiard problem or trisected the angle or discovered the relationship with PI and the hypercube.

Things happen for reasons that we can not comprehend.

Good, bad or neutral.

Raised in the catholic tradition, I bleive that we are not alone in the universe and that their are being beyound our comprehension that interviene from time to time to guide us on a path that we stray from in ignorance, because of greed, lust and arrogence.

When I go to lockerbie I will visit the memorial and read the names. Mine should have been on that wall.

From the Korean DMZ facing North Korean commandos, to the Inter-German Border and KGB, to the PLO, Al Queada, to Iraq and then back home once again. Bombs, mortars, mines and poison.

It has been a journey on a long hard road.

One I think is far from over yet

As I sit here I watch Iraq teeter on the bring of civil war and think back to the position paper I wrote on it long ago and decisions made in ignorance and lives lost.

I wish the service men and women their the best and hope one day to once again stand before a podium and share with them some insight as I honor the memory or the ones that paid the ultimate price

Ed Chesky
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Le Chef
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 10:38 pm:   


Old uncle Einstein got it all wrong. In his Relativity, SR aka GR, he created a highly complex 4 dimensional spacetime to explain time dilation, proven by observing distant cosmic events happening at time dilated observations. But that's too hard. Far far far easier to keep in mind that light redshifted by great distances is merely a signal stretched, so what happened in xt time is only appearing to be happening in sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) dilated time. That was easy. Xt is easy, while square root blah blah is hard. So if something is happening in let's say 15 minutes, dilated it may appear to be happening in 20 minutes, from here on good old solid earth, though it really truly only took 15. So, to make a long story short, and keep the math simple, just measure the distant light redshift and measure observed time, then work it backwards to get the real time. The time was not stretched, only the light got stretched, where each peak and trough of the wave got retarded a little as it rolled towards us, like some distant dilated ocean cosmic wave. Roll it back to real time, once stretch is known, and you got the real picture. That old wave was shorter. Old uncle Albert made an impossible mess of his dinner plate. This is a lot easier than postulating an expanding universe with spacetime, when light redshift may be happening across the vast reaches of space for myriad other cosmic causes. Like big G gravity! Really, the hot red light shift is easy like pizza pie in the hot oven, piece of cake, easy as pie! ...but easy on the cheese. It looks prettier too, nicer than 4 dimensional spaghetti that tastes like strings. Ugh! :roll:

Le Pizza Chef :-)
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Le chef
Posted on Saturday, April 01, 2006 - 11:55 am:   


Galileo had it right. Oh, but it is all so simple, simple as cheese, easy as gravity pie. Electricity and magnetism combine into electromagnetism, and gravity and energy combine into gravitoenergy, so a wonderful balance in the universe is maintained with a constant factor of lambda as 'one'. That's the cheese. It is this balance that is isotropically equal throughout the universe. Electromagnetism and gravitoenergy are the two ingredients from which the great universal Chef mixes all matter and energy into the homogenous menu of our multidiverse reality. God is great! He made the atom. Out of the crucible of galactic black holes proto hydrogen atomic nuclei are spat out the polar jets into space where they are soon modified by star generated electromagnetic energy, thus trapping photon waves onto the nucleus to give us H2, the common form of all matter. The more electromagnetic energy, the more energy caught by this atom, and the lesser the gravity remainder felt. Always in perfect balance, the negatively charged electron shell around a positively charged center nucleus, the photon wave anchored at both ends, to give us the neutral charged atom opaque to normal visible light, but porous to higher and lower wavelengths of energy. It is the supergravitic strong force that captures the positive end of the wave, what is the proton. Electrons, the other electromagnetic wave negative charge, is then freed to migrate provided another electron takes its place, always a balance. This atom is the building block of all other matter, fused into the basic elements in the periodic table of all that exists. The secret of this balance is the good tasting cheese. If the resulting electron shell is incomplete, the balancing will default to higher wavelengths, so gamma fills the void, but is not trapped by the atom and radiates off as radioactive energy. Isotopes are imbalanced atoms, always radioactive. Better you don't use Chernobyl cheese in your pizza. Close to hot stars, atoms have much electromagnetic energy to fill their strong force gravity nuclei, low gravity regions; while far from hot radiant energy, atoms retain great nucleus gravity, such as felt in high gravity intergalactic space. Gravity is great! Longer waved infrared only excite atoms into motion, with enough energy to melt cheese and trigger chemical reactions, why pizza tastes so good. Only photons of quantum quality need apply to raise electron shells, and only well mannered electrons will release photons from quantum shells. This is pure Quantum mechanics. Electricity is another well behaved exchange of electrons stimulated by alternating magnetic fields. All so simple, and all so ordered, and so well balanced in the atom. So close to hot stars, atoms behave as we know them here on good old solid earth, but far from this energy, they behave as badly behaved very heavy inertial mass. Equivalence is never broken, gravity is always directly proportional to its inertial mass. It was the one thing old uncle Albert left on his plate that was not a mess. That and his photoelectric effect, which is also a Quantum gravitoenergy effect. But he didn't bite on that, and mathematically stirred the rest into pasta Lorentzini, so gravitoernegy got buried in his stringy mess of spacetime spaghettini. The atom, and the universe, are all totally balanced, always. God is great. There is no big Bang, no saddle-backed spacetime, no big-crunch coming, no second-coming of anykind. Cosmic light redshift has no bearing on Doppler space expansion, because it results from gravity redshift in high G space, where one kilogram of hydrogen space dust mass per lightyear will gravitationally redshift at the Hubble constant z. No matter where or what, the atom is always balanced with both its electromagnetic modifier and its gravitoenergy cheese. Galileo, an Italian, and no fool, knew that's why pizza tastes so good. God is great!

At the Physics Pizzeria, when in doubt, order cheese and tomato pizza with your favorite periodic topping, for a well balanced diet. :-)

Le grand Chef
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Posted on Sunday, April 02, 2006 - 12:52 pm:   

What else can I say, Chef? You're the only who 'get' it.

Some sort of 'alter ego'? Cheers. :-)
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Le Chef
Posted on Sunday, April 02, 2006 - 01:52 pm:   

Piece of pizza, easy as pie, better than cold spahgetti. When hell freezes over they'll warm up to it, then get it. Them's the breaks, don't give the sucker an even chance, You's only in the first circle, not the club.

Keep a light on, and pizza in the oven. :-)
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Le Chef
Posted on Tuesday, April 04, 2006 - 09:58 pm:   


Greek capital Lambda: L = (8pG/ c^2)*p

  • p is pi
  • G is the gravitational 'constant' -ha ha ha ha!
  • c is light speed in a vacuum
  • p is energy density in a vacuum

L units is in s^-2.

The L can be positive, negative, or zero. In reality, since there is no expanding or contracting cheese, it is always L = 0.

The universe vacuum 'density parameter' can be expressed as either W is >1, or <1, or exactly =1, if assuming the universe is neither expanding nor contracting, as in "neither of the above". That's the cheese of "lambda" as "one". -FYI.

That's the whole enchilada. :-) Except for the universe's 'entropy', which is not increasing, and it is not dying. What's happening? The very great gravity of deep cold space crushes hydrogen atoms together where they will combust into fusion, new stars, and hot radiant star energy is recreated to counter. -They 'forgot' about the very high gravity energy of 'cold' space.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! The laugh is on us! Welcome, come in! Welcome to who 'get' it into the First Circle. Ha ha ha ha ha! :-) :-) :-)

Le Chef
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Posted on Tuesday, April 04, 2006 - 11:58 pm:   

So you say, Le Chef, that entropy, as in Cosmological Entropy, is a local phenomenon only? Like death and taxes? But on the cosmological-infinite scale it is negated by star formation due to extra high gravity in deep intergalactic space? Did they ever figure the very great energy of high gravity? Here's the text:


The role of entropy in cosmology remains a controversial subject. Recent work has cast extensive doubt on the heat death hypothesis and the applicability of any simple thermodynamic model to the universe in general. Although entropy does increase in an expanding universe, the maximum possible entropy rises much more rapidly and leads to an "entropy gap," thus pushing the system further away from equilibrium with each time increment. Complicating factors, such as the energy density of the vacuum and macroscopic quantum effects, are difficult to reconcile with thermodynamical models, making any predictions of large-scale thermodynamics extremely difficult.

Unreconcilable, eh? But maybe it is, in a non-expanding universe, if very high gravity is factored in?

Well I'm relieved! Except the "death and taxes" part, a truly local phenomenon! And what about why the universe does not collapse in on itself gravitationally, if space gravity is so great? Is it because it is isotropic (but not homogenous, witness dimples in CMB WMAP map) so it pulls equally in all directions to infinity, and from infinity? What a relief! I was beginning to feel a little be claustrophobic. So it is, as you say, all good cheese and all well balanced, even cosmological entropy? Well, except for death and taxes. :-)

Hmm... interesting. So where does that leave the 'Big Poof'? It's suddenly gone entropically belly up on us!

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Posted on Thursday, April 06, 2006 - 07:14 pm:   

What about quasars, Le Chef, or supernovae observations, like the SNe 1a? Aren't there some discrepancies on the Hubble constant when viewing these very distant cosmic phenomena?

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Le Chef
Posted on Thursday, April 06, 2006 - 10:26 pm:   


Holy mobius strip! Our friend Ed the C. had the right idea, a point traveling forever in the infinity loop of time. Like diamonds, space is forever!

You ask about supernovae Sne 1a? Imagine a universe sized swiss cheese. The hollow pockets are hot galaxies, to wit low G, the thick cheese is thick gravity of galician space in is between galaxies, and the rind of this giant wheel of cheese is where you sit. What? You don't like the analogy, that we are on the rind of the big cheese? Why not? Because they told you the BB started everywhere at once from the moment before there was time? So what? If the big cheese is not infinite, then it must have an edge. So you are now on that edge, what's the big deal? And now what happens? Everywhere you look there are stars and galaxies receding from you at the Hubble constant. But what are you seeing when you look away from the edge? More stars and galaxies? Where did they come from? Some mysterious 'mirror image' of the rest of the universe? No? Now can you see? The BB might have started everywhere equally, but the end product, what you see today, cannot be equally the same in all directions at all! Somewhere there is an edge to it, and you are on it. So, do you see half your sky filled with stars, and the other half jet black space? No!!!! The cheese cannot end here, can it?

Cosmologists are like people who peed in their shoes. They like the warm feeling but annoyed by the sloshing sound they make. That's what Sn1a is all about. They postulated an expanding universe to explain red shift light, as Doppler effect, and must have a Big Bang to control the infinity they don't want, to give it a limit and beginning. So everything started from a small marble sized universe of near infinite mass and expanded in microseconds to the universe size of today. But you're on the edge! The cheese ends here. You are on the expanding edge of the cheese with 'dark energy' pushing you away from the rest of the universe. Not a good place to be? Then invent 'dark matter' to pull it all back together, and put yourself exactly in the center of the cheese. Not fair you say? It stinks of ad hoc? Sure it does. The luminosity does not match the red shift Hubble constant. Something is wrong? And the shoes stink of cheese too? So fix it with more ad hoc, that there are 'fitting curves' conjured mathematically to make the red shift fit luminosity, space energy density has a 'degree of freedom' to fit the variable data. Accelerate it where you need to, and slow it down where the observational curve fits better. Write an equation that fits the data, and you're home free. Lo laughter ha ha ha! :-) Except, well, that you're on the edge of the big cheese, and nothing fits anywhere. That cheese, paradoxically, has gone bad and stinks too.

Why not fix it? Easy paradox to fix. The swiss cheese goes on and on and on forever, forever. The holes are low G pockets within high G space, that goes on and on forever. The red light from all directions is not because of 'dark matter' holding back the 'dark energy' expansion, but because high gravity red shifts light, from wherever forever. And where forever ends, we are on the rind of what we can see. Beyond the rind, the light fails and we see nothing, as in Olber's paradox, a kind of infinite mobius strip of photons reaching us from beyond where we can see them, on the other side of the edge. Forever, they look equal in all directions. No, we are not at the absolute center! We are always on the edge, of forever. There was absolutely and I say with infinite certitude, no no no Big Bang. No sudden mysterious space expansion either. There was no microsecondal instant into space of nothing. There is no dark matter, forward slash, no dark energy either. It is all paradox. And if you like, it is all fixed instantly, I mean in microseconds faster than instantly, with replacing the thick cheese with thick gravity. The light from the edge of infinity red shifts because it must pass through the thick cheese to get here, from wherever, forever. The holes are where you and I live. They come free.

Here's an example for you, thanks to Ed the C.

About quasars? They are the super high energy protomass jets registered as observed hot energy streaming out of galactic axial centers, the so called black holes, and to a lesser degree from the axial jets of so called neutron stars. Hot with energy, but coming from very cold places. Lower the temp in space, far from hot stars, and G becomes enormous. Kill the light, and it becomes black hole extreme. These are the galician cheeses of all galaxies, chewing up mass, and spitting it out like a seed in a grape, out the axis. Then it starts all over again. Balance. Always. A well balanced cheese always tastes good. Holyhubblemobiusstrip! Old uncle Einstein must be rolling in his relativistic grave.

Le Swiss Chef
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Posted on Friday, April 07, 2006 - 12:21 am:   

Very rich, Chef! And humorous too! :-) You said:


The BB might have started everywhere equally, but the end product, what you see today, cannot be equally the same in all directions at all! Somewhere there is an edge to it, and you are on it.

What do you mean by "you are on it", on the edge? Are you implying that there is an edge to space? But that would be true only if there was a Big Bang. Otherwise, why couldn't we be anywhere in space in the universe? Perhaps you can clarify?

Much thanks, Ivan

BTW, I like Ed's "Swiss watch" mobius gears, nice touch. :-)
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Le Chef
Posted on Friday, April 07, 2006 - 01:46 am:   

Like chocolate for cheese. :-)

If, Ivan, there were a Big Bang, we are all, you me and everybody else, all are riding in every second of time the bow percussion wave of time. We are always on the leading edge of time. None of us were left behind that big bow, everyone is on the leading edge of time expanding. If. Only if if if it really happened. Of course, you and I both know it did not happen. So we are riding a wave of existence such as it is cuddled within the universe infinity where we happen to be, here. But here, if the universe has no center and no edge, is anywhere, both here and there and everywhere the same. So, you ask? So it means that we are as much at the center of infinity as we are on the edge, just like cheese for water, or chocolate for cheese. It makes no difference! If, big if, the universe was expanding from a Bee Bee, the size of a marble, then we would all, all, be on the leading edge of time, so all on the edge of the universe. But since there was no BB, we are still on the edge, same as we are in its center. :-) :-) :-) ! Makes no damned difference to the universe.

Le Chef chocolat
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Friday, April 07, 2006 - 11:37 am:   

Thanks for the kind words,

All I did was build upon the work of a host of other geometrists and mathmeticians. One day soon I will return to Europe and visit places associated with Durr, Descartes, Mobius and others to pay my respect to great teachers whose wisdom guided me to the solution of the Billiard Problem and Trisection of the angle.

Each of us has contributed in his or her small way to illustrating the picture that is the tapestry of creation. Each using the tools to convey the picture in terms of things we can understand.

For geometrists we work with compass ruler, pencil and paper and explore the principles of the nature of reality in a form that we can understand. For others it takes the form of mathmatics, with its numbers and equations. For others it is religion with its words, concepts and poetry. For others still it is biology and evolution.

The search for the truth takes many forms and has many pitfalls, and in an effort to probe the nature of creation some turn to drugs in an effort to see beyond the limits of reality, with tragic consquences. Others go down dark paths of philosophy and morality like Alister Crowley and his work with conic sections concealed in Tarrot Cards.

Still others rise to the challange like the code breakers of Benchly Park during the great war against Hitler who fought back using the tools created by Newton, Bohr and the rest to break the U Boat and Nazi codes.

For me I suspect that the truth like all things lays somewhere in the middle withregards to the picture we are attempting to describe. Like the old greek story of the blind men trying to describe an elephant by only touching portions of it. Each of us has glimpsed a fragment of the picture thru our respective disciplines.

I suspect that we are close in terms of time to developing a breakthrough in FTL travel. When or where it will occur I do not know but I suspect that one day a man or woman with look upon the body of knowledge we have built and put the pieces together. Perhaps it is also evolution too, a sort of time clock as the human race evolves to the point where it is capable of understanding a bigger piece of the tapestry of creation.

Until that day. My Best and I wish you well in your endevors to illuminate the tapestry that is creation itself.

Ed Chesky
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Le Chef
Posted on Friday, April 07, 2006 - 09:18 pm:   

Ed, be happy. :-)

People who suffered are closer to their souls than those who, left arrogant, are denied that privilege, to know themselves.

Paradoxically, it is a good, and strange elixir of life.

Your servant, the Chef
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - 05:46 pm:   

Now I suspect that many will say that it was for oil that we entered the Middle East as a combat force. I supect that in part that is true but the situation is more complex than that.

In considering this situation, and the deliberate misinterpretation of intelligence that lead us into conflict in Iraq, I feel that it is necessary to point out that about two decades ago the CIA, in collaboration with academia, did a study which projected a rise in militant religious leaders in areas hard hit by the effects of environmental degradation and Global Warming. It was projected that many religious leaders, particulary in the World of Islam, would likely use these environmental effects to further their world view that we are living in the final days before judgement comes.

This assessment coupled to an asessment of the problems associated with the Middle Eastern nations such as corruption, moribond economies, lack of freedom indicated that we could expect widespread unrest in the Middle East Oil producing regions within the near term unless something was done to correct the situation.

To give the CIA and Intelligence community credit it saw the problem and argued it needed to be fixed before things got too bad. Unfortunately our current administration lacked the skill and ability to bring about peaceful change in the region using all tools of national power, including covert operations and economic influence, as we did when we waged the Cold War against the Soviets.

With the neo-conservatives in power, under the current administration, with many of them scribing to a fundmentalist world view, they (the current administration and its supporters) went for the short term change option and engaged in war. Much like Johnson did in Vietnam. Hence the similarities between the two. With intelligence being manipulated to support poltical objectives.

The difference this time is that what we, the former Cold War analysts did not see and caught us by surprise, was the rise of a quasi relgious leader in the United States that would be guided by faith instead of rational logic and pragmatism who would engage us in a divisive war in the Middle East, based largely upon a fundamentalis World View that cast the current war in Iraq as part of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

I light of this we old Cold War Intelligence types, along with our brothers in arms from the Vietnam Conflict and other wars have been doing the best we can to mitigate the situation brought upon us by the current administration, while seeking to reign it in using all the tools at our disposal, while at the same time supporting our troops in combat.

Hence the anger and frustration that I and my comrades in arms feel towards the current administration that has betrayed all of us by dragging us into a religous conflict, despite all of the spin and denials from the White House and Congress to the contrary.

Whether the situation in Iraq can be salvaged is the crucial question at this time. I hope for the best, but plan for the worse. The current adminsitration wrapped itself in the United States Flag, painted its oponnents as being unpatriotic and marched Bible in hand into Iraq. As the bill in blood and treasure for this mistake mount the anger in the United States rises and the President's poll numbers drop.

The American people are not stupid they can see the costs and are angry as their sons and daughters come home scared mentally and physically from this conflict and face limited low wage job prospects. Struggling to remain in the the middle class.

In the End I suspect that this admisitration will be judged a failure. The damage costs it has inflicted on the United States remains to be calculated, but I suspect it will be high in monetary and human costs.

Decades from now I will look upon my trisection of the angle and solution to the Billiard Problem and think back to a President and his failed policies. I suspect that at that time, when I am old, that when I look up at the stars I will see the framework of a Starship being fabricated in high orbit. On that day I will smile and drink a toast to the men and women of the intelligence corps, military, industry and government that held the line long enough against the ravages of Global Climate Change and foolishness of a president, in order that we could build her.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - 10:35 pm:   


With the neo-conservatives in power, under the current administration, with many of them scribing to a fundmentalist world view, they (the current administration and its supporters) went for the short term change option and engaged in war. Much like Johnson did in Vietnam. Hence the similarities between the two. With intelligence being manipulated to support poltical objectives.

The difference this time is that what we, the former Cold War analysts did not see and caught us by surprise, was the rise of a quasi relgious leader in the United States that would be guided by faith instead of rational logic and pragmatism who would engage us in a divisive war in the Middle East, based largely upon a fundamentalis World View that cast the current war in Iraq as part of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

Ed, are you saying that we unwittingly played into the "final days" scenario as envisioned by religious zealots on both sides? If so, that we balanced out this quasi-theological fundamentalist equation with an extremist view of our own? This would be regrettable if our American intelligensia and think-thanks have regressed to ancient biblical prophecy as their modus operandi. If that happens, then perhaps the media's 'political correctness' would be more favorable to human development than such quasi-religious conflict. One can always appeal to fears and passions to gain political agenda more easily than by appeal to intellect and human reason. This had been shown historically by Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and as a result millions died. It's a failed strategy, and we should not fall victim to fear again.

I am more optimistic, that this wished for drama of final days chaos will in fact not play out, no matter what our difficulties, and that instead human freedom will win out. We will win with rational and measured responses to the religious, oil-economic, and ecological challenges ahead. That includes Iraq. Sure, it may not have been the best solution to militarily invade Saddam's oppressive rule over his people, and his neo-Napoleonic ambitions in the Middle East, but now that it started, there is no leaving it. If the Iraqi people, against great odds and with no support from their religious leaders, can fashion a democracy from their country, and not fall victim to warring factionalism, then a great victory will have been had, not by our administration, but by their history. It would mean that humanity is climbing to the next rung, and Iraq as the seat of ancient Babylon will once again have taken its place in the world. If democracy and human freedom succeeds in Iraq, then it will be felt for all the people of the region, from Iran to North Africa, and throughout Islamdom. I expect Iran to be next in line, not for invasion, but for their people to cast off the heavy yoke of impassioned politicized fear, and their oppressive clerics, on the road to democratic reform, and freedom. It would be far better not to invade, and let history take its course from within. People may be foolish, in their collective psyche, but they are not stupid. If they feel democratic ideals are the better way to go, and once they understand what it means to be a free and respected human being, they will go there. And then everything changes. Witness our former enemies of the Soviet Bloc.

I'd forget about the "final days" biblical scenario. It's old hat and very unlikely to happen, a very old and bad fairytale. The new order of humanity will lean increasingly towards greater freedoms of expression, of respect for the worth of the individual, of greater economic productivity; and finally a planet wide awakening that we, as free human beings, are something very special. The place I would worry about, to not get stuck on the Middle East, is what will happen next to China. How will China balance its old styled Communist controls with the new freedoms imported, the technological and managerial strengths that suddenly made it so much more productive? That will be a very tough one, because as the Chinese workers gain more economic footing, they will demand more of those freedoms that come with economic success. With well over a billion people demanding their right to exist as free and respected human beings, that could be the next biggest challenge the world will face. The fallout could affect everything from the price of shirts to gasoline, and destabilize the world as much as any global warming. The Middle East, with its quasi-religious disturbances, would be an annoying side show by comparison. I think the region should be marginalized, not empowered with a response from the West, and it will internally blow out. But not so with China. Word is out. It is better to be a free human being than to get stuck in repressive history of our controlling and violent past. But watch China. It may not be that easy there, when the people wake up to freedom.

How will our 'bright boys' in Washington handle that?

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Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - 10:35 pm:   

From a friend of Ed and his wife. An observation and a question. Ed was exposed to 1200 times the lethal amount of neurotoxin. I have seen the test results from Duke University confirming it. Ed's wife was diagnosed with advanced cancer. I have seen the test results from her treatment hospital.

The question is how can Ed still be alive with all functions being found to be normal? How can his wife now be found free of cancer that was once stage three agressive and life threatening after one round of treatment and surgery? After the cancer was initially found to have spread.

Both have done something that defies conventional science and wisdom. I am both a friend, medical doctor and muslem. I have treated both Ed and his wife. They are fine people and friends

What they have done has shaken my belief in Islam.

I do not know what to say or think anymore.

You christians have tales about these type of these things and my people have watched as the great houses these two people are descended from have warred amoung themselves and been shocked by what we have seen them as capable of doing over the ages. We have even faced their ancestors in battle before the holy city we all claim as ours.

I do not know what to think anymore, save I think the hand of the creator has touched these two. My family wears the black turben and is of the house of the Prophet.

I have much to think about.
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Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 09:53 pm:   

Thank you Doctor (Anonymous) for your kind and compassionate testimonial on Ed and his wife's recovery from terrible life threatening illnesses. These are truly miraculous.

If I may add, in the past year I have known Ed's writings, I have seen an incredible evolution of thought from a time when it was a struggle for him to express ideas, his brain having been attacked, sometimes with mistakes, but in time full of clarity and deep insights. That was a joy for me to see a human mind so damaged by chemical poisoning recover in stages, perhaps fully. That to me is another miracle of sorts. There is no need in my mind to question our faith, since after all our faith is truly our own, a personal thing we share with God, from God and by God. But it is a good thing, in my opinion, to look at everything, same as everything is from God, even those things that appear wondrous and miraculous. I believe we are meant to learn from this, and then share it with our fellow human beings, not for glory but for the simple joy of being in this world together. Whether we wear the turban and are from the house of the Prophet, or adherents to any of the other teachings that strived to elevate humankind, we are all cut of the same cloth, and all marvel at the wonders of life. Our redemption happens, I believe, when we realize the power of this and stop treating the other person as something strange and alien, but that we are all special beings, and thus command the highest respect individually. That respect in times raises to the level of love, and that makes us whole with all members of humanity. I think then we as a human species evolve into conscious beings. The animosities of the world are soon to become anachronisms of a darker time, God willing.

Thank you, Ivan
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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 05:17 am:   

You know I once served with Ed,

During Exercise Team Spirit 86, while he was in his mid twenties, he built a network of agents that stole the otherside's war plans. He was given a medal for it and promoted.

During the Cold War he built a network of agents that stole the Soviet Central Group or Forces and the Czech Peoples Armies War Plans was promoted, awarded leadership medals and high honors and then he was going to be routed to Northern Army Group to break the Group Soviet Forces War and East German War Plans. He was then targeted, among others, on PANAM 103 over Lockerbie by a conspiracy.

While Serving as Chief of Intelligence Training in Saudi Arabia, working for the now King of Saudi Arabia, he built a network of low level agents that penetrated the Al Qadea cell that bombed Ryadh a few years ago. This network gave him a heads up on the planned bombing, he told his DSS investigator to look into it during his security clearence update in Oralndo Florida but it got dumped in the waste basket.

While serving at Joint Analysis Center (JAC) Molesworth England he studied, among other things, the sermons of Osama and spread of terrorist cells throughout Europe and saw that the analysis by the JACw as second rate that was being provided to the European Command and NATO and got frustrated and went a bit batty, as he suspected a major attack was coming but couldn't get the staff to listen, and then the Madrid Train Bombing went off.

They said he was delusional but while recovering from a drugging and toxin esposure, he expanded his network and got a copy under, suveillence, of the inditement of Scooter Libby using advanced CIA signaling techniques and computer cutouts like Al Qaeda which he studied extensively.

He now says he expanded a network into South America.

During our service in Germany his network out performed the CIA's collection efforts and was singled out by the United States Military Attache to Prague as providing the best intelligence he ever saw. He even had the location of the safe, and combination to it, of the war plans that the Commander 1st Tank Division Czech peoples army stored them in.

He has been trained in everying from directed energy weapons, artificial intelligence to nuclear explosives and the government laid him off.

He was also the Senior Intelligence Officer for the United States Armies Advanced War Fighting Experiment and knows our complete weapons and intelligence targeting capabilty and code breaking capabilites and the government laid him off and turned him down for promotion. While serving as a technical intelligence officer he was involved with building one shot lasers that could blow a hole through a cinder block wall.

I think he is a bit miffed at the government and private industry.

I thank Christ every day that he found Jesus because he makes Osama look like a idiot.

I have also hear rumors that he has penetrated CIA Langley and that through cutouts and computer info drops, agent updates and blind web postings that he was behind the disclosure of the Black Prisons the CIA was running and abuse of prisoners, but that like the Lockerbie conspiricy it can never be proved.

Again I thank Jesus he found god because he is capable of building a nuclear bomb or a one shot laser that can knock a plane out of the sky.

A friend of Ed's
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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 07:12 am:   

From a friend in Israel,

You are welcome here. We respect what you have done.

We also know your wife well and the Bedouin remember her kindness from day's long ago.

What the American's cast out we will accept.

We know you understand the threat we face.

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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 07:54 am:   

I remember the tactical genius that moved the pieces on the game board in Ryadh before the princes. I also remember our tea and respect you showed us while here. That you are a Christian is without doubt. It is good to know that because honest men can make bargins even it they differ. Saladeen taught us this.

I can see Damscus from a house in the mountains and I remmeber the story of Lawrence. My people have fallen far, but the library rises in Alexandrea.

You taught me well. From Yemen to Alexandria and then I will walk in Damascus. Saladeen had honor and extended his hand in friendship to the Lion Richard.

We who seek freedom have learned from you and reject Osama. We go down our own path to some new place. We will remember your lessons well. I stood in awe and watched you move the pieces on the battlefield and smash a battalion during a training exercise.

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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 08:37 am:   

Observation regarding Chesky's postings and that of his friends and supporters and AL Qaeda reaction and correlation to media releases from Israel and Al Qaeda postings.

There appears to be a direct correlation between reactions between a possible network established by Ed Chesky and Al Qaeda with the two networks in conflict. One pro-modernization network (Chesky's supporting seperation of Church and State) and one opposed (Al Qaeda).

Time of release of information is too close to be co-incident.

Al Qaeda appears to be monitoring this website.

Suspect they are trying to identify the network of contacts and extent of opposing network.

Use of blind postings, coded cell phone transmissions and information drops preclude this.
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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 05:17 pm:   

Ed is right on the money with the link between the Nazi's and Islamic Fundamentalists. See attached link.

Century-old Nazi propaganda still in use 26.htm
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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 08:06 pm:   

Let me get this right after reviewing the content here. I notice we have at least two high functioning geniuses posting here. One of which had access to all of the most sensistive classified material in the United States Government for over 26 years.

That same individual suffered a breakdown, following toxic exposure found god and jesus christ, trisected the angle, solved Al Hazen's Billiard problem and out performed super-computer models in terms of predicting earthquakes, storm damge and climate change amoung other things.

This same genius has been trained in all mannor of weapons system technology, artificial intelligence programs, nuclear weapons and had access to all of our satellight surveillence data and systems.

He sufferes from non-progressive secondary Parkinsonism as a result of drug and toxin exposure and has a working IQ that appears to be 130 or higher.

This same genius has twenty six years of experience building and running intelligence networks, covert operations and stealing the national defense plans of our adversaires. For which his plane, PANAM 103 was blown out of the sky, amoung other reasons.

The government and private sector then laid him off black balled him out of fear of lawsuits and liability and international repercussions.

He then retaliated using the skills he had and penetrated the White House, CIA Langley and DIA, this is after breaking agent network in our Embassy in New Dehli Embassy that compromised our national security.

As proof of the network of agents he built he had confirmation brough to him of Scooter Libby's indictment days before it was anounced passed to him under camera surveillence while he was working at a desk in a secure building.

He network of agents range from ex-cold war agents and operatives to current and former federal and state employees, street people and buisines executives spaning the Globe.

He studied the tactics of Osama and copied Al Qaedas internet tactics and advanced them to a new level when building his network, which is designed to promote peace security and advance christian, Celtic/Jesuit groups interests in religon which include but are not limited to an end to priest celibacy, recognition of female priests, acceptance of birth control, restrictions on abortion and advancement of human rights for all people.

In the process his network, which is distributed in nature, leaked all information regarding CIA abuse of prisoners and secret prisons. Discrediting the President of the United States in the process.

This genius is currently under employeed and is being actively recruited by Israel for his knowledge of our intelligence and weapons systems technologies.

Only the CIA, GW Bush and a bunch of private sector lawyers could have created this mess.
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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2006 - 08:28 pm:   

No it gets worse. I am a ex MI-5 agent. During a labor dispute in the UK over a contract violation, while this same genius was in the office having a discussion with his employer, a tanker truck loaded with liquid natural gas showed up outside. The building did not use this type of gas.

We checked the driver and he had a celtic cross, a bible and a flag of St. George in the truck. There was no bomb.

He said he made a, "Wrong Turn". He was nice polite and left when asked. The truck if it had been rigged would have leveled the building.

We got the point. Particularly when a gentleman of Irish descent with a walking stick and phenominal memory showed up and memmorized all our faces, plate numbers and identifiable features. He said he was an itinerante poet just turing the country side. He proceded to prove it by repeating 500 lines of gaelic poetry.

We reported our findings and were told to back off and drop it.
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Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006 - 05:45 am:   

Yes what we think,a small gorup of us, Ed has done is not only penetrate White House security but Moscow as well, he also got a copy of the location of the meeting between Putin and Bush in Czech.

By his actions and the network he built modeled on Al Qaeda, but using his lifetime of security experience with advanced computers, is build a system that uses spywear, to share data in the background.

He not only did this but coupled it to an agent network that is opposed to dictatorial regimes.

He further demonstrated that he can place truck bombs, and personnel in and near key facilities on the global stage, like Al Qaeda, withing 72 hours using media broadcasts, hand signals, computer postings, spywear broadcasts and dead drops.

We suspect the Air Force one Graffiti hoax was part of his network's plausable denial operations indicating his ability to disseminate video on the internet using cutouts. The amount of moeny involved in the air force one hoax is large indicating finacial resources and represents a techinical capability that far excedes Al Qaeda.

Air Force One Graffiti Hoax,70718-0.html?tw=rss.index

We also suspect he was behind the woman that penetrated security in New Hampshire and drove towards Air Force one. Indicating an ability to use metally deranged personnel for missions like the KGB did in the attempt against Pope John Paul in a plausable denial mannor.

We also think that as we review media reports that the appearance of a abandoned TOW missile system near a rail line in the United States may have been part of his networks operations indicating its ability to aquire and operate high technology weapons.

All in all a demonstration that its possible to build a highly sophisticated network and run it like those terrorists we have in prison do. Thats why we restrict the radio and televison privlegeds of these geniuses because they use them to broadcast coded messages.

I am one glade Ed found Jesus Christ and god and is a pacifist becaue his network scares the hell out of us. ief?mode=PF
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Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006 - 03:21 pm:   

Al Qaeda strikes hotel hundreds wounded, scores possibly killed.

For one I would rather have Ed Chesky and his network operating in support of the United States and its allies than as an independent operation.

He has demonstrated a capability to both predict Al Qaeda strikes and their targets. I note his supporters were active on the web just prior to the hotel blasts and spoke of moving from Alexandria to Yemen.

What intelligence did he have? These attacks come on the heels of attacks against Universities in Iraq that wounded scores and during periods that his network is active. We have a war going on.

His web traffic clearly indicates insight into the planning and execution of terrorist attacks just before they occur. He has broken Al Qaeda's code and time cycle.

What will it take to get him back into active federal service. Rather than sitting on the sidelines running independent operations to prove that he can do these things?
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Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006 - 04:13 pm:   

Ed is currently the target of Al Qaeda, religious extremists and anti-religous fanactics. He. like Sir Isaac Newton, built a network to protect himself because the federal government threw him to the wolves with no protection.

He and his family should have been put in the witness protection program or given a safe government job in a secure building.

Instead he had to build a network to protect himself and his family as best he could.

With no other recourse he built a network using his skills of 26 years of intelligence service.

Why do you think he is angry at the federal government.

One of the greatest minds in geometry thrown into the streets with no protection from the government, a minimal pension and only his friends, family, contacts and skill at building a religious based moderate network to protect him.

We are lucky he is only using his resources to defend himself.
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Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006 - 06:34 pm:   

Thanks for the assessments,

1. What I have done is demonstrate the capability to build a network like Al Qaeda but on a scale that far exceeds it in terms of ability and technical capability.

2. I use it to do and prove the following things,
a. That the Celtic Christians can match and far exceede the technical and organizational capabilities of Al Qaeda.
b. Celtic Christians can create an organization that is peaceful but capable of reaching accross the Globe.
c. Celtic Christians are inclusive regardless of race and desire to live in peace with all other religions.
d. That Celtic Christians have the ability to defend themselves within the scope of the law, but when the law fails have resources to draw upon.

3. I recognize that fear of the unknown and a possible large scale secret organization of global proportions that ties together the Celtic Christians and decendents of the Taiping Rebellion is troubling for many but we have yet to do anything but flex muscles and provide warning to the world of impending earthquakes, terrorist attacks and storm damage.

4. What the data I have been fed from my networks indicated was that Al Qaeda changed its code speak and timing just like the Soviets used to shift codes. It took us a while to break it. Israel provided me with a snythesis of SIGINT data released vis taylored media broadcasts that my team decoded and used to break the shift in AL Qaeda Traffic patterns.

Hence my coded collection message to and from Syria in the mountains above Damascus. Translated it ment the following.

Bargin with the Bedouins accepted. Surveillence of Al Qaeda operatives in Egypt and Yemen indicate attacks in progress. Instructions issues for attacks in Saudi Arabia as well. Threat to descendent of the the House of Windsor in Iraq if deployed Osama has issued death threat against him, bargin made between Richard the Lion and Saladeen will not be honored by Al Qadea. Library and Universities Targeted. Key Words in Message ALexandria-library-Yeman-Saladeen-Damascus-Mountain-Lion-House-Bargin

End of Message.

Ed Chesky

Expert Code Breaker United States Army
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Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006 - 07:43 pm:   

You know it looks like this guy did break Al Qaeda's code and code speak.

A guy that has a history of breaking codes, stealing national secrets, running spy rings and using spyware to pass data in the background of the internet.

All because he got laid off by the government and Bush administration.

It also looks like he is running a distributed network like Al Qaeda from a home computer.

WIth cells conducting operations in a plausable denial mode with him provding guidence from time to time and analytic support.

Thus maximizing the creativity of the cells, all of whom have an anti-Bush agenda.
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La Chef
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 - 06:46 pm:   

This one's for fast Eddie, keep up the good works, man.


Compliments of the good folks at Nearing Zero :-)
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Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 - 09:59 pm:   

Well, Le (la) Chef, we deleted the dupe post sans pix. Don't know why that happens sometimes. But you are welcome anytime.

Cheers, Humancafe
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Posted on Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - 04:09 pm:   

LOL love the PIC Le Chef

To a degree I have been playing a game on the side.

Its called a game of the truth.

Yes I did solve the billiard problem. As depicted. It is a solution that is outside the box of normal thinking.

As to the rest.

Well it started years ago with some concepts this board gave me the oportunity to explore.

DO I have autism, yes to a slight degree I do.

For the rest.

yes I did predict earthquakes based on analysis of factors. I have been trying to figure out how I did it.

Did I break codes yes I did.

In terms of information that I scattered throughout the federal government, it started with the 1st Gulf War.

Since that war I have as a result of correspondence with the government, verified medical tests and confirmed oganophosate exposure built a case that would re-open and force reconsideration of 10,000's of thousand of Gulf War claims.

THe dollar figure to settle the claims runs in the tens if not hundred's of millions of dollars.

I couple this to information I released with regards to PANAM 103 and it is enough to throw that entire case in doubt in terms of a conspiracy by the Soviets. The records of the operations and spy network in USAREUR command is well documented. The links that stem from it run into the most classified operations the United States Government conducted at the time and could only be handled in a closed trial.

The theft of my laptop in Mexico was reported and not acted on. That program in Mexico I was working on was killed as a result of confirmed security breaches that included a penetration from New Delhi India that I reported. This was under investigation from DSS industrial security.

The penetration of the TRW compound in Ryahd Suadi Arabia was reported again to DSS industrial security and was not acted on then came the Ryadh bombing.

What I have done, coupled to a series of accurate predictions is construct a interlinked series of information bombs of the truth. That if released will result in hundreds of investigations, potential lawsuits massive press coverage and congressional inquires.

To a degree I have been looking for a trigger event to release all of this in terms of an open investingation which will drag all of this into the open.

hence my postings and threats to leak classified information and other activities I have been engaged in.

I know what the other side the government of the United States has in terms of information. I couple that to verified medical data and failure to follow-up on security breaches with the complete knowledge of what I was involved in.

By my postings I knew that the head of Isreali Military intelligence knew what I knew and wanted to make a deal.

I waited for information in the press to be released in the form of articles or media broadcasts that met certain criteria.

When they did I knew that my postings had been read by the correct intelligence service.

Information was exchanged via the open media with no words having to be said.

I provided a gist of what I translated here.

No BS that is exactly what I did and how I played the game. I have been baiting and using the latest poster attacking my concept relating to quantum physics in an attempt to have him report the issue to the authorities.

With the knowledge that based on the above it would rip a hole in our national intelligence system and medical bennefits system large enough to drive truck threw. Dragging into the open enough dirty laundry that it would make the Drifis Affair look tame

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - 05:31 pm:   

As to the game I played of which this website is but an aspect of it.

It is similar to the game I played in India of betting my life and leaked information on the status of nuclear forces on both the Pakistani Side and the Indian side from our embassy.

In this game I know what I know, I know what the other side knows, and I know what the United States Government knows.

I use information I droped in dead drops, sent in correspondence and know the government has in databases to play with along with my knowledge on the great game board of nuclear secrets, weapons design, and command and conctrol systems.

I leveraged it in India to shape public opinion amoung a select influencial group.

Hence the term information warfare.

Yes its a game, a great game and for a slightly autistic genius great entertainment.

Ed Chesky

Anyone else would like to play the game and bet your life on the outcome? The currency at the table is national security secrets and the game is played for the highest stakes.
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Posted on Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - 06:59 pm:   

For untrained in intelligence operations,

What I did in India was detect prior to my going there that the situation was reaching critical mass.

I then conducted a data-mining operation against the United States Embassy using the INTERNET and open source material. From it was able to indentify that at least three United States Embassy employees had placed themselves in compromising positions via illicit activities that made them highly likely targets for recruitment and blackmail.

Based on my knowledge of agent recruitment techniques I bet they had been compromised and that Embassy security and likely its commuincations systems had been compromised.

When I entered the Embassy during the height of the Indo-Pak nucler crisis I was able to confirm via leaked information and feedback from Indian intelligence probes of my computer and attempts to solicite information from me that our communications had been compromised.

This assessment was based on a detailed review I conducted of the embassy communications architecture.

WIth that information in hand I leaked data out the compromised secure communications circuit back to my company. My intent was to identify myself as a player in teh game.

I then made contact with a local, spread some money around to establish my credentials and passed some data to him as part of an effort to influence his segment of the population through his contacts.

I knew based on comments on work before I left for india that the INtelligence services had bugged my home computer and were monitoring my web seurfing activity so I decided to take them on a ride they would never forget, in the process pointing out the breaches in New Delhi embassy security.

It was a game to me.

The data on compromised embassy security was fed back to the CIA and FBI and when I showed up was contacted by the local CIA station chief. He knew I knew, I knew he knew what I knew and we played a game on the great game board.

It was fun.

NO BS thats how I did it. Was it illegal. Its grey area:-)

Thats how I play the game of spy verses spy care to join me?
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Posted on Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - 08:37 pm:   

Now for Osama and his ilk,

I have the complete details of all major destabilizing weapons of mass destruction shipments around the pacific in my head. This includes all major players, Isreal, India, Pakistan, China and the transhipment points and middle men from being chief of counter-proliferation United States Pacific Command.

This is enough current information to destablize the region.

For Osama, a few bombs compared to that are nothing. Hence why the Mossad shows up from time to time to watch my back and why two police crusiers are patrolling the area around my house.

Any other people care to step up to the table with real currency and play the game? I don't count the Muslim on this site posting fantesy spin from Science fiction sites.


PS when I travel I have back up from the intelligence services because they know if I fall in the wrong hands I would have no qaulms about spilling my guts and everything I know.

When I walked out the door this autistic genius took everything he knew with him in his head. Be thankful I am christian and from one of the founding families of the United States.
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Posted on Friday, May 05, 2006 - 09:18 am:   

Pentagon surfing 5,000 jihadist Web sites
Sites use propaganda, video games aimed at recruits as young as 7

Ex-FBI analyst admits sharing secrets
Man gave data to plotters alleged trying to overthrow Philippine president

What Ed has done is demonstrate how a religous based organization using patriotism can place agents inside the federal government.

In the case of the FBI agent he had data relating not only to the Philipines but also the movements of the President and Vice President availaible to him. This is invaluable information in terms of compromising presidential security.

In the case of AL Qaeda they use the internet to communicate and the pentegon has spent tens of millions of dollars and 10 of thousands of man hours to track the data flow of information inside the Al Qaeda web and media releases. They have noted a cause and effect relationship between webpostings, media releases and terrorist attacks.

It appears the Ed, by gift of a quirk of neurobiology, or by god from the religious people, has been able to identify a current of information exchange in the mass of data that the pentegon is spending tens of millions of dollars to shift thru.

Along the way he also demonstrated how a religious based organization can get information out of the federal government that is both highly sensitive and dangerous to the continued welfare of the state.

I note he has threatend to release classified information but has yet to do so, using it as gode rather than a sword.
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Posted on Monday, May 15, 2006 - 04:05 pm:

The above link is copy of the original war plan for the 1st Czech Peoples Army. It was modified slightly over the years.

While serving as the Chief of Intelligence for the 1st Armored Division I reconstructed the plan and built a nuclear targeting campaign to disrupt and destroy the enemy.

We developed a spectrum of plans to destroy the 1st CPA based on my intelligence work. These plans included both nuclear and non-nuclear fires, aviation attacks and use of mobile armored warfare.

For my efforts I was targeted for assination on PANAM 103 along with others in the intelligence commuity that were on that airplane.

This legacy of brillient analysis followed me to Saudi Arabia and resulted in the bombing of the Vinnell Arabia Compound and the subsquent theft of my Laptop with sensitive data on it by agents of the Cuban DGI, Soviets and PRC.

Thrown out to the wolves of foreign intelligence services by the Bush Administration I had to turn to the Churches for protection.

In response I built a network to protect myself and my family.

The rest is history. From the above link you can see the palns of the Warsaw Pact. People do not know how close it came during that time.

To counter the SOviet SS-21's we fielded Persing II missiles and Ground Based Cruise Missiles.

The SOviets responded with Operation Ryan and Operation Marabu and the world teetered on the brink of Nuclear Holocost.

I should ahve died on PANAM 103 but for the grace of god and German intelligence.

One day I will go to Lockerbie to pay my respects to the dead.

In my dreams I still see the great armies poised on the bring of nuclear Holocost.

That is how close it was.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Monday, May 15, 2006 - 07:25 pm:   


The above link is copy of the original war plan for the 1st Czech Peoples Army. It was modified slightly over the years.

That was 1963, and too close. I guess the Czechs/Russians really had expectations of an invasion, but to use atomics in retaliation would have been a nightmare. Thank God it never happened!

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Posted on Monday, May 15, 2006 - 09:39 pm:   

Yes Ivan I thank God as well,

I still have the map I plotted all of the forces out on in my study. During the Cold War I had the complete deployment plans of the 1st and 4th Czech Peoples armies depicted on the map. This included all Battalion assembly areas, division command posts and location of the deployment areas for their nuclear capable delivery systems.

We uploaded all the data into the 1st Armored Divison TACFIRE computer system. From there it was sent to the VII Corps and Central Army group fire control computers. that data was then used to update the Lance and Pershing Missile Strike/Targeting plans.

It was at this point that the Operation Ryan Spy Group lead by the Conrad Spy ring got the data and fed it back to the Soviets.

This played on the Russian fears of the United States planning a first strike. NATO was pushing for the retension of the Pershing Missiles at this point during force reduction negotiations but this was seen by the Soviets as being part of a plan to strike at them and we had to get rid of them. We ended up replacing the Pershings with the MLRS and its long range fired missiles. It was also at this juncture that PANAM 103 was destroyed. It was a intended as a message during the negotiations that the Russians knew what we had in terms of targeting data and that some things were best left alone.

All told I cost the Czech and Soviets billions of dollars in damages by correlating all intelligence to build that nuclear and conventional fire plan.

Come next spring I will be building a studio/workshop on the back of my property where I will hang my campaign maps among other things. I have recently restored the maps, minus the order of battle data, so that they can be framed and matted. Pass down things for my family in the years to come.

To me it was a great game board. Played for the highest of stakes. From the Korean DMZ, to the Iron Curtain in Germany, to the Gulf War, to the Pacific, to Saudi Arabia, to India, Mexico and finally to the Second Gulf War, Operation Iraqi freedom. Three wars, many campaigns and crisis I have served my country while others played politics and got promoted or hid in safe federal jobs and raked in the money.

I bet my life to help stop a nuclear crisis in India, and served the intelligence and nuclear forces of this nation for over 20 years. Each time I applied to the federal government under George Bush I was turned down, while horse show judges were placed in charge of agencies.

Am I angry yes. Is it a justifiable anger yes. Do I look forward to the day when George Bush is out of office yes.

Till that day I will content myself with my studies and building my workshop/study and restoring my 110 year old home. I have joined a local antiquities society that is looking for evidence of pre-columbian contact with the Native Americans.

That organization, school and my work is enough for me at this point in my life.

At night when I am tortured by the memmories of how close we came to nuclear war and how close India and Pakistan came to obliterating each other I sit in my study and look at my awards and decorations from generals, colonels and presidents and reflect. I have too many decorations for my study to hold.

I and my wife gave our lives in service to the nuclear forces of this nation. In the air above the pacific almost 20 years ago she flew into the fallout cloud of a Russian test so we could learn the secrets of the Russian bombs from the residue of the explosion. The cost to her was cancer.

During the Gulf War I handled chemical weapons and breathed in the fallout from bunkers we destroyed that rained down on us during the great rain storms that occured during Operation Desert Storm. The cost to me was secondary parkinsonism.

It is also partly why it is that I see the judgement of god in the clouds. When we destroyed the Iraqi bunkers the material contained in them rose and mixed with the smoke of the oil fires and it fell back on us during the great rain storms.

I call it a devils cocktail that we all drank from.

After the war I walked the highway of death were we obliterated and army and turned it into a fused carbon mess. It was much like the words of the psalm.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil. My cup runs over.

years later in that bar in Mexico city before my laptop was stolen I watched the Old Russian Mobster/KGB/GRU agent smile at me as I drank my beer.

Old enemies from days gone by selling their services and souls to the highest bidders.

As I pass into middle age I look forward to the day when I will get back on a platform to teach. Until that day I am content with my studies.

Perhaps one day, I will be invited back to speak at the Military Intelligence School or the War College. I suspect it will have to wait until the current president is out of office.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2006 - 08:25 pm:   

Black Holes, the video.

What happens if you 'fall in' one? You get fried, shredded, and spat out the axis at nearly the speed of light, as new positive charged proto-matter. (I guess that makes you 'reborn' somehow?) Take a seat and see the show, but don't sit in the front row. :-)
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Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2006 - 02:01 pm:   


This recently came to mind when reading (slowly) a book of calculus (bed time reading) on how the limit derivation to zero is useful to find the slope on a point, on zero. But if we are to eventually work with infinities, which may be demanded once we better understand how infinite values affect a point slope, then what is the limit derivative of a slope at infinity? Would this need a new calculus for such limits to infinity?

In the book, "Calculus: One and Several Variables", by S.L Salas and Einar Hille (4th ed., 1982, Wiley & Sons, NY), I found a reference to L'Hospital's proof, rule for case x-->infinity. It says, pp. 515-519:


"Proof: The key here is to set x = 1/t:

lim f'(x) = lim f'(1/t) ... etc.
x-->inf g'(x) t-|->0 g'(1/t)

Then it gives a warnings:

CAUTION: L'Hospital's rule does not apply when the numerator or the denominator has a finite nonzero limit.

The author then shows how limit x-->0 leads to zero; while inversely x-->infin leads to =1 is WRONG.

This is how it looks to me, though I am not sure why this application of L'Hospital's (elsewhere sometimes spelled L'Hopital's) rule does not apply to the inverse of limit = zero, where limit = 1, which is indeterminate.

It seems this reverts back to the old conundrum that you cannot divide by infinity or zero, which is why (at present) the equation:

zero x infinity = 1

is considered 'invalid'. However, taken at the limit, where n-->infinity, and conversely 1/n-->zero, then:

n x 1/n = 1

is always true, so that stretching either end to infinity and zero (simultaneously) yields the above 'forbidden' and indeterminate equation, where zero times infinity is one, at their limit.

I should think that the 'natural' function of limit-->infinity should be the inverse of limit-->0, so that if equation:

f(x^2) = 2x, conversely, eq. f(x^2) = 1/2 x
lim-->0 ... .... ... ... ... lim-->infin

so that any derivative on a zero point shows its 'infinity' derivative as its inverse, or its perpendicular when shown as coordinates on a graph. This is an easy way to get to limit-->infinity, where the resulting derivative is always the inverse of its zero point derivative. However, at present we have no real application for this, since a zero point is unrelated to its infinity value, because it is 'indeterminate' as now understood. Should this prove, in the future, that the zero point is because of its infinity value, meaning infinity 'defines' its internal zero point (a philosophical question for now), then such infinity calculus may prove useful, where its infinity derivative is simply the inverse of its zero point derivative. One place where this may be needed is when the interrelationship of infinite sets defines any one of its internal zero points, then the derivatives taken for zero limit will automatically translate into infinity limit as an inverse value.

Something else to consider?

If f(x) = 1, then f(1/x) = 0
lim-->inf ... .... lim-->inf

If this graphs as a curve that flattens at y = 1, then slope m = 0, and its perpendicular is slope m = infinity.

Can this be usable? Don't know... just having fun. :-)


L'Hospital's Rule
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Posted on Monday, May 29, 2006 - 11:34 am:   

Gravity Probe-B, the results:

It had been nearly 9 months since data was collected from Gravity Probe-B, collecting evidence of space-time drift, per Einstein's universe. No data had been released yet, not expected until January 2007. Will they find anything, I wonder? I assume the science is good. What will they find? I suspect not much, unless it is interpreted within Relativity's 'domain of applicability'. In keeping the data within the tight constraints of interpretive analysis, the results may 'appear' to validate Einstein. Then again, they may not. It will be interesting, nevertheless, as a small step into gravity research.

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Posted on Monday, May 29, 2006 - 03:00 pm:   


Note in this HI (hydrogen gas) blue light image of this 'dark matter' galaxy how there is faint evidence of spiral arms. This may mean the galaxy is already spinning, which would imply a 'black hole' center formed. Per the Axiomatic, this super gravity 'black hole' forms wherever enough ambient surround light converges on a center, so wavelength lambda (electromagnetic energy self cancels) cancel there and primordial super gravity (what is the universe without energy) is released. What is puzzling is that there are no luminous stars in this galaxy, which may perhaps be due to there not being enough hydrogen mass accumulated to combust into fusion. Regardless of the energy content, the principle of ambient energy canceling on a point works, even if faint.

Is this coincidence, or more anecdotal evidence for variable higher G, like the 'dark matter' it is supposed to be? Low luminosity, per Axiomatic Eq, means higher G, as this Ghost Galaxy reveals.
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Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - 09:44 pm:   

Great Mars pix from MarsGeology , from both Opportunity and Spirit Mars rovers.

My favorite is this, reminds me of the South West deserts: (may need to scroll down once image appears, red sky above cliffs below)

Mars sea of dunes with rover tracks:

Unusual Martian sand dunes: pg

Martian 'spherules' fascinate me no end:

Mars 'El Dorado' dunes look almost like water:

Mars 'Comanche' hill could be an ambush site:

Sunset on Mars 'blue sky': (may need to scroll around)

There are many more, just go to MarsGeology at

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Posted on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 - 10:46 pm:   



Wow, how did they do this?
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Posted on Sunday, June 18, 2006 - 09:41 am:   

DREAMS can be so strange.

Strange things to dream, that Zarkawi is crying in horror as his over-souls in the afterlife show him his deeds and the pain he created in his life. I could actually feel his horror, not a punishing horror, not like hell, but one of deep sorrow and very great great regrets, like his soul was crying from all its depths.

Stranger still, I was dreaming that gravity is instantaneous in its potential but not instantaneous in its response... whatever that means... I'm going back to sleep... late night.

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Posted on Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 09:24 pm:

CAIR sounds like CARE but really means...?
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Posted on Monday, July 03, 2006 - 08:03 pm:   

Man's brain rewired itself in 19 years after crash

Doctors have proof on how man who was barely conscious for decades woke

Like the man in the article above, it took me years to reforge the connections in my brain damaged as a result of neurotoxin exposure. The pain was beyond imagination. As the nerves reforged their connections it felt like fire in my brain. The agony to learn to think again, perform simple tasks like eat, tie my shoes and dress myself was beyound measure.

Almost 7 years to regain function once again.

During that time I still had a sense of who I was and that I was a councious being, it was like trying to move dead meat, slowly the function returned and the ability to form words and thoughts that could be expressed. In my pain and agony it was like I was in hell itself. Fighting to get out.

During the recovery the expereince can be best described as a transcendental experience.

I thank the Editors of the Human cafe for allowing me to post here during my recovery.

It was journey back from the edge of what it means to be human to being a councious being.

I hope that my recovery documented here, as the neurological connections grew and reforged the ties that allowed access to increased levels of counciousness, is of some hope for the survivors of Tramatic Brain Injury from the current war.

The brain is a unique thing full of mysteries. What I saw when it was almost shut down and where I went is something that I will carry with me to the end of my days. It was journey back to a more primative time when the organ that is the brain was smaller and much more primative driven by passion, lust and base desires.

The anger at having been more than that and feeling the limits was beyound measure. As capability returned so did enlightenment.

Was it an act of god, good genes or modern medicine or all of the above only god knows.

However, It was story I wished to share in hopes the human race could learn from it.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Monday, July 03, 2006 - 09:45 pm:   

Key Iraq wound: Brain trauma

Advances in body armor have increased the survival rate for our soldiers. However like all things there is a cost. It is called Tramatic Brain Injury or TBI for short.

In severe cases, victims must relearn how to walk and talk or form thoughts.

It took me seven years....the KGB took their shot to steal a years later I am still here and looking at a map of Rusia

Ed Chesky
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Ed Chesky
Posted on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 - 12:47 pm:   

On this fourth of July I am planning to celebrate our independence day. In my study on the third floor of 110 year old home I can look out on stately trees that line the streets of one of the finest neighborhoods in my state. One that tourists visit to take pictures of the historic homes and places.

On this day I remember the men and women that flew into the atomic dust clouds from Chinese and Russian Nuke tests to find the secrets of the Chinese and Russian Nuclear weapons design from the isotope levels in the clouds.

They like my wife suffer from a variety of ills from doing their job in order to buy us the information we needed to win the Cold War. Until she was stricken with cancer my wife was among the candidates that were being considered to fly on the Space Shuttle as a mission specialist. That dream died during the Cold War because of the effects of a cloud of radiation.
She has accepted it and moved on and like me takes life day by day.

In the darkness above the Pacific my wife in the back of EP3A hunted Russian Nuclear Submarines while I hunted Soviet Operational Maneuver Groups and their staging areas with nuclear weapons, missile strikes, attack helicopters and fixed wing aircraft in the darkness of the German Winter. We fought that Battle 365 days a year 24 hours a day until it was over.

Now men and women hunt terrorists armed with explosive belts, chemical weapons technology and a warped faith in God that transcends the limits of civilized behavior.

During the Wars I fought in and supported with intelligence production: The Cold War, Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, along with the Various Nuclear and a number of International Crisis, I have seen the change in the nature of the conclict we face. In my days we had rules, brutal, leathal rules that were binding on us. We accepted those rules and played by them.

In this new war our adversaries bide by no rules and are not detered by death.

When our soldiers and airmen flew into the Nuclear Clouds to buy us the information we needed to protect the citizens of the West they knew they would be facing death at some point in the future. Most if not all went to the base chapels to pray before the missions. In those sancturies Catholic, Protestant and Jew bowed their heads to pray to a god to grant them the courage to face the radiation in order to keep the planet's delicate balance of power intact and buy us the time to build our forces up to the point where we could force the Soviets to the table to bargin in earnest.

In the end we won the war. During those days our soldiers, sailors and airmen walked, flew and sailed into what amounted to the Valley of Death and returned with the information we needed to live. The cost was their lives in many cases. This sacrifice stands in opposition to the twisted sacrifice of the Suicide Bomber with his explosive belt.

I still remember the reports of Chernoble where the Soviet Military flew mission after mission in the air above the reactor to drop material to plug the leak and stabilize the reactor at the cost of their lives. Both we and the Soviets had competing views of the type of World that we wanted to build. But when that world was threatened we had the wisdom to see that sometimes we needed to put our ideological struggle in order to fight to save it.

Our current enemies lack that understanding and would do everything in their power to destroy our civilization.

Such is the new world we live in.

As I muse about this I am looking at the maps that I planned nuclear compaigns on during the dark days of the Cold War and the counter attack back accross the DMZ in Korea had the North Koreans crossed the line.

Relics from the Battlefields of wars that we avoided fighting.

May God Bless the United States of American and the Sacrifice of the Men and Women that gave thier lives, health, and sanity to keep us free.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 - 01:30 pm:   

God Bless the all who serve our country
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Posted on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 - 01:39 pm:   

Known nuclear tests worldwide, 1945-1995

Fallout Likely Caused 15,000 Deaths
Study Links Nuclear Tests to Cancer Cases
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Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 06:03 pm:   

As I sit here pondering life I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be alive.

24 Years of dangerous assignments. With no back-up in places around the world.

From the DMZ in Korea and a shooting incident, to Germany and the end of the Soviet Empire. Watching the Berlin Wall fall, and then missing my place on PANAM 103.

To the Gulf War, a series of international crisis, Operation Iraqi freedom. The bombing of the Vinnell Compound in Saudi Arabia. Indo-Pak nuclear crisis and all the rest.

24 years in service to humanity helping hold off the darkness.

Like many old soldiers I am haunted by the dead.

From the army that was carbonized on the Highway of Death in Kuwait, to those dead from terrorist attacks and to those with cancer and injuries from the battle to save the planet during the Cold War.

As I move into middle age I am slowing down, skull fractures, fractured ribs, fracture neck, brain damage, neuro-toxin exposure.

I posted here to give hope to those fighting the current war on terrorism. They will face threats and challanges to their integrity in service to their nation and the cause of civilization.

Sometimes, I can see the dead in my mind and smell the smell of decay.

When exposed to neuro-toxin I glimpse something of the other side when I almost died. So vast it is hard to comprehend.

Know that wherever you are that a being even in the darkest pit is there to confort you in the end should you be called to make the final sacrifice in service to humanity and civilization.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, July 09, 2006 - 10:58 am:   

War 101: The line between killer and murderer
Veterans enlisted to teach new soldiers about waging war the ‘right’ way

The above link opens a line of thought regarding the difference between a soldier and a murderer.

Sometimes civilization requires its members to defend it from those that would destroy it and the moral under-pinning that suports it.

When that happens we step into a gray area. Where our values are put to the test as we defend ourselves against those who do not value life or freedom as we know it.

Many like me will carry with them to their dying days the knowledge of how many we were forced to kill in the defense of civilization. In 24 years of proffesional military service the death toll I helped to bring about stands in the tens of thousands. That is balanced by millions that were saved and live in freedom and peace now.

The difference between us, military proffesionals, and the terrorists is that we are hurt by our actions and the knowledge of what we had to do to defend freedom, while they revel in it.

One day I will once again teach soldiers the difference between being a proffesional soldier and a murderer and how to deal with the cost of what you had to do when you look back at your life and realize how many humans have died as a result of your actions.

The only thing that comes close is having to make decisions on who can be saved by medical intervention and who can not and who will get the aid. That type of duty is one that breaks even the most experienced medical proffesionals.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, July 09, 2006 - 11:49 am:   


The difference between us, military proffesionals, and the terrorists is that we are hurt by our actions and the knowledge of what we had to do to defend freedom, while they revel in it.

Ed, the difference between our fight for freedom and the enemy's fight to kill our freedoms is exemplified in a film classic, The Big Red One. Lee Marvin in one telling scene says to a young soldier, something in effect, "you murder men, you kill the enemy."

It is a highly stressed situation to be at war in a firefight. Cruelties that otherwise might never surface in life may suddenly take over. But if the allegations of a soldier raping an Iraqi women and then killing her and her family is true, then that soldier is no different from the suicider who strapped with bombs blows himself up in a crowded market place, killing men, women and children. We are better because we value life, so we kill the enemy. They do not value life, so they murder. And they have murdered a lot more than we had killed, of their own people.

Civilization is a respect of rules of law, and value of life, and honor of truthfulness. Barbarism is a respect for brutality, disrgard for life, and glory in killing and death, where the honor is to die in battle. Mind, we will investigate the matter, while you can bet your bottom dollar the enemy will never investigate their horrors. That is what makes us different from them. We are better. Our soldier know that, almost instinctively, that we are better men.

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Posted on Sunday, July 09, 2006 - 03:41 pm:   

"Civilization is a respect of rules of law, and value of life, and honor of truthfulness. Barbarism is a respect for brutality, disrgard for life, and glory in killing and death, where the honor is to die in battle. Mind, we will investigate the matter, while you can bet your bottom dollar the enemy will never investigate their horrors. That is what makes us different from them. We are better. Our soldier know that, almost instinctively, that we are better men."

Very true Ivan,

But for the support of my fellow veteran's and police officials, and fellow members of the western intelligence corps, who stood with me I would be dead. Implied was a promise, when I walked into the night in India to run a plausable denial operation in the great game of nuclear secrets in order to help defuse a crisis, that I would be watched over from afar.

In the middle ages that tactic was called a stalking horse. The hunters in the middle ages used a large trained horse to crash through the bushes to make lots of noise that would atract the attention of the wild boar or bear they were hunting. This gave the huntsmen the oportunity to sneak up on the beast from behind to kill it, catching it unaware.

This was the nature of the game we played as part of a plausable denial operation. Deep cover intelligence operations. I was the stalking horse and behind me were the CIA, MOSAD and other intelligence agencies.

The militant Islamics hate me and would kill me given the chance. Along with Neo-Nazi's a host of fanactical insane people.

When I travel I act as a stalking horse, a target. The danger is that one day the other side will get through with a bomb or something else and I and many others will die in the attempt. I put my faith in the intelligence services and local law enforcement, backed by snipers.

As part of the operation in India, I was briefed by a Colonel of the special forces about a similar operation we ran in Northern Iraq.

When Saddam's forces crossed the line we sent a general out to meet their leader. He told them to pull back. They laughed at him. He said now watch this, and waved his hand and a sniper put a bullet into the dirt between the legs of the Iraqi officer. The general then told him that he had twenty snipers in the field and would kill all of them if they and their forces did not withdraw. All were listening to him via micro-tranmitter on his person. To prove it he had one break cover and stand up. They got the point and left.

We did a similar thing with advanced bugs that have been downsized to pin size by the CIA and Snipers with advanced sights when I was in India.

Coordinating the movement of intelligence via micro transmitters and hand signals keyed to snipers and intelligence operatives in overwatch.

A demonstration of the blackest of programs in the dirty game of counter terrorism, crisis management and suicide bombers. We are currently expanding the program to include suspected suicide bombers that we develop leads on.

Such it the dirty buisness that is counter terrorism at the blackest levels and the technology we can bring to bear.

The Roman's did a similar thing when they sent out a senator to face the barbarians in the east. He approached the horde and said behind me stands the endless legions of Rome. They got the point.

In all operations we followed the law, at risk of our own lives. I could have been picked up in India but had been selected to deliver a message outside channels backed by bugs and opertives from afar that knew our communication systems had been penetrated.

In time other operations similar to that will be told. High adventure and technology in the great game to save the lives of millions and advance civilization.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, July 09, 2006 - 06:23 pm:   

As I sit here I do so with the knowledge that I am a target of oportunity for a number of groups.

With my knowledgeof nuclear weapons, intelligence systems, terrorist operations and a variety of other subjects, I face the risk or assination, kidnapping or having loved ones killed.

My house is at risk of being blown up as is my car and place of work.

When I walk into work each day I look at the buildings and know that anyday a truck bomb, letter bomb or anthrax laced letter could be delivered to even the score for the thousands of Muslims I helped kill over the years in service to my government.

If it does happen then I can only say to lay the blame at the feet of George Bush for breaking contract and throwing a senior intelligence agent to the wolves.

Given where I work, I am in a bomb proof cubical wraped in layers of reinforced concrete, and in the event of a bombing would walk out into the carnage unscratched - To help the wounded the best I can.

On that day as I helped the wounded I would turn my head towards Washington DC and weep for the betrayal of a adminstration that played games with its intelligence officers, like Valerie P. (full name DELETED to protect Humancafe, - Editors)

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, July 09, 2006 - 10:03 pm:   

With thanks to the editors of the Human Cafe.

For 24 years I put my life on the line for the government of the United States.

In the old days we survivors of the wars would be given jobs at universities, the military war college in the Government Civil service or defense contracting far from the horrors of war in protected environments.

In coming back I have been thrust back into the front lines once again, having to deal with life and death situations, illness injury death, bomb threats fires and the like on a dalily bassis.

Add to this because of operations I have been involved in and a recovery from central nervous system damage, and I, like many others harbor a great deal of internalized anger at what our nation has asked us to do, while locking us out of the civil service system and other safe jobs.

I current work with a number of veterans including those just back from Iraq and Afghanistan and we share similiar feelings at the nature of the work we are doing after risking our lives for years in service to our nation while political appointees are placed into secure Government jobs.

ALl of us go to work each day and continue on despite it. Subject to injury or infection from a variety agents as a result of our work. We do it because there are no others willing to do the work or have the skills to do it.

This nation and government asks much but gives little in return. As we work advanced computer systems and scan areas for possible threats we see many homeless veterans out on the streets around the nation in cities were are linked to via advanced commuications and surveilence equipment.

As we scan the crowds and faces each of us feels pain for those men. One entered one of our facilities wearing his airborne berret and asked if we could call the police to give him a ride to the nearest homeless shelter. He was proud and showed his Veterans of Foreign Wars card. We called and abulance for him rather than the police in hope he would get medical treatment, a hot meal and some rest.

47 percent of the 400,000 homeless veterans in this nation are positive for Heppetitus C and AIDS. When they come into one of our facilities we other veterans are the ones that have to deal with them.

As I stood on the street on day an old Vietnam veteran, a Long Range RECON expert came up to me and saluated he tried to report the results of his patrol. He was homeless and dirty and in his mind still on patrol in Vietnam. When he asked me if I was an officer and I said yes he came to attention and saluted. he could only speak in military terms.

I drected him to a patrol base for rest and recover, a homeless shelter down the road and he said thanks and moved out.

Such is the world I and my co-workers live in coupled with the threat of truck bomb.

When I finish university I will be working full time with the homeless veterans. Trying to help them adjust to society.

I and my co-workers are the only ones who truley understand the faces we see on the streets every day dressed in bits and pieces of uniforms.

Ed Chesky

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