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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 12:18 pm:   

Some issues that fall outside the ideas of basic principles, but which may still address the idea of how to make a better world. All ideas are welcome.
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 12:22 pm:   

Posted on Friday, May 05, 2006 - 10:30 am:
World Evangelical Alliance Head to Join ‘Save Darfur’ Rally
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 12:23 pm:   

Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 04:26 am:
A good assessment on China's move into Africa and its long terms plans both in the Middle East and in Africa is posted below.

China is a old and wise culture. It is currently building business networks in Africa that were begun by its intelligence services. Unlike the west Chinese business people move into areas in Africa and use few resources, living with the people sleeping on mats and forging business connections with the goal of gaining domination of the resources of Africa and the Middle East.

As a follow-up to my previous postings about Chinese penetration of our commuications systems, thru the use of agents and explotition of cryptographic material. The DOD has identified that China is likely establishing beachheads in terms of intelligence networks in Central and South America. This includes efforts to exploit cyberspace and hack into designated computer systems.

This is documented in the following link

Chinese intelligence role in region is eyed
Cuba represents opportunity for China

In addition to its efforts to build-up its cyper-warfare capability China was and is active in sharing intelligence data with terrorists groups including the Taliban and Osama bin Laddin. '

This sharing of intelligence goes all the way back to Somolia as I previously posted and has been identified by several writers.

Is Beijing using
terror networks?
Experts see Chinese involvement
in global cells as means to an end

This development of intelligence and cyber warfare capability is intended to expand China's control of strategic resources and undermine United States influence around the Globe.

When my laptop was stolen in Mexico city it had the operating system on it that would have enabled Russia, China and the Cuban's from their intelligence site in Cuba the ability to penetrate the United States State Department communications circuits and gain access to online databases that included information from the Secret Service, State Department, DOD, DEA and FBI amoung others.

The data from the laptop was sent to Cuba Russia and the PRC for exploitation.

One more piece that they needed to expand their cyber warfare capabilities and part of coordinated collection strategy.

In this game no effort is spared to collect intelligence information.

Now in the world of religion, China has long been indetified as a threat and abuser of religious groups and people seeing them as a threat. This includes coordinating the killing of religious disodents outside of China. China seeks to use religion to its ends and has provided tacit and covert support in terms of providing intelligence and information to terrorist groups. It is also afraid of religion and its power to move people. Religion is a power weapon that cuts both ways and can be a force for good or for great evil.

The Chinese rember the Great Taiping Rebellion and what followed. The spiritual well that was sunk by the Taiping is still full and remains to be tapped. If managed correctly that well could quence the spiritual thirst of the Chinese masses, it managed incorrectly it could be a disaster, hence the Chinese effort to control religion and suppress religious disodents.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 12:24 pm:   

Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 04:55 am:
You know it does look like there is a conspiracy out here by some folks opposed to Bush. One that is both regligious and nuclear in nature. No pun intended
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 12:25 pm:   

Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 06:42 am:
The Brookings institute confirms U.S. Government sources as saying Osama assisted in training and supporting the forces that opposed us in Somalia during operations there.

Couple this to Iran and Chinese influence in Sudan, and China's relationship with Iran and documented tacit support to terrorist groups and we begin to see a network of contacts and cutouts that involves the PRC Iran and Osama that stemmed from Sudan.

Its interesting to note that The United States cruise missile strike against Sudan in 1998 followed our Battle in Somalia and was targeted against Osama Bin Laddin following attacks against our Embassy's in Africa. By 1998 Osama had built his network to the point where it was capable of conducting full scale large terrorist attacks in Africa. This followed an evolutionary approach to developing his network that started with providing support to anti-US forces in Somalia then to full scale direct attacks.

During the operations in Somalia the PRC was engaged in a major effort to support the Sudanese government in its fight to control the oil reserves in the country and provided Osama with data on our forces.

Following this incident FBI information indicates that the PRC was caught attempting to aquire technology to intercept United States
Intelligence data, as I posted earlier they had compromised our command and control codes using human intelligence operations like the Walker Spy ring during this period.

This coupled to aqusition of the technology would allow them to read every military and high level secret transmission of the United States Government.

See below posting confirming one of the PRC's efforts to aquire this technology using human technology, female spies and large sums of cash to compromise our most highly placed intelligence and security operatives.

China sought system to intercept U.S. spy data
By Bill Gertz

At present the encryption data the Chinese have has been merged with the Russian technology at the Signals intelligence site in Cuba.

Such is the world of spy verses spy. China has placed a 1 million dollar bounty on the heads of the men involved in this operation to aquire U.S. technology to read our satellight transmissions to keep them quiet and its agents are looking for the men and their families to kill them to cover-up the nature of the technology transfer.

Now you know why I turned to the churches when I was forced out of government service and why two police cars patrol my the neighborhood that my house is in.

With the capture of the P3 Orion spy aircraft the compromise of our codes and Chinese aquisition of technology to down load our intelligence data straight from our satellights they have penetrated our most secure commuincations circuits.

In response to this I involved the churches as an insurance policy. With networks of local church members and ex-military personnel in the congregations co-ordinating local low level source operations like we used to run during the cold war out of church facilites to identify suspicious activity in the neighborhood and report it to the police.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 12:26 pm:   

Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 04:47 am:
A interesting connection of people who have spoken out against a crossing of the line in terms of seperation of Chruch and state, the War in Iraq and George Bush's Polices

Capt. Melinda Morton, Lutheran minister Age: 48 Native of Missouri Joined the Air Force in 1982, served as a missile launch officer (Nuclear Weapons Expert)

Mary O. McCarthy CIA Inspector General (Celtic and Catholic up bringing) Charged with leaking information on CIA black prisons

Former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson and Wife Valery (One a WMD expert Catholic and other and Ambassador to africa)

All major scandles involving the release of data to date have involved individuals of catholic or celtic origins.
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Posted on Monday, April 17, 2006 - 11:34 pm:   

I have been reviewing Ed's predictions and assessments of situations and wish to commend him for the accuracy of this predictions.

He has a unique ability to predict disasters and their effects.

I would have no problem recommending him for a position in FEMA if it was in my power to do so.

His reading fo the situation in New Orleans to include the death toll was chilling in its accuracy.

I can understand his frustration with the Federal Government and his turn to religion as a result of being locked out of an analyst position.

I wish him the best.
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Posted on Friday, May 05, 2006 - 01:09 pm:   

China has been engaged in a full out effort to grab control of oil supplies

In China's oil quest, no deal is too unsavory

In the great game of international politics is is cutting deals to secure access to oil and gas supplies and force competitors out of the area. This includes supplying intelligence and arms to groups opposed to United States and Western nations attempting to gain access to those areas.

In the great game of international politics this has lead to a coordinated effort by China that is relected in its stand on issues within the security council.

China Invests Heavily In Sudan's Oil Industry
Beijing Supplies Arms Used on Villagers.

This has brought them into conflict with a consolidated group of Christian Organizations that have been running aid and supplies into the Southern Part of Sudan.

Now in the world of networks and contacts, just how many military and ex-military people have flocked to the churches with all their skills.

When the federal government downsized the military, they were concerned about personnel selling their skills to the drug dealers and the rest.

They did not see the other side of the coin where some of the best and brightest would turn their skills over to the churches in a network that spans the globe with hospitals, investment bankers, internet communications.

Osama did the same thing and built a global network of terror. What if the churches decided to bring into the fold ex-intelligence types and specialists. Just what type of network exists out there?
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 07:51 am:   

How the Irish Saved Civilization
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 10:20 pm:   

Operation Moonlight Maze was part of a coordinated Russian attack on our computer systems. The details of the attack are still classified but included intrusions into all aspects of our governments computer systems.

While working on a DOD project that was building a military training simulation that was going to be hooked into all of our command and control circuits, it was detected that we had been penetrateddby what we termed was an unidentified operation, likely Moonlight Maze. Due to breakes in security our LAN network was compromised and integrity of our code was compromised by sloppy procedures.

Via the military simulation we were building it was designed to be tied into our actual military command and control circuits and computer systems, it was possible to gain access to all of our intelligence and targeting systems.

I knew it was compromised when during the run up to Operation Iraqi freedom Iranian and Chinese personnel attempted to contact me to play ball with them.

They, DOD and the Joint Chiefs of staff went on to use the simulation to run war games of the Iraq Invasion. Unknown to them the system was compromised and the simulation data to include our order of battle and war plans was fed back to the Russians, Chinese and Iranians.

The simulation was later killed by DOD as it was found to be to full of bugs to be salvaged.

This was part of the intelligence the Moscow provided to Iraq during and prior to the War that has documented in the press. 0.html

All in all it is more data that supports the breaking of our computer and communication systems by hostile intelligence services. And why my laptop was stolen in Mexico city, who was involved in the theft and were the data ended up.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 10:29 pm:   

In a dark moonlight maze he wandered lost
until a light showed him the way back home.

Damage with poison and not recognized by his government, he went on to break Al Qaeda's code.

Now he comes home, to live out his days in peace, while he watches those that played it safe, reap the rewards.

The Poet
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Posted on Saturday, May 06, 2006 - 10:32 pm:   

China slams US for critical religious report
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Posted on Sunday, May 07, 2006 - 12:01 pm:   

Religion scares the heck out of people. In Osama's case he wraped himself in the myth of Mahdi, from Sudan to Mecca to Afghanistan. Raising support from the networks of hardline clerics in Islam.

In the United States we have a history of embracing such figures during periods of transition and turmoil.

Colorful figures such as Davie Crockett, Bowie, Damiel Boone, Malcom Ex, John Brown, Wild Bill Donovin that created the CIA, Patton are staples of our history.

In the war of ideas, and religion, in shadows where terrorists, hate fill groups such as the KKK, and neo-Nazi's live sometimes we have to prove that we can once again raise a figure of equal stature via the Churches.

John Brown was looked upon by the Churches as both a demon and a angel. Aided and abbetted by the Churches he became an agent of change and as such lives forever on in history.

Sometimes, in order to fight a man wrapped in Myth in legend you have to raise another wrped in myth and legend. A dreamer to oppose the nighmare that the other would plunge us into.

Call it duality, call it the will of god, John Brown stood on the world stage and changed a nation forever.

Our current hide bound leadership lacks the color and character of the dreamer. Sometimes to fight a dreamer you must raise a dreamer up.
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Posted on Sunday, May 07, 2006 - 01:09 pm:   

Pfizer faulted over drug trials in Nigeria
Report cites use of unproven drug on African children in mid ’90s

In the war of idea's and battles for the heart and soul of a people, corporate interests and greed, and incompetance give rise to things like this.

Nigeria by current estimates could disintegrate in 15 years unless it is stabilized, inqualities addressed and corruption is rooted out.

It is also battle ground for in the ideological war being waged by Al Qaeda and its hardline militants that would impose sharia law on the society. It is also a key oil production state and essential to maintaining price and production levels in the world market.

This information release is equivelent to a massive terrorist attack because it was not handled properly. It could have been diffused long ago by skilled managers and government officials and lawyers but was covered up. It will now fuel the fire of the Islamic conspiracy theorists and those that look on corporate America as an evil empire of business interests that exploit the powerless African masses

I note the following, in Nigeria in parts controled by the Muslims a ban on a polio vaccine was put in place out of fear of human experimentation and viewing it as a plot against the Islamic people by the West.

Nigerian children pay the price of polio vaccine ban as polio outbreak hits
Medical News Today ^ | July 3, 2004 | Medical News

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, May 07, 2006 - 01:25 pm:   

I note the following with regards to Information Warfare and Psychological Operations.

Psychological Operations (PSYOP or PSYOPS) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to specific foreign and (in certain countries) domestic audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator's objectives.

This concept has especially been used by military institutions throughout the 20th century

With the advent of the worldwide Web mass media media and stellight television broadcasts the timed coordinated release of information relating to explosive subjects can impact on opperations in progress, sow confusion and hinder progress.

In Nigeria this release of information comes at a time that oil prices have stabilzed to a degree and American stock's have risen. Anything that further destabilizes the nation of Nigeria harms United States interests.

This relase of information will inflame Islamic hardliners and hands them an incident to cite that supports their world view.

Overall its a very bad thing to have happened at this conjucture. The fallout from it will have to be assessed in the coming days.

This is a perfect example of how information warfare can have a tremendous impact on a society.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, May 07, 2006 - 04:09 pm:   

In terms of battles, the information and document that surfaced regarding the Pizer drug trials came in conjuction with the visit of the Chinese President Hu to Nigeria.

Hu walked out with contracts inked for oil and Chinese products and behind him came a scandle that tainted the United States Government and western business reputation in Nigeria. deal_with_nigeria/

One document released after inking the deals to sour relations and foster hate against the United States.

Hu has clearly studied Sun Tzu on the use of spies coupled to information warfare. He played that bit of information like a master.

A salute to a master of the game from an ex-spy master.

From Sun Tzu

Foreknowledge cannot be elicited from ghosts and spirits;

it cannot be inferred from comparison of previous events, or from the calculations of the heavens, but must be obtained from people who have knowledge of the enemy's situation. ?

Therefore there are five kinds of spies used:

Local spies, internal spies, double spies, dead spies, and living spies. ?

When all five are used, and no one knows their Way, it is called the divine organization, and is the ruler's treasure. ?

For local spies, we use the enemy's people.

For internal spies we use the enemy's officials.

For double spies we use the enemy's spies.

For dead spies we use agents to spread misinformation to the enemy. For living spies, we use agents to return with reports. ?

Therefore, of those close to the army, none is closer than spies, no reward more generously given, and no matter in greater secrecy. ?

Only the wisest ruler can use spies;

only the most benevolent and upright general can use spies, and only the most alert and observant person can get the truth using spies.

It is subtle, subtle! ?

There is nowhere that spies cannot be used. ?

If a spy's activities are leaked before they are to begin, the spy and those who know should be put to death. ?

Generally, if you want to attack an army, besiege a walled city, assassinate individuals, you must know the identities of the defending generals, assistants, associates, gate guards, and officers. ?

You must have spies seek and learn them.

You must seek enemy spies.

Bribe them, and instruct and retain them.

Therefore, double spies can be obtained and used. ?

From their knowledge, you can obtain local and internal spies.

From their knowledge, the dead spies can spread misinformation to the enemy.

From their knowledge, our living spies can be used as planned.

The ruler must know these five kinds of espionage. ?

This knowledge depends on the double spies.

Therefore, you must treat them with the utmost generosity. ?

Now for the Chinese a bit of Christian wisdom and a memory of the ancient Taiping rebellion

Though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. 2 Corinthians 10:3

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Sunday, May 07, 2006 - 10:07 pm:   

Asperger syndrome's_syndrome

Asperger's, is characterized as one of the five pervasive developmental disorders, and is commonly referred to as a form of high-functioning autism. In very broad terms, individuals with Asperger's have normal or above average intellectual capacity, with atypical or poorly developed social skills often with emotional/social development or integration happening later than usual as a result.

Children with Asperger syndrome often display advanced abilities for their age in language, reading, mathematics, spatial skills, and/or music

Take the above type of brain, spend at a conservative esitmate, in 1980's money, of 2.8 million dollars in training it in every technique of intelligence, nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare. Certify it on every communications system and training it in geology, while giving it access to every secret in the world and we may have a problem.

A person with Asperger syndrome has trouble understanding the emotions of other people, and the subtle messages that are sent by facial expression, eye contact and body language are often missed. They also have trouble showing empathy with other people. Because of this, a person with Asperger syndrome might be seen as egotistical, selfish or uncaring. These are unfair labels, because the affected person is neurologically unable to understand other people's emotional states. They are usually shocked, upset and remorseful when told their actions were hurtful or inappropriate. It is clear that people with Asperger's Syndrome do not lack emotions. However, the concrete nature of attachments they might have (i.e. to objects rather than to people) often seems curious, or even can be cause of concern, to people who do not share their perspective ("Neurotypicals" or NTs).

It is often hard for people with Asperger syndrome to commuicate with others, in terms of words things that concern them may mean something something entirely different to a normal person. For example a detected shift in a crustal plate that had the potential to cost tens of millions of lives and billions of dollars in damages may be refered to as troubling to a person with Asperger syndrome, while having grubs on his flowers would be seen as major disaster.
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Posted on Sunday, May 07, 2006 - 10:26 pm:   

Yes I did find a backdoor into the nuclear planning and intelligence computers. It was wired wrong.

The last time this happened was when a warrent officer pointed out to the SECDEF during Vietnam that one of our nuclear bombs was designed incorrectly and could explode by accident.

They made him a colonel for his work, and rip the guts out of everyone of those bombs.

Yes a bunch of religious fanactics wanted me to hack back into the nuclear command and control systems and trigger a false alert to cause a nuclear launch. It was tied to end times prophecy. I thought it was a bad idea.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Monday, May 08, 2006 - 05:27 pm:   

With regards to Asperger syndrome. Yes I do have it. It makes it hard to communicate and put into words what I do when I trisect the angle and solve the billiard problem. Its both a gift and a curse.

With regards to religous fanactics. When I got back from Mexico after my laptop was stolen I was routed into a ward after being drugged and poisoned down in Mexico.

The secondary effects of the combination of drugs were still in my system. In the ward was a collection of ex-nuclear weapons experts that ranged from men that did nuclear bomb assembly to pilots that flew the mission to myself with knowledge of the command and control system.

Within the brains of the men in the ward was enough knowledge in one place to compromise most of our nuclear secrets from assembly, design, fusing mechanism's and delivery systems, along with me that understood the command and control system

All the men were high on drugs and spilling their guts to a variety of people on what they did. To include nuclear design secrets, fusing mechanisms and all the rest. Within the ward a high degreee of religious based coercion was taking place in the form of forced adherence to a fundmentalist view of the world and christianity.

From this I got a very bad feeling and decided to play along with a fundamentalist view. Once I demonstrated that accepted that view I was released. I was then routed to a secure base and debriefed as to what was going on in the ward.

It was very simple a small group of hard core religous fanactics were trying to get access to the nuclear launch system, for what purpose we still don't know but suspect it was to nuke something, likely Mecca.

In reposnse I decided to play the religion card and use all my skill to predict earthquakes, forcing myself to the brink of exhaustion studying all databases and graviational instramenatation and praying I got it right.

My intent was to teach the religious fundamentalists a lesson they would never forget. Something that a tanker truck load of Liquid natural gas, a celtic cross and bible that showed up outside an office reinforced for a long time to come.

Ed Chesky

The below is a link to Christian Identity. They wanted to bring on the end of the world. I decided along with the celtic peoples to teach them a lesson they would never forget. _SubCat=Extremism_in_America&xpicked=4&item=Christian_ID
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Posted on Monday, May 08, 2006 - 07:05 pm:   

Now we begin to understand the conspiracy by former nuclear specialists to bring down the Bush Administration thru coordinated releases of scandle information.

Bush is backed by a hard core base of support that holds to an extreme fundamentalist view and hold the ultra-extremist groups as not being all that extreme.

I provide the following summary of the Christian Fundmentalist world view. Promoted by Christian fundamentalists and their propagandists with their Left Behind series of books.

An Irate Liberal
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Posted on Monday, May 08, 2006 - 07:44 pm:   

Capt. Melinda Morton stepped down after serving the Air Force for 13 years and becoming an outspoken critic of the academy's handling of religious intolerance allegations. ... Morton went public with criticism last month after she was removed from her executive duties for not cooperating with what she called Chief Chaplain Col. Michael Whittington's plan to misrepresent how the religious issue is being dealt with. She has said evangelical Christianity is the preferred religion sanctioned by some leaders.
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 07:46 am:   

Friday, April 9th, 2004
Two FBI Whistleblowers Accuse Bureau of Ignoring Warnings Before 9/11
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 07:51 am:   

US prosecutors seek harsher charges in Chinese military 'plot'

The arrests came after the FBI put the two couples under wiretapping and other surveillance for about two weeks during which they were allegedly heard using what appeared to be code words to refer to the technology during calls to China.
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 08:04 am:   

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela IPA: (born 18 July 1918) was the first President of South Africa to be elected in fully-representative democratic elections. Before his presidency he was a prominent anti-apartheid activist who, while imprisoned for 27 years, was involved in the planning of underground armed resistance activities. The armed struggle was, for Mandela, a last resort; he remained steadfastly committed to non-violence. Through his 27-year imprisonment, much of it spent in a cell on Robben Island, Mandela became the most widely known persona in the struggle against South African apartheid. Although the apartheid regime and nations sympathetic to it considered him and the ANC to be terrorist, the armed struggle was an integral part of the overall campaign against aparteid. The switch in policy to that of reconciliation, which Mandela pursued upon his release in 1990, facilitated a peaceful transition to fully-representative democracy in South Africa.

Having received over a hundred awards over four decades, Mandela is currently a celebrated elder statesman who continues to voice his opinion on topical issues. In South Africa he is often known as Madiba, an honorary title adopted by elders of Mandela's clan. The title has come to be synonymous with Nelson Mandela. Many South Africans also refer to him reverently as 'mkhulu' (grandfather). The respect and love South Africans have for Madiba is immeasurable

On 5 August 1962, he was arrested after living on the run for seventeen months and was imprisoned in the Johannesburg Fort. William Blum, a former U.S. State Department employee, says that the CIA tipped off the police as to Mandela's whereabouts.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island where he was destined to remain for the next twenty-six years. While in prison, Mandela was able to maintain contact with the ANC, which published a statement from him on 10 June 1980, reading in part:

Unite! Mobilise! Fight on! Between the anvil of united mass action and the hammer of the armed struggle we shall crush apartheid!

The above statement was smuggled out of Nelson Mandela's cell as part of a coded transmission.

He went on to bring down a government. Everywhere Ed and his wife go they speak of Mandela, King and others. Just what have these two certified genius's done? In England I was there when in a villiage Ed and his wife spoke to a shop keeper who showed them a copy of a lead crystal vase handmade for Mandela after his release by the Brittish. He said it was too expensive and both men nodded.

I think he has built a network.
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 08:05 am:   

In other words it is known as the iron fist in the velvet glove

The Poet
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 01:57 pm:   

Little room to up world oil output in a crisis: EIA -09T170846Z_01_WAT005509_RTRUKOC_0_US-ENERGY-OIL-PRODUCTION.xml&archived=False

I suspect the Islamic militant hardliners are assessing actions in Iraq and re-evaluating strategic plans in the world of Islamic Militant terrorism.

Al-Qaeda flourishing on internet, intelligence officials warn
Last Updated Tue, 08 Mar 2005 09:34:55 EST

Actions to disrupt oil production and expand operations into other areas, prepared by Islamic militants following Osama spiritual guidence, using the tools of the interne mean, as demonstrated by previously coordinated global terrorist strikes, that we can expect flare-ups of attacks around the globe with little or no warning.

Religion is used, along with Osama's reputation and war record, to establish fertile ground for expansion of Al Qeada's message. I would expect decentralized attacks by allied and franchise groups to start to shift in the near to midterm as security in Iraq improves.

Such decentralized operations will take advantage of poorly secured regions to operate from.

Terrorist intelligence analysts have proven they look at market reports and conduct social, economic, psychological and political assessments of targets prior to conducting operations in an effort to maximize the effect of the strike.

As we move further into the Hurricane season and sortages of fuel continue I expect an increased likelyhood of terrorist operations.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 02:19 pm:   

The following is an open letter from a man in Nigeria posted on the Web today. The current leader of Nigeria is seeking a third term in an effort to continue in power. That leader is a born again Chrisitian. He and is administration are locked in a conflict with Islamic militants in the oil and mineral producing regions of Nigeria.

I expect further attacks, bombings and related incidents to take place in Nigeria as this controversy comes to a head. Tensions in the area were inflamed with the release of the document on possible drug experimentation by a U.S. Company. This controversy adds fuel to the fire and raises the issue of U.S. business and military involvement in Nigeria that will be spun by Islamic propagandists to our disadvantage.

Following a recent car bombing of a barracks the Government of Nigeria is relocating up to 350,000 people in an effort to root out the terrorists responsible. Again a highly violitile situation in a country that is key to ensuring stability of oil production and prices.

Ed Chesky

Nigeria: Dancing On the Brink of Disaster
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Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2006 - 03:01 pm:   

They were our best and brightest, they went into military service to fight the Cold War and manned the Nuclear bases, perfomed nuclear targeting, hunted nuclear subs and were forced out of government service.

They found other jobs in the civilian sector and religion. The good ones went to churches, temples and mosques and raised families. With a faith in god that trancended the threat of death in a timid age and went on to bet everthing they had to challange the federal government on the issue of the war in Iraq. Some made the pages of Time magazine, some walked into churches like Capt. Melinda Morton and a handful used their skills and training to show the federal government that religion can move mountains and people will commit career suicide, die and go to jail for a cause. In the process they destroyed the intelligence community of the United States that was hijacked by a group think, enforced seperation of Church and State and reminded law enforcement of the price of spying on the people in a way that all the terrorist bombs could not match.

Did they make threats and reveal capability to unlease great destructive power. They were the best we had and yes they did. Did they then step away from the brink after showing the iron fist in the velvet glove. Yes they did, but many live in fear of a truck, a celtic cross, a bible and flag of St. George. A reminder that some symbols when used properly are worth more than a bomb

A few of them went on to follow the path of hate and killing and will live in infamy forever

Osama, Christian Identity the DC sniper and the rest.
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Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - 09:44 am:   

Foreign Affairs

Worse Than Iraq?

Nigeria's president and onetime hope for a stable future is leading his country toward implosion—and possible U.S. military intervention
by Jeffrey Tayler


Irit Back
Department of Middle Eastern and African History

Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Nigeria
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Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - 10:16 am:   

In the world of religious movements, militant fundamentalist Islam is one of the greatest threats to world peace we face today, Al Qaeda is but one part of this movement.

The goals of militatant Islam is to prepared the world for the coming of the Mahdi. In doing so the militant Islamics have constructed a world view and stragetic plan to support this.

This is much like what the fundamentalist Christians did with Falwell and the Book of Revelations during the Cold War. The Christians during that time built a world view around the concept of the final days in association with a nuclear holocost. Citing biblical prophesy, signs and portents to support it.

To counter this rise in fundmentalist thinking and actions by militant islamics sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The fundmentalist Christians stepped up to the plate this time, elected a president and the result was that we had the war in Iraq, Abu Graib, GITMO, the Airforce Religious Scandle, the destruction of the American intelligence community, abuses of civil rights and the beginings of a big brother society.

In response to this developement some of the best and brightest of the Intelligence Community, Law enforcement, the Churches and rebelled and raised a network in opposition. Using releases of information as weapons. They coordinated an attack against the Christian Fundamentalists while doing their jobs to support our soldiers in combat, they did this with the same courage of conviction as a suicide bomber.

In the process they raised an alternative world view and opposition network.

This network is very real and is opposed to militant Islam, the differenc between it and the christian fundamentalist network is that it is made up of some of the brightest men and women that ever served their nation, is inclusive, and promotes a scientific view of creation and coexistence of all religions.

In doing so they have appropriated an ancient form of Celtic Christianity as the model for their belief system. This is similiar to what the Jehovah Witnesses did, with the exception that this group is made up of a large number of trained intelligence personnel, that have been trained in all aspects of clandestine operations and commuincations and are not hesitant to use all the resources they have to fight back.

Exactly what they are cpable of doing has been demonstrated as we look at the destruction of the American Intelligence Corps and associated fall of the President of the United States Poll ratings.

Overall these Celtic Christians have demonstrated that they are force capable of doing great things.
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Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - 12:05 pm:   

Presidential plans found in trash

These plans included all information regarding the details of the Presidents Trip the location of the Nuclear Launch Codes carried by the military attache in the convoy and all other related data.

Last year I had an extract of the presidents schedule brought to me by an old east block agent.

Such is the myth of presidential security. I told them it was compromised and they did not listen.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2006 - 05:47 am:   

US oil executive shot dead in Nigeria

Ed hit the nail on the head again. Everytime he starts yelling about something. Something happens.

The Poet
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Posted on Friday, May 12, 2006 - 01:28 pm:   

Al Qaeda Video is 'Green Light' for Attack, Analyst Warns
By Sherrie Gossett Staff Writer
January 11, 2006\SpecialReports\archive\200601\SPE20060111a.html

The above link documents an analysis of Al Qaeda video releases and internet postings that revealed a pattern of attacks that link the two events.

The analyst has briefed congress the White House and the Pentagon on his pattern analysis.

What I did was find the pattern in Al Qaeda's media releases, internet postings and attacks following 9-11. Based on my skills as a code breaker, military training, education and expertise in irregular warfare and a double edged curse and gift as a result of a high level form of autuism I am able to detect patterns in message traffic, media releases and predict terrorist events and other events. Along with performing complex geometric operations.

What Christopher L. Brown has done in the above link is detect part of the pattern that Al Qaeda is using to communicate information.

It is the same code that I was brought in to break.

It is also the reason I was able to detect that NSA was collecting telphone messages and assembling a database on Americans and why the NSA, PRC and a host of others put 1000 plus forms of spywear on my computer in volation of the Constitution of the United States and the Nurenberg Code which was adopted following the NAZI trials on unlawful use, experimentation or exploitation of human beings.

A copy of a detailed list of all spywear on my computer is in the hands a State Attorney General Office, who would like nothing better to do than take on the NSA, Bush Adminstration and rest, but can't because it involves national security.

Such is the life of an slightly autistic genius

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Friday, May 12, 2006 - 01:31 pm:   


1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonable to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.

4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.

6. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.

7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.

8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.

9. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.

10. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.
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Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2006 - 03:22 pm:   

I sat down with Ed last night and he diagramed the entire NSA Black collection program that intercepted all United States Telephone calls. He went further and based upon his readings the DOD budget, DARPA contract lets, DOD contracts to IT firms that he is, and has been following in the press and periodicals, he was able to reconstruct the entire classified intelligence systems architexture from an analysis of unclassified information.

I destroyed the diagrams he came up with and am doing the best I can to forget it.

Autism is a strange disorder. It is both a gift and a curse for some people.

Ed told me to look up the Echelon system after our discussion. He said that by merging the existing IT contracts with the NSA database it would be possible to created a Echelon II type of system.

I have attached a link that discusses Echelon from the Federation of American Scientists.
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Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - 09:27 pm:   

World Fire Maps Now Available Online in Near-Real Time

"More than 50 million hectares of forest are burnt annually, and these fires have a significant impact on global atmospheric pollution, with biomass burning contributing to the global budgets of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide. In the past decade researchers have realised the importance of monitoring this cycle. In fact, WFA data are currently being accessed mostly for atmospheric studies."

Click on the map in the above article, and you will get an instant analysis of world fires burning.

Our SUVs and trucks are not the only polluters, though new technology like electric hybrids should ameliorate this with 'greener' exhaust. Ford and Toyota already have their hybrid SUVs, the Escape and Highlander, while General Motors is delivering its first hybrid electric diesel bus to Colorado. Small hybrids had been out for years, such as Honda's Insight and Toyota Prius. Others are soon to follow.

Had our world been 'green house gases' hot before? Yes, 55 million years ago. Here's a article on that:
North Pole's ancient past holds clues about future global warming

"The resulting greenhouse effect caused global temperatures to rise by an average of about 5 degrees Celsius."

That's all it takes, 5 degrees Celsius, but tropics may have been cooler. They back then must have had whopping hurricanes, but it was long before humans inhabited the Earth.

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Posted on Sunday, June 11, 2006 - 11:10 am:   

Neigerian men scamming woman

ladies be wear their r a lot of black man from neigeria scaming ladies 1 is seekingher says hes a white man with photos but he is blac he will send u roses but be wear for he will asku for money another is ben allesh
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Posted on Sunday, June 11, 2006 - 02:39 pm:   

Beware of human trafficking:

White women command a higher price, so be especially cautious responding to any overtures with gifts, promises, and stories that are just too good to be true. It could ruin your life, put your into the sex slave trade, or kill you.
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Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 - 10:17 am:   

Islamic Thinking, and Global Warming.

Though this is from an article on Jihadi terrorism, it illustrates something that may be more endemic to the mental processes of a large portion of the world's populations who live within the pan-Islam stretching from North Africa to the South Pacific. The problem is the conflicts between a world of dogma and one of scientific reason. Since Islam thinks it is perfect, and its religion perfected, there seems to be no room for introduction of new ideas. The world desperately needs new ideas, especially as it applies to global warming, which is due to increases in green house gases, and its competing counter global dimming cooling, which is due to pollution particulates in the atmosphere. Science is only now realizing these two factors at work tugging against each others, producing havoc with world weather, drought in sub-Saharan Africa, and other still unknowns. Can the Muslim world contribute to a better understanding of this global phenomenon problem, or is it so stuck in its 'tunnel vision' of religious dogmas, where it sees everything through the filter of its 'perfect' word of God religion, that it is ineffectual in helping solving through 'critical thinking' what may soon become humanity's greatest tragedy. Rising oceans, shifting monsoon rains, could seriously jeopardize a billion people's lives in low lying Bangladesh, India, islands in oceans, coastal communities worldwide, to the Pacific 'ring of fire' Islamic nation of Indonesia. This could be a world class disaster. The West is seeking scientific answers to this, though its societies are hampered by threats of Islamic terrorism. Can Islam turn its attention to this problem instead? Here is the quote on why they suffer from 'tunnel vision'. In fact, most of the victims affected by the monsoons and low lying areas disasters of global warming-global dimming, will be Muslims. Saying it is "God's will" is not the answer, and diving deeper into seventh century scriptures is not the answer. Science demands we observe and understand reality, not scriptures.


Since Islam is a closed dogma and Muslims are forbidden to test its validity or utility, and required to maintain the equilibrium at any cost, Muslim's thinking errors are overwhelming. Dysfunctional automatic thoughts coexist with various thinking errors in Islam. Typical Islamic thinking errors include:

• Polarized or all-or-nothing-thinking ( e.g.: believers and non-believers, daru-ul-Islam, dar-ul-harb)

• Catastrophic Thinking (all infidels will go to hell)

• Discounting the positive, accentuate the negative (all kafirs are trying to get Muslims)

• Emotional reasoning (emotional justification for bombing, beheading, terrorism)

• Labeling (put a global label on non-believers as kafirs)

• Minimization (blame the victim, denial, alibi)

• Mind Reading (Muslims know what non-Muslims are thinking)

• Mental Filter (Failure to see things holistically)

• Over Generalization (making sweeping negative conclusions, Jews are pigs, Christians are rats)

• Personalization (Muslims believe Kafirs are behaving negatively because of Islam)

• Tunnel Vision (only see things the Islamic way)

Muslims erroneously think Islamic absolutist paradigm is designed to be adaptable to existing, new and future applications for all the time. It restricts Muslims to seek viable solutions to life's problems. They refuse to reform or incorporate critical elements with Islamic thinking as a means to achieve a better society by utilizing new concepts to reach a more accurate assessment to produce more accurate judgments. Out of box thinking, logical reasoning, higher order thinking, and scientific thinking are really not intellectual pursuits of Muslims.

This is a quote from an article contributed by Dr. Babu Suseelan on Monday, June 12, 2006, titled "Pathways to Jihadi Terrorism", in which the above quote was found. Can Islamic thinkers get beyond the dogma of their religion "be adaptable to existing, new and future applications for all the time", or move on to seeking real solutions to real problems in the world's climate change. Oil fuels climate change, then perhaps oil money can help also find the solutions, in real terms rather than religious dogma?
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Posted on Friday, June 16, 2006 - 01:23 am:

Read the articles, very fine writer and thinker of Islam.
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Posted on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 - 09:00 pm:   


BBC's in depth Urban Planet

See the 'Urban explosion' interactive map. It is truly sobering. The 'World urban population' counter shows about half the world's population is already urbanized. In Europe and North America and Latin America, it is now about 80% urban, maybe higher in places like Singapore, which looks like a city state built upwards. In less developed countries, urbanization often equates with a developed center and slum perimeter for the huddled masses living in unsanitary conditions. I had seen these in India first hand, as well as in Venezuela, Mexico. In Calcutta, the city seemed to stretch forever, but it was mostly poor slums around an beautiful but polluted (hard to breathe) urban center left over from the British Raj (that was 15 years ago, so may be different now); though it also had green parks with grazing goats and sheep to keep the vegetation down. a quaint local solution to urban landscaping. How will the world look in another 15 years? Before we run out of space, we may run out of air.


ps: nice music in the Iran Freedom page above. :-)
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Posted on Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 04:02 pm:   

KUSASI, from orphan to king of the orangutan forest in Borneo.

"So what's happened to Kusasi in the year or more since the film was completed? Biruté Galdikas says he appears to be hanging on to some power -- barely. "The story is quite complicated," she says. "He has relationships and rivalries with a number of other males."

"By observing such power struggles, researchers gain important insights into orangutan behavior. For instance, female orangutans also have a hierarchy. Sometimes it seems to be based on age or size -- but not always. So researchers are working hard to understand how the pecking order is decided. Ultimately, such information may aid conservationists trying to protect orangutans from extinction and help these magnificent animals bounce back from population losses."

Orangutans are 95% human in their DNA. What they do is not so different from what we do. Will they survive the onslaught of our destroying their forest habitat? The story is complicated, and sad. Like other natural wild species of the planet, they are at peril of the greed and environmental callousness of humans. Whales, tigers, lions, gorillas, dolphins, wolves, eagles, all are brothers with us in this world, along with all the flora and fauna of our planet. We should cherish them.

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Posted on Monday, July 10, 2006 - 03:07 pm:   

China's African Safari

A good article on China's expansion into Africa. One also has to note that China, with its support of Sudan has built a working realtionship with Militant Islamic factions in that country using Sudanese government cutouts.

The recent advances of Militant Islamics in Somalia are, when viewed in the light of the Chinese quest to gain control of the region, possibly linked to part of a larger strategic plan.

If we look at the situation in Somalia the Chinese have snubed the U.S. backed government's envoy to China. This comes at the same time they have been building stonger ties to the government in Sudan. Both the Chinese and the Iranians have also moved to strengthen ites to Sudan in the face of Western opposition to the persecution of the peoples in Dafar.

Couple this to recent moves on the world stage by China in terms of econmic deals and we begin to see moves by Chinese agents, diplomatcs and back channel deals that raise questions about the situation in Somalia and the rise of a Funamentalist Islamic group in the old capital.

As Ivan pointed out in another discussion Somalia is a small thing at this time but it would only take a limited amount of covert support via cutouts by the Chinese to cause it to become a significant thorn in our side and force us to commit resources against it.

For a small investment in terms of advice and weapons smuggled via third party cutouts the Chinese are in a position were they could cause us to expend far greater resources to counter it.

This coupled to a negative reaction in the Islamic World and the African American World should we invade or attempt to strike Somalia and we have the makings of a great move on the grand chessboard of international politics.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Monday, July 10, 2006 - 09:40 pm:   

The following link describes the strategy of Osama in Sudan and Somalia.

I mirrors my projections of activity and strategy that Osama is following. Couple this to Chinese interests in the region and we have the beginings of a series of moves on the great chessboard.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 04:45 pm:   

My sorrow goes out to the Indian's killed in the train bombing in India.

This work is clearly the work of Islamic Militants and part of an effort to bring about an over-reaction by the Hindu government of India.

This is coupled to attacks in Kashmir and will likely be followed by other actions designed to inflame tensions between Pakistan and India, promote unrest in India and acts of vengence against Muslims in an effort to fan sectarion violence. One out growth of this action is likely an intent to bringing down the government of Pakistan that is allied to the United States by inflaming anti-Hindu sentiments in Paksistan by causing an over-reaction by the Indian's.

This tactic appears to mirror that used in Spain which brought down the government that supported the United States in Iraq.

I also note the attack comes on the aniversary of the 1924 Moslem-Hindu rebellion in Delhi.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 06:01 pm:   

In doing some more research I note that this attack comes just before the date the the Muslims celbrate the Prophet's flight to Medina, his Hijra, where the people accepted his teachings and the religon of Islam began.

I have not deconstructed the tapes of Osama recently released but have noted like many other analysts that such releases seem to precede terrorist attacks.

When I couple this attack's timing to the dates mentioned previously and tie it to statements and a shared world view I can begin to decypher the ghost of a transmision between Osama and his supporters.

Not having access to intelligence data and patterns of communications and website traffic I can't go further to breaking the code speak that they are using.

To do more I would need to be reappointed as a counter-terrorism analyst and given asccess to the data.

I am troubled by one point and would alert the Egyptions and United States to be on increased vigilance. This attack also comes on the date of the begining of the Camp David accords. Under President Carter.

Now consider the context of the message sent. The second in command of Al Qaeda was put in prison and tortured because of the assination of Sadat. He remembers the day the Leaders of Isreal and Egypt met to discuss peace.

Sadat died for that.

As I said the attack and its timing carry a message, the ghost of a message I could likely break if I had not been denied an appointment as a senior counter-terrorism analyst by the Bush administration.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 07:24 pm:   

State Dept. suffers computer break-ins

This coordianted attack was directed at the state departments office dealing with Asia.

The attacks came from Asia and exploited the information stolen from my laptop computer when I was poisoned in Mexico. The computer containe information regarding the system architecture of the State Department's communication system.

I identifed early on that the system we were putting in place had been compromised. The technology used was vulnerable to hacking and our IT staff detected it was unsecure and vulnerable to hacking. The program was killed, however, the system architecture it was designed to run in rmained in place and was compromised by the theft of my laptop which I was given a neuro-toxin to kill me after to cover the tracks after the theft.

This information was then used to penetrate the United States State Department systems at a critical juncture. This increased state of tensions with North Korea.

Such is the stakes that we played for in the shadow wars. The information in the State Department's computers. This is why I was targeted for death in Mexico and posioned and our CIA staff anthraxed a off site embassy party.

The value of the information in the Asian office was enought to kill scores for. Unfettered access to the State Department databases.

Each day I wait for a bomb or a truck bomb to come and the thanks I got for warning the government of this penetration of our IT circuits.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 07:32 pm:   

You know, looks like he was right about that laptop.

I don't think I would fly on the same plane with him

The Poet
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Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 08:25 pm:   

Thanks Poet,

As to the laptop, its theft was equal to a nuclear bomb in terms of effect, worse than that of the VA analyst that had the data on his computer stolen from his home.

In terms of the team in Mexico that identified the flaws in the security system and helped kill the infromation management program I was on.

One was a former NSA cryptographer and chessmaster working for a major defense contractor.

One was a airforce SOF guy and specialist in computer networks along with a nIT specialist that was working with him with that had over 30 years IT experience.

Two were CIA personal station personnel that were trained in computer and information technology.

We were all anthraxed at a party offsite of the embassy. I got a lung full of weaponized anthrax as I was closest to the source. We all had anthrax vaccines which held, mine and a female CIA officers vacines were the weakest and we got the sickest she almost broke her ribs from coughing.

After that attack which preceded the First Ladies Visit to Mexico we eneded up pulling the plug on the program we were were trying to field it was two compromised. It was after that my laptop was stolen and I was poisoned.

I would come in and act as the stalking hourse and the others would act as the technical experts tracking the network penetrations and providing armed back-up.

Local INTERPOL reps provided back-up muscle with regards to the trafficing and transport of anthrax and other toxic agents.

All the time I made sure to keep in touch with the catholic church as a back-up in the event I had to bolt and seek safety.

Such was the mole and counter-network penetration operation we were running.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - 09:18 pm:   


State Dept. suffers computer break-ins

This coordianted attack was directed at the state departments office dealing with Asia.

Ed, I saw the same news today coming over the Dow Jones wire at my office, so it should show up in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow. Kind of late? The DJ did not specifically name North Korea as the likely culprit, but I suspect that it is they who did this. It also said the US Embassy in Beijing lost its internet access for two weeks as a result, now restored, and some State Department employees still can't get into certain web sites. The FBI is now investigating, no doubt will find the 'digital' trail. Thanks for bringing this up.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - 09:49 pm:   

Thanks Ivan,

Just as a side note the team I was working that state department project was due to go to Beijing. We suspected moles in the U.S. Embassy there like in Mexico and New Delhi as well as compromised communications.

Then I was taken out of the game by a dose of neurotoxin and anthrax.

When you embark on a trip to take on the dragon in Beijing the path is filled with many pitfalls.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2006 - 09:36 am:   

I have looked at a clip of video and some dicussions of the missile that hit the Isreali Gunboat off the coast of Lebennon and have reached the following conclusions using unclassified data available off the Internet.

1. The missile in question is likely a Iranian produced varient of the Chinese Silkworm missile that uses technology obtained from China.

2. This missile technology is likely being used by Iranian agents/advisors to Hezbola in Lebenon.

3. At present the only way to get American Citizens out of Lebenon is via ship as the roads and airport have been interdicted.

4. Isreali intelligences knows that Iranian agents and advisors are actively involved in the conflict in Lebenon on the side of Hezbola.

5. Any attempt to evacuate American or European Citizens from Lebenon via ship is subject to being attacked by Hezbola or Iranian advisors using missile strikes. In effect widening the conflict.

6. It is highly likely that Iran has not turned control of the anti-ship missiles over to Hezbola.

7. Iran likely used the missle strikes, in part, to test the effectiveness of the missiles during a conflict against U.S. produced technology.

8. The second ship hit was likely mistaken for an Isreali target or to test the missile's capability to strike a cargo ship.

Summary: Iran and Hezbola are in a position to hold hostage American citizens in Lebenon or inflict significant casualties on them if they are evacuated by sea. Isreali attacks along the coast are aimed at possible missile launching sites among other targets. The use of the missile against the Isreali Navy ship has forced Isreal to adopt anti-missile tactics due to a change in the threat environment. U.S, forces attempting to evacuate American citizens via ship run the risk of coming under missile attack. The tactical use of anti-ship missiles means that in the event that the United States decides to evacuate its citizens from Lebenon it will likely have to consider conducting anti-missile strkes while the evacuation is in progress. These stikes would be seen by the world press as an escalation of the situation and along with scenes of Lebonese casualites by American Forces conducting anti-ship missile strikes as further U.S. aggression against the Islamic World. Further increasing the anger in that world directed against the United States.

Ed Chesky
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Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2007 - 10:16 pm:   

A new "Kyoto" for US?

Us urges new greenhouse gas goals

President Bush is to outline new US policy on global warming next week at G8.
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Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 11:54 am:   

What exactly is 'Globalisation'?

This BBC article, Globalisation shakes the world, has a fair assessment of term, a word much used but understood so differently by different speakers.


Globalisation is a word that is on everyone's lips these days, from politicians to businessmen. BBC News is launching a major examination of the subject.
Globalisation is blamed for many of the ills of the modern world, but it is also praised for bringing unprecedented prosperity.

But what is globalisation, and what are the forces that are shaping it?

1169220846.gif (interactive)
Key facts: The global economy, falling transportation and communications costs

I personally think of 'globalisation' as opening up the world to greater exchange between the people of the planet. Nothing more, nor less, than a greater 'openness' for humanity to talk, travel, and exchange ideas at all levels, from culture to intellect. We are a one people of the globe who talk and visit each other. How can this be condemned, unless such new openness for humanity is stripping the old power base of controlling what people do and think is threatening to them? Freedom of exchange is why countries which had been hitherto mired in extreme poverty, like China, India, Mexico, Chile, Soviet Eastern Europe, and many other countries around the world, are now enjoying the benefits of more open trade and economic development. So who is threatened by this? Why is 'globalisation' for some such a bad word?

Here is a map of the world by Wealth per capita:
1169457081.gif (interactive)

From this picture, we can see how wealth is unevenly distributed around the world. But taking the old Marxist maxim, "each according to his needs, each according to his ability", the world open globalisation of greater freedom of commerce and communications is proving the point. Those who have ability are meeting their needs, while those who lack ability are failing in meeting their needs. The process of human exchange does not guarantee equal success for all, but it does offer greater opportunity to gain success, if that is their need and they have the ability. However, if education is lacking, or cultural habits of hard work is lacking, or corruption and bureaucracy hinders human activity, or violence and crime dominates, then success becomes illusive, almost impossible. The equalization of opportunity must be founded on equal freedoms for people to go and seek out their own greater good, however they individually define this, and it cannot be imposed on them from above. If economic theory prevents this equality of opportunity in any one sphere of political influence, or the culture dominant discourages such equality, then the results will reflect that, and wide disparities will be evident between the 'haves' and 'have nots' of their populations. The greatest crime against humanity is not 'globalisation' but crime itself. Take away human freedoms, and freedoms of communications and exchange, and people will suffer. Look again at the map above, and which countries encourage education and freedom of equal opportunity, and which ones are wealthier?

In the Wikipedia article for Globalization it says:


Globalization can be defined as the worldwide integration of economic, cultural, political, religious, and social systems.
It should not be narrowly confused with economic globalization, which is only one aspect, however important it is. In that respect, there are several definitions, many of which mention the increasing connectivity of economies and ways of life across the world. While some scholars and observers of globalization stress convergence of patterns of production and consumption and a resulting homogenization of culture, others stress that globalization has the potential to take many diverse forms.

Does the convergence of human activities planetwide necessarily mean a "homogenization of culture"? No, it means people have a right to choose in what ways they wish to experience and express their cultures. Go to Bali, which is a predominantly Hindu island in a sea of Islamic controls, and it looks nothing like Arabia. The people there have a strong love for their culture, which is exceptionally beautiful and artistic, centered around their family and temple. They had been 'globalized' by the Muslim conquerors for five centuries, and yet they retained their culture. Look at Japan, same thing. Look at any of the European nations within the EU, and though they may exhibit similarity they are also each distinct, with language, cultural habits, unique foods, and attitudes. The Germans are known as hard workers, punctual and strict, while Italians love their soft way of life, and Spain still maintains its siestas. We do not of necessity become the same when encountering other cultures. The MacDonalds restaurant in Rome is almost impossible to find, because it had blended in with local architecture and, by the Spanish Steps, it has lovely murals inside of terraced views of the city. We all choose what it is we want, and that freedom to choose is not taken away by globalization, not if we do not wish to, but in fact opens opportunities to better and more varied choices. But as a people we must have both the need and the ability to make intelligent choices, only as a free people, in order to benefit from this.

Human progress on a planetary scale, which is what modern communications and ability of travel allows, is still so new that we do not yet know how to measure the benefits. In the same Wiki, it shows a 2002 World Bank analysis:


'SOURCE: World Bank, Poverty Estimates, 2002[9]

  • Income inequality for the world as a whole is diminishing.[12] As noted below, there are others disputing this. The economist Xavier Sala-i-Martin in a 2007 analysis argues that this is incorrect, income inequality for the world as a whole has diminished. [6]. Regardless of who is right about the past trend in income inequality, arguably absolute poverty is more important than relative inequality. If everyone lived in abject absolute poverty, then relative income inequality would be very low.
  • Life expectancy has almost doubled in the developing world since World War II and is starting to close the gap between itself and the developed world where the improvement has been smaller. Even in Sub-Saharan Africa, the least developed region, life expectancy increased from 30 years before World War II to about a peak of about 50 years before the AIDS pandemic and other diseases started to force it down to the current level of 47 years. Infant mortality has decreased in every developing region of the world.[13]
  • Democracy has increased dramatically from there being almost no nations with universal suffrage in 1900 to 62.5% of all nations having it in 2000.[14]
  • Feminism has made great advances in areas such as Bangladesh through economically liberating and empowering women with jobs.[8]
  • The proportion of the world's population living in countries where per-capita food supplies are less than 2,200 calories (9,200 kilojoules) per day decreased from 56% in the mid-1960s to below 10% by the 1990s.[15]
  • Between 1950 and 1999, global literacy increased from 52% to 81% of the world. Women made up much of the gap: female literacy as a percentage of male literacy has increased from 59% in 1970 to 80% in 2000.[16]
  • The percentage of children in the labor force has fallen from 24% in 1960 to 10% in 2000.[17]
  • There are similar increasing trends toward electric power, cars, radios, and telephones per capita, as well as a growing proportion of the population with access to clean water.[18]
  • The book The Improving State of the World also finds evidence for that these, and other, measures of human well-being has improved and that globalization is part of the explanation. It also responds to arguments that environmental impact will limit the progress.

Is all of it for the good? Well, reduction of child labor, greater female liberation, democratic change, increased literacy, etc., all have their benefits for humanity. Will everyone be happy about these changes? Of course not. The ones least happy are those whose power grip is slipping over their people. Saudi Arabia is probably least interested in globalization, except to sell its primary economic resource, crude oil, but not at all interested in seeing greater freedoms for its population, especially women. Does religious fanaticism become affected by these global trends of greater communications and exchange? Most definitely, because it threatens their age old way of controlling their peoples.

This article was brought to my attention (via email by Mohideen Ibramsha), from the Peninsula-on-line, Qatar:
Next US president will have ‘a lot’ to deal with, where it says:


Yost said of the downsides of globalisation: “Terrorists and bankers are in power by globalisation. Without the Internet, Bin Laden would be just a thug in a cave in Waziristan. The downside would also include rising income disparities, which can be seen in the difference between the urban areas and interiors of China.”

Does this mean that without globalisation and the internet Bin Laden and hit jihadis would have been any less virulent in the world? No, of course not. It is in their mental makeup to want to control the world by their ideology, and the fact that the world is not going their way is what makes them pursue their goals with greater effort, and more violence. Yes, the internet allows for more spread of their violent controlling ideology, but it already pre-existed the greater openness of communications. So it is a case of cause and effect. Is greater freedom and ability of communications and travel, and commerce, the cause of jihadi violence, or is the effect of this greater violence merely a symptom of this globally available freedom? If there had been no globalisation, then their jihad would have remained a local brutal affair, where they could terrorize locally only. But because the world has opened up for all humanity to interact more freely and with greater ability, this local affair has spread worldwide. Those who abhor change in the human condition are appalled that humanity has greater access to information, so they will try to step in and control the flow with their own version of what everyone is supposed to believe. But this is not the problem of globalisation but a problem of power control. Of course, like any criminal intent, it will be checked. Will Chinese rural poor become less poor from globalization? It is up to the Chinese, their internal government and affairs, to redistribute the wealth, and not to be mandated by an outside authority if their freedom as a people is to be respected. Freedom is not to be bartered away by more freedom, rather our freedoms is to stop those who would take it away from us.

I wrote nearly a quarter century ago about human exchange (the world had changed a lot since then), Ch. 14, Wealth is a Conscious Act (Habeas Mentem), this:


Thus, wealth is a product of human creation. A society is wealthy because the individuals who live in it are creative, hard working, productive, and because they have an appreciation for that which they are doing. They have respect for one another's property, they do not seek to destroy all they touch, they do not take by force, are honest in their dealings, and they seek to better rather than to trample and break apart. How they do this is a reflection of their state of mind as a whole society; how they succeed, regardless of their level of technical achievements, is a reflection of their level of civilization. A society is wealthy because the individuals within it care for their own and each other's personal realities, their human value; it is also wealthy because they are free to do that which they can do best.

A social order will always create wealth if the individuals within it are free to do so. Whether this wealth will be in the form of simple wood or stone carvings, or whether it will be a highly technical and organized form of social capital, will depend upon that society's orientation and the level of its individuals' collective development. If it has the ability and the resources, in addition to the freedom, it will tend towards those things that are made possible by civilization; if these are absent, then it will be immersed in the consequences of its own manifested reality. If they are dynamic, then their civilization is an active and creative society producing wealth; if they are passive, then their civilization may instead be peaceful and idyllic. What they choose will materialize as their social reality. Whether or not we approve of it is then but a personal value judgement; free, they can become in their society as they please. The successes or failures of their society then can only be measured in terms of what are their social expectations. These successes or failures will be determined by their social mind and the freedom with which this mind is able to materialize is reality.

Look at what is happening in Bangalore, or Singapore, or Chile, Mexico, or Poland, Czech Republic, and many other countries, and the evidence is there. Once a people are free to exchange, have the will and ability to better themselves, and are protected from coercions, their progress becomes instantly evident. How they choose to live, and what they choose to do, becomes entirely a function of their own identity, both individually and collectively as a people. Globalization does not hinder this, because it is not another form of 'colonialism' as some assert, but rather gives people more of a chance. What they do with this freedom and how they then manifest their lives, that is up to them, and nobody from outside should have a right to judge them, nor condemn them because they are not as they want them to be. Who they are is how they will materialize their existence. That is the power of freedom in the world, and if the planet is to move forward as a human species, this freedom cannot be taken away. Either humanity rises to the next level, where its full beauty becomes manifest, or it is forced back into its primitive past where living in a warm cave is more desirable than the cold outdoors. We had come a long way, and globalization is not to be blamed for failures at the local level, but should be understood as a greater freedom for humans to exchange, at all levels, to become more the planet of Who it is we are. If there is fault, then let it be to stop the crimes against humanity, those who would take our freedoms away. World banking, or freedom of exchange, is not the issue, but crimes against humanity is what hinders.

Globalization is not 'americanization' of the world, but more an open ended freedom afforded by modern laws and technological advances that gives humanity, all humanity of planet Earth, a better prospect of finding out who they are, and how they want to live their lives. It is simply more freedom to choose, not enslavement but freedom. And that is what a wider and freer world, global network of inter-human exchange, is all about. Our future depends on it, if we are to live Who we are.

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Ivan/dynamic banking
Posted on Saturday, May 03, 2008 - 03:47 pm:   

Principles of banking and economic productivity: Dynamic banking vs. stagnant banking.

200px-UsuryDurer.jpg (interactive)
Credit and fractional-reserve banking system - Wikipedia

In principle, and this is not a full treatise on the subject of banking, there is one issue that comes up over and over again with regards to what is 'real' money, and the fond nostalgia for when gold was the standard measure of monetary currency. In some areas of banking, such as Sharia banking 'gold standard', there is a prohibition to charging interest, allegedly as per Allah's Islamic law. However, this then leads to a stagnant economy, since the reuse of money on deposit with such banks, without the ability of interest rate based pricing on future use of money, is limited to the gold on deposit without the benefit of the multiplier effect of normal banking practices, which is dynamic and where the money will be reused multiple times as a function of capital in deposits. This has an advantage over stagnant banking, where the funds (at least in theory) can only be used to finance some enterprise ownership with commensurate fees or rents, and to use it again is considered unsound banking, or a form of usury if interest is charged. The gold standard without the ability to make multiple loans then stagnates into a non-productive form of property ownership where the main feature is rent, but not necessarily productivity increases (other than higher rent), so the money used has limited success in promoting investing in productive enterprises. In a dynamic banking system, the level of lending for enterprise is limited only by the returns on interest, in that if the enterprise is failing to produce a successful productivity, its ability to pay interest and principle is limited, so in the end the enterprise fails. Therefore, it is in the bank's interest to assess risk and reward in a realistic manner to insure that the principle and interest are paid back properly and in a timely fashion, or else it is a bad loan.

The difference between dynamic banking, such as employed in the market economies of the West, and stagnant banking, such as employed in underdeveloped Islamic economies, is that where one promotes more and more efficient and productive enterprises, the other promotes collecting rent without regard for productivity. This is all too apparent in the oil producing countries, which produce little else, and so rely on collecting 'rent' on their oil properties without encouraging any other forms of economic productivity. So a big part of the problem is their religiously sanctioned Sharia banking, which encourages rent once the enterprise is established, but not the multiplier effect of subsequent loans based as a percentage of deposits, such as would encourage productivity based enterprises, and charge interest on the cost of money over time. This is a serious handicap, and one manifestation of this handicap is the backwardness of economies in Islamic based countries. They are unable to use their capital to its fullest potential, since they cannot charge interest as a cost of money over time. All they can do is collect rent on the money 'loaned', but not reuse it again to make additional loans, though they do not call them loans as such, but treated as a 'sharing' of profit and loss. The basic unit of Islamic currency is always gold or silver, so any money or bills of exchange created from this basic unit is not treated as real money, but called 'fiat' money. However, this creates a problem in that the fiat money is in fact a product of the 'multiplier' effect of banking, which is what fuels additional enterprise for increased productivity. Because of Sharia restrictions, this productivity is discouraged at the price of maintaining a 'pure' money, which falls back to gold and silver. Our paper money are just universally acceptable (usually) bills of exchange without contractual ownership, so they circulate as currency in the economy. This loosens up a lot of potential economic activity that otherwise might remain locked 'in the bank' sort of speak.

What is missing under such a restrictive, and stagnant, system of banking is the failure to realize that only, and this important, only productive activity can be financed with the fiat money, something in addition to the rent charged for borrowing on the gold and silver. In effect, dynamic banking cannot exist without increased productivity, because this is what lends legitimacy to the function of charging interest on loaned capital over time. This is more than merely charging rent (such as in real estate leasing) but is encouraging to making of enterprise that will return a 'value added' in the form of productive enterprise to repay on the capital loaned. It does not matter if the loan is fiat money, because the soundness of enterprise productivity is what determines its legitimacy, what finances the return on principle and interest, and not merely rent. So here is a fundamental difference between Sharia banking, which is rent based (profit and loss sharing) and modern banking, which is enterprise based (productivity) to repay the loans. Interest charged is merely an arithmetic mechanism to calculate sensibly this increased productivity, in that if the interest it too great, the enterprise is sure to fail; whereas if too little interest is charged, the money may be misspent and counterproductive. So it falls upon sound banking principles to make sure the money is used at an optimum rate, and the enterprise runs at its most productive level. If too many loans occur, based upon the fiat money on deposit, then another problem surfaces, which creates bad loans. (We recently saw this in the sub-prime mortgage fiasco.) But if properly administered, the system of dynamic banking can have very powerful economic results, which accounts for the economic successes of Western societies; whereas stagnant banking leaves societies perpetually in the underdeveloped mode without increase in productivity. Lacking the ability of computing interest, Sharia banking lacks an important mechanism for gauging productivity. In the end, it is productivity that determines economic wealth.

So the only limitation on capital used in banking, charging interest as a function of money loaned over time, is the level of productivity resulting from the enterprise financed. If the productivity is low, or rents too high, or interest charged too burdensome, then the system fails and the economy either suffers slow down, or depression, or conversely goes into hyperdrive with inflation. The latter happens when bad loans are rescued with more bad loans, which with its multiplier effect creates excessive currency in circulation, which when indexed to higher wages creates runaway inflation. (There are many historical accounts of this from the Weimar Republic of Germany to South American style inflation, and now Zimbabwe's 165000% inflation, where productivity grinds down to near zero, are all evidence of failed economies.) But neither need happen if the currency in circulation matches as closely as possible the productivity gains of the created enterprises, so that production of goods and services meet demand efficiently as priced by the market exchange system. This is far more sophisticated than merely charging rent on money, because its control mechanism is the actual productivity itself, and not the gold and silver on deposit at the bank. For this reason, modern economies have drifted away from a gold standard, with good reason because its restrictions forced economic stagnation. The success of modern economics is a well functioning pricing mechanism of exchange combined with a well functioning credit market to allocate financial resources for productive enterprise. When this system works, albeit using a fiat currency, the level of economic activity is restricted only by its productivity, which means the more productive uses of capital, including technology and knowhow, the more successful and rewarding the end products of the economy become. And who decides that? The end users, which we commonly call 'consumers'. When it all works, all financial assets are used at their optimum, and from dividends and interest those who made such capital available, in effect all investors from banking intermediaries to individual investors, gain from the system. And when that works, as it should in a well functioning market system devoid of various restrictive coercions, and ethically sound when based on trust, then productivity gains flow directly to the holders of capital, which means in addition to wages earned, we also receive dividends and interest as income.

We are looking at an evolving dynamic system of economics, something that Sharia does not allow within its sphere of influence. The only way their restrictive policies can lead to increased productivity is to cheat on their system, but this inherently leads to dishonest behavior, so it is a self contradicting method which in time will fail. Trust in banking is paramount. The mandatory condition for a successful economic system of exchange based on increased productivity demands absolute trust, or it cannot work. Throw in restrictive coercions, and the market exchange system fails. For this reason we have fair practice laws, and without them the whole trust based economy, including the multiplier effect of banking, goes down. So in the future, if we are to raise our productivity to levels where capital income matches that of wages income, we must increase the soundness of a dynamic banking system, so all can benefit from such gains. In a stagnant banking system, such as restricted to Sharia banking, such productivity cannot happen, and the economy is forever stuck in first gear, so it can go nowhere fast. To increase social well being on an economic level to raise everyone's level of wealth, the system must be efficiently dynamic and productive, as based on absolute trust and truthfulness in all enterprises, where agreements are honored and enforced and coercions kept to a minimum, if we are to move forward economically. The market exchange system does the rest, naturally, because it is in our human nature to barter and exchange. And 'fiat' money are just 'bills of exchange'. But only a dynamic banking system can deliver such productivity successes.

Money is what you make it, your choice.

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net censorship
Posted on Monday, June 16, 2008 - 11:09 pm:   

Internet censorship by country: 13 enemies of the internet


Per Reporters without Borders and OpenNet maintain lists of the worst offenders against 'freedom of speech and information' on the medium. Some nations will imprison you for just reading, even in today's 21st century.

Internet censorship makes no sense.
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IT Mac
Posted on Monday, June 16, 2008 - 11:48 pm:   

The IT revolution: Steve Jobs is a genius.

Seve Jobs holding a Mac at Macworld - 2008

This man has done more for opening up the world of information than anyone else, IMO.

His management style is also lauded by many. I remember the John Sculley episodes, where at times Jobs was carried out of the board room crying. But that was an unfortunate interlude in the Apple fortunes, which shows that 'thinking different' cannot be compromised with mainstream. In fact, Apple is a great success technologically and informationally with the Mac and iPod and iPhone, because it thinks and does different.

Bravo Steve! And bravo to your whole crew at the Apple enterprise.

Apple iPhone 3G (interactive) at Apple store

IT is more ET than we understand, turning myth into reality.

(Also read: Europe's future regarding technological revolution and aging demographics vs. immigration solution.)
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Internet Censorship, revisited
Posted on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 02:30 pm:   

Internet Censorship, revisited. (map is interactive)

International censorship map

Censorship is a restriction on free speech and free expression. In the United States 'freedom of speech' is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment. In principle, Americans are protected from state censorship, though in practice it is not always the case, where individuals may be persecuted for their free expression. Different countries will have differing approaches to what is to be censored, i.e., obscenity, hate speech, state secrets, corporate secrecy, insulting religion, child pornography, etc. There are times when censorship, or self-censorship, is appropriate. For example, speech calling for violence, sexual abuse of women and children, false alarm to endanger people's safety, fraudulent statements, encouraging theft (including copyright violation and illegal downloads), disclosing strategy or troop movements in time of war, may all be subject to justifiable censorship. Whenever speech or actions violate our social contract, our constitutional protection of our civil and human rights, when they contradict our constitutional rights, then this self-contradiction necessitates that such speech or action be restrained by law. Such restrictions are 'censorship' by definition, but they are different in their intent, for to safeguard the social contract protecting freedom of speech and expression, 'anti-freedom of expression', that which contradicts the prime directive of free speech, must be censored. (This is same as using coercion to stop coercion.) Where censorship is never justified is to promote a political agenda, to silence political opponents, to silence responsible journalism and reporting, or to restrict freedom of thought and belief. Then censorship is being used as a tool of political manipulation, often to socially engineer a belief or political system at the expense of free and open dialogue. Violators of such political censorship are then subject to arrest and prosecution, punished for having expressed their opinions. Such censorship violates our freedoms of expression.

In the new wide world of the internet, such censorship becomes emblematic of political control and restriction of information for manipulating the public's knowledge and beliefs for a political or religious agenda. Such restriction on the free flow of information must be guarded against, if we are to honor our social contract to preserve our constitutional freedoms. As the (interactive) map above shows, this freedom of expression, on the worldwide web, is a patchwork quilt of state censorship. Be informed and be vigilant. Freedom of expression is our bedrock right to being a free human being, and must be protected without fail.

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